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In the US we have acogs and eotechs.
The IDF uses the meprolight m21.
Leafs use the elcan specter.
The AUG comes with a 1.5x optic.
The F2000 comes with a 1.6x optic.
What other nations have their own standard issue optics?
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>germans have a red dot/magnified optic that fogs
The best optic in project reality.
Copying my question from qtddtot

Ok /k/. I bought a scope for my .22 off a dude at work. It was used but over all not in trrrible condition so I thought. I went to zero it today and kept hitting dirt. No where near on target. And I've got it "up" as far as the scope will go. And I'm still not on target. Is the scope fucked or what?

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cc ideas thread
>burr cuntree edition
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In addition to this, I'm wondering what the best way to open/cc a 629 6.5inch would be for hunting/hiking, any ideas?
probably a chest holster desu. im not really a fan myself but it would make sense
these are 2 very different purposes. for plinking and hunting you'll be happy with the longer barrel. for hiking and emergency fuzzy defense, a shorter barrel would likely serve you better. trying to CC that weapon is just retardation

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We've had some rather interesting conflicts these last 10 years...
Ukraine Conflict
Syrian Civil War
And because of modern technology, a wealth of information is available about some of them, including high quality video.
What have these conflicts taught us about warfighting and weapons?
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We learned that nothing can be solved with a war anymore unless you have way more resources and manpower than the enemy.
Even then there is a danger from gorillas.
Gorillas are best fought with another set of gorillas, 5 to 10 men teams roaming the gorilla turf, gorilling the gorillas.
There is no real defense against a superior airforce yet.
Also, ancient slavshit never dies
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this guy pretty much wrote the book that everyone works from, to varied degrees of success
at least, in what concerns conflicts between armies, such as Ukraine and Georgia and Israel
Artillery is still king, tanks are still shit if crewed by subhumans, airburst grenades are fucking scary, artillery kills tanks even with ordinary shells, give a subhuman an ATGM and he will waste it on a single infantryman.

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Why didn't everyone use super long katana?
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you wouldn't understand the katana is a spiritual weapon and you can't fathom anything about Japanese culture it's more advanced than you can ever even imagine I know because I'm an expert I train with a katana every single day while you're wasting your life away playing with stupid "guns". I could kill you without you even realizing you were dead
I have studied the Samurai arts and am on my way to becoming an honorary Japanese I even make myself happy on pictures of Japanese girls and authentic anime you just watch western porn
They're all super long when you're 4'11".
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>OP same fagging

Don't care if you post screenshot. You dropped your parents WiFi and posted on your parents family cellular data plan.

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Am I the only one concerned about this "mandatory reciprocity" shenanigans? It looks like it's just begging to have federal-mandated "standards" to get a concealed carry license and other regulations with it.
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if anything it's gonna be a lot easier for Nazis to go to safer States like California and commit mass shootings
Fudds have been saying this shit for years. Get over it, you didn't whine about this for cars, or free speech, only guns.
Because states voluntarily accept the DL of every other state, there's no federal mandate to do so. If CA wants to they can stop accepting DLs from FL or wherever, but that could also hurt business. Only CDLs have federal oversights.

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I went to an airshow today, /k/
took a few pics with my potato, hope you enjoy
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dunking of seamen commences
Did not enjoy.
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another one goes in. they must be dirty, else why put them in water?

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So what calibre bullet could they have used instead that the book would've blocked? Even for the gun illiterate, you'd recognise that using a fifty-cal would be a painfully obvious bad idea.

>But they tested it with another book first, and it stopped the bullet!

While that is the official, VERIFIED story, I still have my doubts. At best, it sounds like an (extremely) unlikely case of luck.
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OP, what in the actual fuck are you talking about? Post context you autist.
They used the same book they'd already tested on.
I know. Life has been much tougher since Google got rid of their reserve image search engine. Especially considering that people's short-term memories these days are bad enough to forget news stories from only a few months ago.

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>commander of the Czech Air Force would like to double the numbers of Saab 39 Gripens on lease from the Sweden
Would country the size of Czech Republic even need 28 Gripens for their defense? Or is such number actually enough?
Would it be better to wait until the current contract is over, and then get 30 Gripens E/F for good (as was originally intended)?
Or should Czechs rather look into F-35 for the future?
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>czechs buying f-35
not likely, they should stick to their order of clown aircraft
>Would country the size of Czech Republic even need 28 Gripens for their defense

Size of defence forces isn't a 1:1 perfect scale to national geography or GDP. There are certain floors and ceilings internal to the force, like how many pilots can train, how many aircraft are down for maintenance, etc.

Tbh anything under 30 is too small for a nation that plans to run its own infrastructure.
Don't underestimate the will of Czechs to waste absurd amount of money on stuff they don't even need.
Gotta drown these 2% somewhere.

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Top tier:
>Beretta, H&K, Ruger, Stevens

Great tier:
>FNh, Remington

Admirable trollers of Alphabet men tier:

Decent tier:
>Colt, Hi Point, Kel Tec, Mossberg

Even owning one is Russian roulette tier:
>Glock, SIG, Taurus
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really weak bait thread to be honest, should have waited like 5 more hours to make this

reminder that if you're going to reply, make sure you sage.
>Everything I disagree with is bait
>Even owning one is Russian roulette tier:
>>Glock, SIG, Taurus

You got that spot on, chap!

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What kind of helmets were the australian soldiers issued in the vietnam war?

Did the helmets also have covers on them thst were camo?
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by '68 they wore M1s
That's where I'm confused, did thr M1 helmets have covers on them that were camo?
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images (41).jpg
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M1 steel.
Most commonly used hessian from sandbags and/or scrim-scarf mesh as improvised covers.
Tucked under liner and with large rubber band to mould it down.

Was still doing same until 1990s and got kevlar lids.

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in Canada.
no network security in place
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its full of shit about phone hacking from the 80's and a couple useless recipes for napalm or something gay. Don't bother its a shitty meme book.
Pro-tip for ya OP; the Anarchist Cookbook is shit. Largely dated info and shit that'll cause you to explode.
Look for the Ragnar Benson collection. It's a book of Plastic explosives, man traps, improvised firearms, improvised edgeed weapons, I think there might even be some shit about shape charges if not home made rocket launchers.

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What is the most american, least commie handgun and long gun?
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dumb frogposter
SAA, AR 15.

Duracoat, Cerakote, or Gunkote?
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Type III hardcoat
>Type III hardcoat
where can you get that done at?

that's the standard anodizing for m16/m4s

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Does it really matter how you store your guns?

My grandfather keeps all his guns in soft zip up cases, sometimes without even wiping them down after shooting, and only one has any rust (his childhood .22 single shot).

I'm getting my first two guns pretty soon, and I'm pretty sure a quick wipe down then sticking them in a soft case won't be an issue.
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Want to know what else wouldn't be an issue?

Taking five minutes to properly clean and store your weapons.
soft cases are rust magnets so are foampadded pistol cases. both will store moisture. enviroment is important. in a dry environment soft cases are fine but somewhere moist or humid is bad
I'm just saying from my experience a thin coat of oil in a soft case has caused zero issues

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What's the best EDC pistol from HK?
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P30, HK45c, P2000, P30sk, P2000sk
Glock 17.
why no USP?

Glock makes more economic sense, but they are just a mite too flimsy for me. Would carry a Hi Point C9 before a Glock.

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