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so my father knows i like stuff like this and sent me an old soviet-era gas mask with a filter that is basically brand new and unused, but the bag also had this

anyone knows what the fuck is this?
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the filter is shot mate
You lucky mother fucker. Put it back in the bag! It's a combat supplement.

Boil a pot of water and pop that bitch in like a tea bag.

That tea will get you moving for days.
older mask filters had absteos or howrever the fuck its spelt so be careful

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I'm looking to get a starter rifle, and am trying to decide between a yugo m48, and a Mosin 91/30. What are the pros and cons of each rifle?
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Neither. Get a 22 or an AR. Leave milsurp to the collectors.

If you absolutely must have a bolt action, get a Savage Axis.
New production rifles don't really interest me
You really don't want to start out with milsurp man. It's going to cost you a lot more and take a lot longer to learn your fundamentals. Not to mention you may find out you don't actually like shooting, or you don't like surplus.

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This just happened to me, and I thought it'd be a good chance to make a thread.

>live in Ohio
>Pretty based if you don't mind corn
>Almost no restrictions on firearms, open carry legal without license is legal, etc
>Until 3-4 years ago, there was a law stating it was legal to own but not use magazines with a capacity of 31+
>ie, STANAG was gucci, 33rd Glock mags weren't
>could still legally own, just not use
>show father the ECHO trigger because I have one installed for shits and giggle
>tells me he was telling a cop about it at work
>father works at a hospital, cop is a guard
>father tells me he and the cop were discussing how much fun it would be with a belt
>discussed the legality of belts in Ohio
>"He said belts are illegal. They're considered machine guns"
>wtf dad no
>"Drums are okay because they're not technically magazines"
>try to explain to him how any law regarding mag capacity is moot for several years
>tell him how when that law was repealed, my local FFL stocked up with 40 round Pmags and drums
>he still doesn't believe me
>I own close to $80k in guns and make a point to know the laws inside and out
>he chooses to believe the rent-a-cop who
doesn't even own an AR and tells me not to do anything illegal
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As an American I also wouldnt believe that anything gun related is banned and illegal
Maybe he needs to understand that commies actually made those laws and its time to fight against those dipshits
Ohio is a shit hole. Fun laws are ok, but doesn't make up for the fact that the entire population falls into the category of: hay seed bumpkin or criminal nigger. The bumfuck-nowhere-town I was in had an unusual factoid: over 50% of the male population had been charged and convicted with felonies. Literally every other male you saw had served time. I reiterate: Ohio is a shit hole.
Fuck you pussy any bigger city isn't bad
Come back to Ohio and we can fight.

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Itt: weapons you dont like but have to respect and why on both fronts
Why I dont care for it
>shit ergos
>subpar trigger
>awful sights
>handles recoil badly in my experience
Why I have to respect it
>5+ years of heavy use and mediocre maintenance with no hiccups to speak of
>saw someone one shot a charging horse with one (can greentext that story if anyone wants)
>hasnt exploded yet
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>any gun that destroys brass
>blowback operated guns in anything more powerful than a pistol round
I see guns that mangle brass as having a design flaw, but i recognize that they do have their benefits and that the flaws don't inpact some users. I have an admittedly irrational hatred toward rifle caliber blowback guns, and the fact that most murder brass doesn't help
AK-47 et al
>shitty sights
>shitty ergo
>would buy to outfit my merc army
>sig 226 legion
Nicest shooter I ever shot
I despise sig

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pepe what.jpg
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>wear shitty foreign military surplus to the store
>"Thank you for your service!"
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>uhh-i-i-I didn't serve
Never happened.

Congratulations on discovering most people are retarded.

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Why does /k/ hate this?
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For one M1A you can buy a few good AR15 and a decent car.

cast parts

If you can get over that then it is a fine rifle
There is no reason to not just buy an ar10

Dear /k/omrades,

I need your knowledge of the last war. Specifically, which planes were used by the Nazis after the invasion of Normandy. Did they even use planes or was allied air superiority so overwhelming they didn't even get any birds in the sky?
If they did, what kind of ground attack planes did they use?

Background is, I am building a Sherman tank model and I want a German plane to accompany it, but I honestly can't think of anything that a Sherman could have encountered in those days. Stukas were long over and pic related, the Henschel Hs 129, was on the eastern front and in africa.
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Ju-87G might spice things up.
Stukas saw service right up until the end of the war, oddly enough.
OP is correct in regards to ground attackers as on the western front they had no chance vs the allies air power.

The Stuka G and Hs 129 were used pretty much exclusively on the eastern front.

