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Senior in highsch school here, with an important question.
When I graduate, I'm thinking about going into the military.
Not for a pledge to my country, not because it runs in the family. I want access to cool guns. That's it.
I know it's a heavy decision, so I'm asking you guys before I talk to my family about it
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>cool guns

You're going to be looking at the same shit day in and day out.
>cool guns

Field artillery.
Nigga, you will be able to have way more guns as a civilian with a decent paying job than you would in the military.

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Raided by the ATF.
he murdered someone and now the law is all up in his shit
WingsofRedemption sent him weed then called they DEA/ATF on him.

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Shooting gifs!
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Well it's heading to the senate floor now that it has apparently passed in the house. How long until the senate votes on it you think?
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>John Feinblatt, president of Everytown
every time
Looks like it passed committee but has not been voted on by the house yet


oh my bad, when do you guys think the house will vote on it?

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This thread is for general weapon discussion that exclusively regards weaponry that may without context be considered joe blow but due to their use they've been associated with controversial topics...
Here he have an DC-9 or what Plebs would refer to as the Tec-9 though that's a completely different model in itself, this weapon for those of you who are SMRT enough to use 4Chan but too stupid to realize that living under a rock is stupid: The DC-9 is associated eith the Columbing shooting where in mid 1999 Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris shot up their High school killing 12 students and 1 teacher injuring several dozen a few other weapons involved in this shooting are: Hi-Point 995 Carbine, a Springfield 67H shotgun, 311D sawed off shotguns, knives and bombs too...nuff' said
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AB-10 actually.

>MP-9 - Kellgren's original full auto offering to mil/leo, which did poorly
>KG-9 - First import to US; open bolt semi-auto
>KG-99 - Changed from open bolt to closed both
>Tec-9 - Renamed KG-99 when Kellgren sold his share of Interdynamic AB to the Garcia family
>Hurricane Andrew damages Intratec warehouse, kills Tec-38 stuff, etc
>Business goes under
>Carlos Garcia buys assets from father, calls new company Navegar but still sells the guns under Intratec Brand
>DC-9 = District of Columbia, renamed in 1991 over the Assault Weapon Manufacturing Strict Liability Act. First 36k models were identical to Tec-9, later models had a sling attachment added in the back to justify that DC stood for Defensive Carry and not District of Columbia
>AB-10 - After Ban 10 (rounds), a modified Tec 9 mini to comply with AWB of 1994. The AB-10 is essentially a Tec-9 mini without the threaded barrel.

Company finally went out of business due to declining sales and multiple lawsuits.
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Phoenix Arms HP22.jpg
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For the price, it's really hard to beat. There are a bunch of really stupid safeties on it because it's made in California, but it's easy enough to disable said safeties without voiding the warranty.

More interesting autistic-tier facts:

>Raven assets were bought by Phoenix. Phoenix made a MP-25 for a while but has dropped it from production
>Cobra bought Lorcin and Davis assets
>Paul Jimenez outbid an antigun group by $50k (IIRC) to save Jennings tooling and molds from being melted and destroyed and now sells certain Jennings models under the Jimenez brand name with a lifetime warranty.

Both Cobra and Phoenix have developed their own models, with the HP22 and HP25 arguably being the most successful unique products out of any current iteration of the old Ring of Fire companies.

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9mm/.45/.40 ammo that safely fails? I want to experience as many failures (Double feed, FTE, FTF, etc.) as possible, because simulating them is boring and I feel that I should take the next step to practice them when they are unexpected, like you'd find in a real combat scenario.
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buy some reloads.
Just buy a remington r51

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Any of you boys speak chink? I can't figure out some of the markings on this box. I know on the left side it probably says "7.62 caliber, for the type 56 rifle, 750 rounds in this can" but the right hand side is a complete mystery to me.
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It says "made in China"
12-81-61 is the date it was manufactured
>12-81-61 is the date it was manufactured
So the 81st of December, 1961?

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which does /k/ prefer
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I train MMA so I don't feel the need to carry open or otherwise
So we just having a bait thread tonight?
Why would you open carry unless you legally can't conceal it?

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What's the fucking point of this "sport" other than for pompous beureaucrats to circlejerk about how high their tastes are. There is nothing to it but a game of tag with two men stabbing sticks at each other like faggots. No skill or flare, no entertainment value at all. Just whoever stabs first wins

>inb4 you just don't understand it

Should fencing be replaced with Hema styled sparring? Look with Hema sparring online and it's no short of looking like duels in the movies and fights can last for a long time.
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Just change the rules so doublekills don't count
Fencing is disappointing. But you sound like me when I was butthurt about it back in middle school.

