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Why is it such a common trend with women nowadays to wear skirts or dresses without pantyhose or stockings when it invariably looks tacky, lazy, and unrefined? There are even many women who brag about never wearing hose like it's any more of a virtue than wearing sneakers without socks.
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probably because pantyhose can be uncomfortable and they tear easily

if you aren't that big into fashion, you probably don't wear them often, if at all
The first time I liked pantyhose was when the girl I crushed on at highschool was sitting across the room from me with her legs spread, while wearing them with a short skirt.
That usually happens when a girl gets an incorrect size or a low quality brand. With premium brands like Wolford, Falke, or Cecilia de Rafael, comfort is a completely nonexistent issue and they can actually feel quite luxurious.

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What age do you start dressing like an adult
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nobody dresses like that

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balding and manlet holy shit lol
tuck your tshirt in gramps lmao

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How do you feel about the ASSC drop
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>another brand that "designs" clothing by putting logos on gildan hoodies made some more hoodies
literally who cares
Same rehashed insta trash for chinks and numales to get upboats on Pleddit

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WTC Rhodesian militaria?
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Were they wearing converse?
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I guess they're called Black Takkies? Very similar.

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Ive dressed like a shitty skater for a long time, and ive only recently started browsing /fa/. Ive thrown out all the clothes i realized were shit and bought decent ones.

But i still dont get footwear. This is all i have now, some black Loteks that look good to me, and these shoes that i love.

Pls help
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What exactly did you buy? If you read the sticky and dressed like that to a tee buy common projects. Otherwise, I need more info

Months ago i bought those shoes, some black shorts, some tshirts of a lighter material, a V neck tshirt, a casual shirt... My dad also bought me a $100 white shirt for some reason.

And the rest of the money i had i spent it on skin care products.

And all of those are slim fitted, something i never had before but since im really thin it gives my figure a way better look, and the forums dont lie when they say that it makes you look taller.

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So I recently got /fit/ and Im getting a lot of compliments and a few people have been telling me that I should go into modeling. My problem is that I am in my mid 20s and have lines and bags under my eyes and wrinkles on my forehead. Im thinking about looking into corrective surgery. Can you tell me is it worth it and what would the cost be?
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Post your face first because that's all that matters
>lines and bags under my eyes and wrinkles on my forehead


good skin is one of the most important things for any model, post face if you want some real feedback tho,
just laser my shit up

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Who's pic should be here?
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Sean O'pry

The father, the son and the holy spirit.
w2c that sweater

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>What sites do you use for shopping?

>What are you favorite brands at the moment?

>What brands do you recommend?
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I only buy new when shit is on summer/winter sale from ssense, farfetch, shopstyle boutiques etc. I pretty much only buy from Grailed. Everything on there is cheap as fuck considering bartering.

Actually come to think of it my life has become a lot better since discovering grailed
is there any sites that have constant sale/clearance section ala eastdane?

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>tfw ozweegos don't go up to size 13+
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Ozweegos like many certain shoes look fucking terrible, especially at unusually large sizes
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>tfw most shoes don't
>you shouldn't be allowed to wear things you like! Take your boats on your feet elsewhere.

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download (4).jpg
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So grail thread?
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fave raf fit and collection
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All your favorite pieces you've collection, includes didn't cop

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ID on the shoes?
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something something gay as fuck tattoos and white shoes are a meme and look awful
did i ask for your opinion faggot?

1. delete thread
2. catalogue
3. ctrl + f "W2C" or "fuccboi general"
4. ask shitty question about boring white dime-a-dozen shoes there

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When did you grow out of dressing edgy i.e. Rick Owens, all black etc?

I've never been one to dress for others but these days I feel I look like a huge twat dressing that way.
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i still dress all black tho
Edgy to me is basically anyone who dresses like they listen to Led Zepplin or any of that classic rock music bollocks.
age doesn't matter


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>buying supreme in 2017
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That's one "style" brand I will NEVER understand.
Literally every single thing they've ever made is plain as fuck with just that little "Supreme" red block.
I'm a sucker for brands at the best of times... but I'll never buy into a brand that literally has no style other than the actual brand name.
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>accept offer for supreme on grailed
>buyer actually pays

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Hi all. After a being poor my whole life I have been making good 600k+/yr money for a while now. I'm now ready to start shopping at high end stores but I don't know which brands are the highest quality in what category. I want to throw out my current wardrobe and prefer off the rack I don't want to get bespoke things and deal with tailoring except for suits. On 'ask andy' I managed to find a good guide for suit quality brands but have not yet found anything for other clothing items and accessories. Open to all styles just want to know top quality so I can go and browse through the right stores on rodeo or whatever myself and not waste too much time.
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full rick
Buy as little as you can and retire early.
I'm with this guy

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