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What dead trends we will be seeing this year?
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I hope dressing like Mac Demarco and listening to indie rock bands that sound like fucking slowdive in 2017 finally fucking dies.
Top knots
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After 5 seasons of Yeezy, Kanye finally came up with something hot.

/effay/ or no way?
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Fianlly something I like, i would not wear them but they're not terrible like the other shoes he made.
literally walmart tier

What the fuck is this? Horrible looking shoe.

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i am done with skinny jeans. what are some good sweat pants / track pants / looser fit cargo pants i can get for not too crazy prices?
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also if you have any /baggy/ inspo, post it
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The Salvation Army i recon

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Does compressing your nose with a clip for months make it thinner? My nose is slightly wide (not African or Asian level wide LOL) I think from picking my nose a bit too much (kinda like how easily your earlobes can be stretched) so I don't consider it being surgery level cheating or an affront to my manhood to improve my looks that way.

Looking at noses and nostrils in photos I think quite a few people do something similar. Not sure if there's a name for it.
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your nose is wide because of genetics.

accept it.
QT or child?

I can't tell and am uncomfortable
Does it matter?
It doesn't.

Pedophilia is very common, don't worry anon.

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I use a merker double edge safety razor
with lather and wood pre-shave oil
no shaving cream
I shave once with the grain, once against the grain
If I don't think it's thorough enough, I'll do it again
But STILL, every single fucking time, I end up with that weird post-shave beard shadow that makes me look like someone rubbed a green crayon across my face.
What am I doing wrong here? I've tried electric razors, disposable razors, with and without lubricating oil (tried water instead), but nothing works. Is trying to get read of this thing a futile effort?
I posted this before, but got no real answers, so I'm trying again.
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>double edge safety razor
How the fuck am I meant to get a clean shave around my jawline with a DE razor? I fuck it up every time and it's making me question the whole DE thing. Please help
git gud

I thought you were quoting American Psycho for a second

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wtf i like adidas now
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Black people are the worst thing that ever happened to clothing. There has literally never been a more detrimental situation to clothing, even in Iraq where women cover their faces, the number of people is too small to have an impact like blacks had on American fashion.
>Black people are the worst thing that ever happened
shortened it for you
heh i would like this if it wasn't shit for hypebeasts with a ridiculous pumped up price which i'm sure it is

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puss and boots.jpg
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are oxblood docs /fa/?
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Why does it matter, it's just one pair of boots
for me and some others, yes.
What is that cats name?

more fashion documentaries?
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Watching this made me understand that Raf has literal autism.
What's the fucking black sweater raf wears? Pls
McQueen and I

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hey /fa/

i'm 27 years old and live with my parents, my mom buys all my clothes because i'm a piece of shit heh

i have a lot of money though because of my frugal loser lifestyle

i want to blow some money on clothes but I have no idea where to start, where should i shop? what should i buy

send help
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not me in pic btw
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hi OP! Don't worry, I'm here to help!

You should spend your money in a clothes store, and you should buy clothes. You're going to want to at least get underwear, socks, pants, shirts and shoes.

Hope this helps
go to ssense.com
sort by price high -> low
start buying

Thank me later ;^)

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preferably this colorway pls ?
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Literally with anything
just walk into your local middle school tomorrow
Did your mom dress you untill your 20th? god damn.

last one helped me find a lot of interesting people so let's start another one

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I keep changing my name but whatever I'll follow back if you're bool
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A front to promote my shitty bandcamp page :)
File: check this dope image name.png (574KB, 973x557px)Image search: [Google]
check this dope image name.png
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How long would it take to grow a sexy beard generally?
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genetics + months
id say an inch
which takes (me) 2 months to grow
30-40 years.

Faggit in Ops pic has shaved his kneck and his cheeks.

Hey /fa/, could you give me some inspo for printing, also, what print do you want on a shirt ? What are some good basic and cheap slim shirts to print on ? Like real top quality but under 25 US dollars; thanks /fa/mily
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File: IMG_20160806_210610.jpg (808KB, 1460x1825px)Image search: [Google]
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Really want this on a shirt

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21 embiid.jpg
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Sup /fa/, newfag here. I'm getting a jersey of my favorite team. I was looking for some advice on a few things:

1) How do I style this? I don't want to go too outlandish. What shorts, and what type of undershirt should I pair it with? I got tattoos on both arms and don't want to white trash it up.

2) Does anyone know a place to cop these below $69.99, or should I accept the fact that all prices are going to be about the same? Any coupons out there?

Thanks in advance.
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I would wear a t-shirt under or just a wife beater type undershirt. you can try a red shirt or white shirt with that jersey. any shorts that match in terms of color are ok i guess
i suppose you could wear it in a more streetwear type of fit as a layering piece
also you can always buy a knock-off from china if you want to experiment and not pay top dollar. i have a few and they're actually pretty good. they're not 1:1 but nobody will be able to tell. actually have the exact one you posted, embiid is based as fuck. have the home one though.

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Post people who you think are /fa/ and aspire to look like
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