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How do I get volume like this? I have typical Scand hair like this but it lies completely flat halfway through the day. Normally use putty

More pics https://www.instagram.com/lidogotpix/
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Delete thread and repost in the hair general
Stop using hair products. I mean all products, including shampoo. I haven't washed my hair for over ten years. Just rinse it in water every now and then. It's never been healthier or more volumous.
Wash hair the night before and sleep in it. This'll add some volume over the night. Spray it down thoroughly with sea salt spray in the morning. Blowdry on high speed but cold. Hello volume.

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instructions on how to get pants like this?
Do i literally take a pair of scissors and cut or do i get them tampered for this kind of fit?
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I took a pair of scissors and cut about 2 inches off the bottom of levi's 510's. I'm really happy with the results.
A pair of black Levi 511's I had shrunk a bit,could it still be done? There pretty uncomfortable to wear as they are right now.
Also do you have to be skinny to get a good fit in cropped pants?

/fa/, give me some vaporwave lineart tattoos pls.
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oh my fucking god
why would you get this reddit-esque meme shit on your fucking body?
Don't get tattoos of meme or trendy shit. In 4 years it's going to make you look old and dated as fuck. Imagine if you got a tattoo of "Can haz cheezeburger" or something in 2006.

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When you realise having a widows peak is a positive feature.
>Fuccbois on /fa/ thinking its a sign of balding.
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Protip: it isn't
I have one of those!

Oh wait, i'm butt fuck ugly so it's automatically just another negative

That homeboy is receding, I hope he is on Finasteride

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Post your nightride / outrun/new retrowave / darkwave clothing

For those unblessed, nightride is primarily inspired by a darker tone of 80 colours, and music of mentioned music styles, movies such as drive and nightrider, games like vice city or Hotline miami

all in all, a resurgence in a darker tone of 80's fashion wave
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this shit been dead for the last two years at least

we on that baggy shit

that bringing jobs back tip got workwear in full effect cuz the wall gotta be built some way

98-2003 pac sun skater shit, Wu Wear, bush era back again

diplomats bandanas and Spice Girls pants

and niggas in full /terrorwave/ too oooooooooooweeeeeeeee!

cuz every normie on the street is wearing an alpha bomber and pale skinnys with some fuckin ultraboosts and a dad cap trying to pull this look off and failing miserably

just looks tired and boring, if you're gonna really do this shit you better be as thin as the thin white duke and flexing in gutted white armani suits with 20 thin ass chains on
can people stop naimg every other arbitrary varient of a trend and trying to make it a thing
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This is not that, this shit is up and coming for real, the music style is already on the rise

Music comes, people dress to identify with their music, fashion follows.

Also if anyone know where to get a jacket like this... no scorpion tho

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Most /fa/ car?
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File: 1487795605941.jpg (987KB, 1500x1011px)Image search: [Google]
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Chav tier

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All Kind Of Tattoos
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Are Degenerate Bullshit
fuck trump fuck white people
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my hard drive got rekt by a ransomware
please post inspo
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Is it humanly possible to pull this fit off?

You'd have to be 7 feet tall and like 150 pounds
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it's not possible without looking strange and edgy as fuck.

this thread reminds me of that weirdo who actually considered looking for the same white coat that Soma Cruz in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow has. you think you've seen everything on /fa/ and then shit like that comes along.

anime fits are dope and all but rarely translate well into real life fits.
it you look EXACTLY like Vash you can pull it off

Otherwise you'll have to settle for a regular trenchcoat or duster. And even then you will only look normal by rivethead standards.
Stop looking at anime for fashion advice. It might look fine in the context of the show but It doesn't work in real life, we shouldn't need to have this discussion.

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I'm too poor for Schott Perfect, what are my options?
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Schott IS the poorfag option

start saving your pennies
check vintage stores frequently

the sizing of vintage jackets can be bad but with enough patience you should be able to find a great one for around $100
A second hand perfecto.

Do y'all think a utility heat gun could peel these rubber labels off these sneakers? I don't want to rip them off and damage the foxing tape.
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just sand em off
I want to flip it and glue it back on so the label doesn't show

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Im going to germany in april for a few days and was wondering how german guys dress. Can you give me any examples so I dont look like a faggit?
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like this
>Girl on the left

File: rick_geo_fvr8eh.jpg (39KB, 680x728px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there even just one pair of these for sale on the internet?

I can't find these motherfuckers anywhere. Not even for super high prices.
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Grailed lol

maybe I'm naive, but Im struggling to envision a place that these would be acceptable to wear.

There is no reason to purchase these outlandishly expensive and impractical shoes

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ITT: low key /fa/cist fashion
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stop making these threads you fucking faggot, there's no such thing as fascist fashion that is fashionable, may as well be faggot fashion
File: integralist uniforms.png (185KB, 1024x835px)Image search: [Google]
integralist uniforms.png
185KB, 1024x835px

File: laA2csTfGBU.jpg (51KB, 666x685px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this a good shirt ?
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File: penice.jpg (34KB, 526x640px)Image search: [Google]
34KB, 526x640px

it's the most basic thing you could imagine. a rectangle with a word on it plastered on a white cotton tee. you're paying ridiculous munnie a brand logo. not a shirt.

supreme has some other shit that's much better than this.
yes and the higher the price you find it at, the better the shirt you get.
absolutely not

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