You could do a what if scenario with an Me 262 A-3a?
File: He 162 production.jpg (3MB, 4137x2747px)Image search: [Google]
He 162 production.jpg
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Allied air supremacy was indeed crushing after the Normandy landings and the Soviet conquest of Romania (taking Germany's most important fuel supplier).
There was one major deployment of German airpower during this period that I can think of, Operation Bodenplatte. It was a failure with 1/3 losses, though, because of Hitlers decision to attack well defended airfields against the advice of Luftwaffe chief Adolf Galland.

The German planes most used on the Western front of '44-'45 were either late Bf 109 and Fw 190 versions or later also new models like the Me 262, Ar 234 and the He 162. Bombers (except for the fast and new Arado) stayed on the ground from 1944 due to a lack of fuel and the need to counter Allied warplanes.

Save for the Heinkel 162, all of the planes I mentioned were also used as fighter-bombers.

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FN v SIG.jpg
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which gun would be best for carrying in the woods and while fishing? also will be keeping it next to bed for home defense. I've shot the p220, but never the FN, so im looking for opinions of people who have shot both.
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Summer is over, but the weekend started today
sure did brother HH
USP45T is the only answer

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>take class for concealed carry today
>expect 8 hours of you can defend yourself in this great country of ours guys!
>seriously it's totally great!
>instead I get you can defend yourself to save your life
>but you will have to have a lengthy court battle
>if you win the court battle you avoid prison
>you're gonna be broke
>then your assailant's entire dindu family will sue you
>you're gonna be even more broke
>you're better off just letting them rob/murder you

I'm considering not paying the $175 for the actual permit desu and taking the $100 class as a wake up call.
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It's the price we pay to be free. Would you rather be poor and under a lot of stress or dead?

how is that free?
Get gun insurance. CCW is 12 bucks a month

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Howdy /k/, I need help identifying this sword we found in my great grandad's house. I've tried searching through google and various sites but I only get the name "Militia Eagle Pommel Sword with Scabbard" and problem with that is it doesn't hold up when searching for it. Would appreciate some help.
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Either masonic , cadet or air service sword.
actually, could be a US model 1860 staff sword
Apparently, my great grandad was in WW2, but I don't think it's US made due to most of what I'm seeing are curved and this sword is straight.

Alright /k/ommandos, I'm leaving my 10/22 here for a couple of hours, don't mod her or anything, ok?
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Guys, I'm not sure grampa hickok is going to be able to make videos for many more years. If his latest video is any indication, his mind might already be toast.

>struggles to field strip gun for two whole minutes (9:30-11:30)
>tries to field strip an M&P to show how easy modern handguns are to take apart; fails and gives up (11:50)
>sloppy editing, throws in a random slow motion shot at 16:10
>repeats himself many times throughout the video ("it's a big, heavy gun," "it's too heavy for a carry gun," "that's a decocker, but it does not act as a safety, did I say that already?" "these mags hold I think 11 rounds," "around 2006, they went with this gun, but they're replacing them with M&P's, did I say that?" "police trade ins are generally a good buy, they tend to be good guns")

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why grampa hickok, why now
>he doesn't know about the pancreatic cancer

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hey /k/ gun noob here

anyway, i bought a baby browning .25 acp and i just used it to celebrate independence day of my country by shooting bullets

anyway i shot 2 bullets and they fired well, but the third one got stuck. they cock part that moves back on top of the pistol stayed back and i looked through the hole in the side and there was a bullet halfway lodged in there. I removed the cartridge and then pulled back the cock and the bullet fell out through the bottom.

Now since guns are illegal in my shthole country, i had to buy this one for very expensive from a drug dealer and now this shit happens. I probably wont get my money back but is the gun fucked? is there a way to fix it or what is wrong with it in the first place?
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Sounds like a failure to extract. Just a routine jam. I'd give it a good cleaning.

Also never fire live ammunition into the air. It comes down with enough speed to kill.
Sounds like a simple jam. Try to look up videos on how to clean your gun and start with that.
>firing live ammo into the air
>""""cocking part""""
>drug dealer purchase

I sincerely hope this is bait.

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If the AK was never invented or just never replaced the SKS, how would the SKS fare as the soviet army's main combat rifle?
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They would have replaced it along with other service rifles developed during WWII
>main combat rifle
The SKS was never meant to be the main rifle. As a carbine it would continue to see second line service while a new rifle, SVT or derivative probably, continued in service.
The AK happened to be better at being a carbine then the actual carbine it was not supposed to replace.
It was meant as a carbine to the SVT-40. It would have been replaced. If not by the AK they would have come up with a different rifle build along similar lines. For instance the Chinese adopted the Type 81, basically an SKS moulded into the role of an assault rifle.

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is rifle hugging allowed in your country's military?
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Tbh you get tired of having a rifle all the time and being around weapons. The novelty wears off when you're deployed for 15 months, all you want to do is wear shorts, flip flops, drink beer and sleep. I completely detached my the shooting sports when I was in and a few years after I got out
No but we do it anyway.
T. 11b
why isn't it allowed

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