It takes a totally different set of skills, high twitch muscles, and psychological agility to be good at, from a sporting perspective I can accept it as something challenging but not entertaining to watch.

It just sucks that fencing is marketed as sword fighting when you're a kid, then you see it in the Olympics and are disappointed because its just two faceless faggots in leotards quickly whipping around thin twigs.
Changing the weapons from foils to actual rapiers/small sword hominids (even with electronic scoring tips) and the modern Olympic quickddraw bullshit would literally be impossible because the swords would have inertia, unlike a glorified car antanna.

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Just picked this up. Anyone know how to tell when it was made and what variant it is? Thanks for any help.
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Sexiest lever rifle ever made. Gold bless the 99.
Bump. Help me you autists,

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sawed off shotgun.jpg
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Hi /k/. I'm not big into guns so I thought I'd come here for advice. Feel free to use this thread as a general sawed off discussion thread as well.

I inherited a shotgun and really have no use for any sort of weapon I can't conceal. I'm not in the business of selling guns, so I was wondering if there was any way I could shorten it to a concealable size. I live in Ohio and don't particularly want to break any laws.
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18.5 inches is the legal barrel length iirc
26 overall iirc
if u want a short bareeles shotgun buy one of those pistolgrip ones that somehow skirts the laws. idk what kinda shotgun you have but resale on shotguns usually isnt great for the seller so your kinda fucked. id just keep it for home defense or try to sell it to a friend.
Don't cut up something you inherited, you ass
Form 1 it. Not sure about OH but I cant carry anything over 12 inches in my state so you might sol from the gate. IO!

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> Be me
> Be gunfag, but noguns yet because in Canada
> Meet some new people
> They start talking about their rifle
>"Oh cool! I'm really into the new CZ polymer pistols! I also want to get my restricted licence as soon as I can so I can get an AR-15! Are you guys into AR-15s?"
> They look at me like I have two heads
> Turns out they are huntingfags and don't give a shit about guns other than the bolt action rifle they use to kill deer.

Thanks a lot /k/. You made me look like a gun obsessed maniac in front of some country folk normies today.
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>country folk normies today
they're called fudds, if you were actually a gunfag, like you say you are, you would know this and also know not to care about them
Anon, you need to understand something.
Being a gun collector/enthusiast is literally the hardest fucking hobby to have, because the .gov is always being pushed by morons to be what we enjoy.
We face arbitrary and idiotic laws, protests, being made a pariah by society, our friends, and our family.
We literally get compared to psychopaths on a regular basis by large media outlets, and people everywhere, just because we like to fling things fast.

Anon. People say that discrimination is a terrible thing and yet they hate us.
Nobody said enjoying Guns is an easy thing.
They said it was fun.
And satisfying.
And useful.
So. Do you want to give a flying fuck what they think?
Or do you want to just enjoy yourself, and let the idiots opinions be damned.
lurk more before you try to greentext. also, you're gay

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So, /k/. I had an idea.

What if we had a platoon or some kind of group, fighting with the Peshmerga? If this has already been stated, sorry. But wouldn't that be neat? Fighting ISIS, possible loot, making sandpeople friends that are actually kind of nice. Sounds like a fun plan, although they are underequipped. What think /k/?
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Can we play the Pacifist route?
>Fighting ISIS
ISIS is already essentially finished. If you wanted to do actual fighting, you missed the boat by several years.
>possible loot
Not much good if you cant bring it back.
>making sandpeople friends that are actually kind of nice.
Propaganda and /pol/ memes. They're commies and you know what commies do to their muscle once they gain power.
Why not? You could help Civvies too.

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A squad of Canadian infantry are pitted against a squad of Russian infantry.

Terrain is boreal forest.

Both are outfitted with just their standard issued rifles and other small arms (no rpgs or anything).

Both have the same level of logistical support and other equalizers.

Who wins?
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Are the Russians attacking or defending?
>Canadian infantry
lmao... what a fucking joke. they're the biggest cucks in the world. they'd probably offer their assholes to russians like they do to mohammeds right now.

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Whats the best tank?
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Abrams for a quick fuck.

Renault FT to settle down and raise a family with
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prety mummy.jpg
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m4 sherman
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K2 Black Panther.jpg
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Get a Black boyfriend

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