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Cop or not?
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only if u r a burly niggy

I'm...Not burly, but it won't work with a pair of black slim pants?

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When I was a teen I had this irrational fear from seeing sneakers+suit that our generation would be the one to completely ruin formal-wear starting with the Chads adopting this "style" then growing up and making their employees of their father's company wear vans or converse only with a suit.

Did anyone else fucking hate this look?
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Never seen it b4 but it looks terrible
its an autistic look but your ungrounded fear about it is even more autistic
Half the dudes at my school dances did this including the homecoming king and class president.

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I have $30K.

What would you do with it ? Not necessarily /fa/ stuff only.

Pic unrelated.
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12k worth of clothes
18k worth of car
Why would you spend 18K on a car?
Travel for a year if you have time and don't need to stay at your place.

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picrel my beaters
is wearing beaters in public places acceptable? whats your opinion?
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Yes, what model is that?
nike air max
Wearing beaters in public is fine.
New Balance Air Force 420

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>Not owning the official hat of 4chan

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holy shit, is this real?
asking because I don't even know anymore because /pol/ thinks Eric Trump browses there among them as well and posted evidence too.
Again this thread? Don't you have something better to do, you shill?

No, check the other thread or archive.
letter is fake
also not posting discount code: CPAC2017

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Thoughts on this brand?
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I have a few of their high-mid segment pieces and I love 'em. Thick fabric, quality build and none of them have had any problems up until now. It's like SLP and Norse Projects had a son, but the son has it's own little characteristics too.

Not really that important, but packaging is top-tier, particularly for the price.
Shits ok, but don't buy shoes/boots from them, build quality is quite shit for the price.
It depends desu, I got lucky on grailed for a pair of beautiful wool trousers. I bought a second but was disappointed with this particular garment, i'll sell it

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is that Terry Davis
vim is too straight for effay
use emacs with deldo instead

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what are some good black skate shoes that are NOT pic related
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busenitz vulc
slip-on pro
nb pro court 212
Doek from japan. About $150
They're actually like $80 or less faggot.

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Is it just me, or are most guys simply cookie cutter copies of everyone else? Most guys have the same hair cut and/or wear the same clothes.

Last time I got my hair cut, the lady said she does the same (I forget what it is specifically) haircut about 20ish times a day. It's all guys ever wanted. Most guys wear the same clothing styles. 1 size too big t-shirt and baggy jeans/cargo shorts with skate/running shoes. Same guys will usually wear a baseball cap wherever they go also.

My friends and I have a theory that most guys aren't confident enough to feel like they can pull off a unique haircut or wear stylish clothing. Is there any merit to that, or is just bullshit? I'm not trying to insult anyone's style around here, I'm just curious as to why men generally seem a lot more plain compared to their female counterparts?
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Your dad is supposed to teach you how to dress, but something went horribly wrong
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>something went horribly wrong
What is it? Pls tell me Anon!
because most people arent special snowflakes like you

also what you're saying is untrue. being "unique" is the new normal in the year 2017

Help me choose a color for my next backpack, I was thinking on Ochre.
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Brand is FjallRaven Kanken btw.
100% depends on what the general color scheme of your wardrobe is
mmm... its usually White Grey Black and maybe some dark colors such a dark red or brown.
Usually wearing black jeans

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Are there any Japanese movies featuring their streetwear or at least aesthetically pleasing fits?
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Tokyo Drift

Tokyo Drifter (1966)
tokyo drift

This whole interview

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bari is as stylish as a rooster
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File: CFYQRIOUMAAI3Q9.jpg (19KB, 376x383px)Image search: [Google]
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Who is the better shoes designer?

Rick vs Raf vs Kanye
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Rick is the best, but he likes golden showers which puts me off somewhat

kanye is good for sweaters and maybe athletic shoes but nothing else

raf claims to be minimalist yet plasters his pieces with shit-tier tumblr art like flowers and shit looks gay as fuck, if he did all black all the time he would rival rick imo

inb4 some butthurt faggot says im wrong or something

fuck 4chan

why does Rick enjoying golden showers put you off ? He's not pissing in your mouth, you stupid fucking faggot
because it just seems like an old man fetish to me, I can hear it now

>"rick owens? isnt that the guy who got pissed on?"

also, dont call me a stupid fucking faggot ever again, I'll rain down on you like a fucking virus

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What does /fa/ think about the Undercut hairstyle?
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It's genuinely bad and no one should rock it
File: 1487864877943.png (569KB, 858x536px)Image search: [Google]
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tactical bowl cuts is the way to go.
It needs to die just like the retard in your picture. Everyone has it or tries it at some point now.

A lot of guys get it because it can make a receding hairline look halfway decent. Some guys (pic related) get it because they think it's manly and all of the "muh hitler youth" vibes from it. Most just look like they have a dirty mop on their head.

If you're gonna try it you'd better have a chiseled jaw and a masculine as fuck face.

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my gf is a model and she just got done with doing like 8 or 9 shows this past month and i was watching one of the shows on youtube and there was a behind the scenes portion and some male model was tassling her hair and had his arm on her hip... did she cheat one me? she travels a lot and she never told me about this guy and i didn't get a good look at his face but i assume he's a 10/10 aryan god with millions of followers on instagram or something... what do
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Shes been getting spitroasted by chads anon
it depends

YOU can classify it as cheating all you want

I tend to be very physical with women in a non-sexual way and my girlfriend seems to not say much about it. albeit she doesn't have any guy friends and she works all the time at her retail job so I don't know

If you think it's cheating, sure, do whatever you want with that
File: 1472248861263.gif (2MB, 500x283px)Image search: [Google]
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>dating a model in the first place

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