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What does /fa/ think of traditional denim formal wear? Is something like this a bit too cool for a job interview?
Either way, the price is pretty attractive.
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>too cool

Maybe not the word I had in mind but meh. I wouldn't recommend to wear this for a job interview, it looks like a double edged sword, you can either be seen as an original person or a fucking douche. Either way, black one is more subtle that typical blue denim. Have it your way my man as long as you feel confortable wearing it, you'll show confidence, be clean and you shouldn't look like a weirdo.
Would look better with a button-down collar and knit tie
Holy shit you look like a metal gear solid badguy

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What does /fa/ think of the 'footy lad' look?
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Literally everyone in the British Isles dresses like a "footy lad" and they look fucking awful.
Tracksuit head to toe,adidas flux,walking advertisements.It's absolute trash.
I own 3 Arsenal shirts that I wear regularly but I don't look like a "footie lad" thank fuck.
I dress like a skater I guess... but I wear football shirts because I love football as well as skating and other non-chad type things.

What is the word for "so bad its good" and making the uncool shit cool?
gosha and vetements are definitely into it
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That looks good though.
"Same goes for vetements- designing fake movie merch (which is the kind of thing normies woud wear) in the form of hoodies that don't fit at all. That and something like the DHL shirt, because it is so unfashionable to just wear a company shirt that it's cool"

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daily reminder that White Mountaineering, Junya and Yohji is better than Dick Ovens Jun hackatashi Ralph Simmons and all your shitty designer memes
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Scottish claymores are better than Japanese katanas.
*teleports behind you*
*unsheaths katana and places it on your neck*
say that again. I dare ya'
OP is a weeb who thinks because it's Jap his overpriced shit is better than the Euro overpriced shit

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Where does this drop?
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the fucking garbage
File: fuckingdumbcoon.png (121KB, 533x706px)Image search: [Google]
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GOD i hate this stupid SMUG CUNT

niggers ruined fashion just end it all
yeah he does look pretty dumb, plus, the hoodie fits him like shit. it looks baggy and like any other fucking person in a hoodie.

File: Official MAGA4chanHAte.png (2MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
Official MAGA4chanHAte.png
2MB, 1440x2560px
Get in on this shit boys. Trump just released an official MAGA 4chan(tm) edition hat. You are a faggot if you don't w2c.

Also general 4chan wear thread I guess.
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Better pic courtesy /pol/
do you even know what w2c means you dumb newfag
Faggot detected. Go back to thinspo and circle jerk with the hons that never show their faces.

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>tall gf and I are both 6'1
>says she wishes she could look up at me a little, would feel more feminine
How high a heel can a man wear on his shoes without making himself look like an insecure manlet? I'd like to add on as much as I can for her but I'm not going to make a fool out of myself to do it, especially when I'm already a reasonable height.
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Just tell her to bend her knees a bit then lamo
> 6'1
When will they learn?

Really though, can you offer any advice on how high I can go without looking ridiculous? Can you get away with more heel if you wear boots vs shoes or anything like that?

What hairstyle would best suit me /fa/?
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Did your mum drink a lot while she was pregnant? Just wondering.
My family is christian

No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. Completely healthy

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Sadly, i'm 5'3 and i've always wanted to be at least 5'7. Life seems so much easier when you're taller plus weight loss isn't as much as a struggle at a bigger height. ie. I look like an ape at 145 lbs. but on a 5'7 girl or higher they might be a fucking size 4/2.
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I'm a girl at 5'8 and being tall isn't that fun but if does have the fashion perks. I'm skinny and I have long legs etc
So basically you have the perks of people thinking you're attractive, skinny and pretty. And you're telling me that it isn't fun?
>plus weight loss isn't as much as a struggle at a bigger height

dumbest comment of the week award goes to...

5'8" is not tall whatsoever for a girl. im in a tall family and my sisters are each 5'10"/5'11"

File: white mountaineering.jpg (139KB, 892x880px)Image search: [Google]
white mountaineering.jpg
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Left or right?

Please help.
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these would look so much better without the white mountaineering text
Then they'd pretty much be regular NMDs.
i like the three white stripes and i dont mind the text on the pull tab, just on the stripes themselves

File: WCMtipV.png (304KB, 615x635px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you be /fa/ if you're a manlet? Or should I just kill myself?

Lanklets out of this thread
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You obviously can, although depending on what you look like it might be a bit more difficult to pull off some things. No use fretting over something you can't change.
Damn this guy is confident. Must get all the ladies. Fucking chad
>tfw 5'11 and claiming 6'

File: Brit Smock schwarz gefärbt.jpg (89KB, 640x799px)Image search: [Google]
Brit Smock schwarz gefärbt.jpg
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Do you honour your cultural heritage, /fa/? Or do you ignore the centuries of national dress traditions that should shape your aesthetic and just succumb to the cancer of mininalism that has swept the globe in the last 30 years?
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I have a smock like that in auscam.
Yes, so I only wear trachtenmode, because I am 100% germanic huwhite.
>drinking coors light
America! America!
suck it jewurope fags

Everyone rate how /fa/ out of ten
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> wake up at around 11am
> masturbate
> shower
> make breakfast (omellete + rice) and finish it
> brush my teeth
> wash the dishes
> get on 4chan
> 9:22pm
So did you sit on 4chan so long that you ended the day at 9:22pm or are you saying you washed the dishes, got on 4chan, and then at that point it was already 9:22pm.

Forgive my autism but it's not clear to me.
I washed my dishes in like 10 minutes, then hopped on 4chan. I've been on /fa/ /adv/ /sci/ and /sp/ ever since. I have a 6 page essay about some art history bullshit due tomorrow too....

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New thread because other one is old
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File: Current Outfit.jpg (154KB, 1500x1178px)Image search: [Google]
Current Outfit.jpg
154KB, 1500x1178px
My current college outfit
Who cares if it's old retarded redditing subhuman. The bump limit is at like 300 posts.
File: 1448350347991.png (1MB, 1500x1178px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1500x1178px
I really like this OP, looks basic but love the chinos and converses.
I kinda agree with OP, the other threads tend to get so big that people don't bother to post or don't get replies

has been far too long
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