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What do you wear when you want to flex?
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oversized jacket with a fur-lined hood
Bump for interest.
How can I stunt on hypebeast streetwear rats without stooping to their level?
Define "flex"

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Good starter brand for black denim that isn't levi's? (EU)
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levis 511
Levi's are too expensive in Europe

also 510 > 511
how poor are you to not be able to afford Levi's

So with your arm by your side, relaxed, the sleeve of outerwear should be the green line but up to the red line?
I thought they were supposed to be more like the blue line.
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Rules are for uniforms, not fashion.
My coats go to blue, but I also find that really annoying
The blue is my preferred length too, but I've been told a look very young, in fact throughly highschool I was mistaken for a freshman by others.

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When did you realize buzzcuts were the hottest cut for guys in fashion?
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When I realised they are free and easy to maintain, especially if you work in a dusty environment.
I have yet to realize, and I promise you, I never will.
tfw brown hispanic, I will look like some gangbanging delinquent, which is opposite of what I want people to perceive me as.

Comfy edition.
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Post embroidered caps
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modern fedora
good band, would cop for shits and giggles

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Which Vidya console is the most effay?
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Really all of them, it all depends on the games you play.

And even THEN most of the games are effay, just doends on the setup you play on.
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Game Boy Micro
Is that a PS Vita?

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How do I prevent looking like a nu-male?
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dont go bald
you cant help it. its something you were born with. you either have the confidence, face and stance of a male. or you were born with beta low-test genes and have an incurable pussy-vibe about you. bald or not, it doesnt matter. just look at jasan statham, the man is also 5'8.
only problem with that dudes height is that his girl is a model and taller than him in flat shoes

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Why everybody ignores that fact and still calling him pretty?
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yeah he's gross. i can see if you like him if you're like 16 or 17 but he really is nothing special

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So ive finally stopped being a poorfag NEET uni student and became an adult after getting a proper job with proper pay. Id like to invest into some quality clothing and get a pair of entry-level Allen Edmonds shoes.
Problem is that i live in a third world shithole and the nearest store is 3 countries away.
I am considering ordering them online, but in my opinion when it comes to clothing, trying on shoes is the most important step before purchasing them.
Can anyone who has ordered shoes online explain how exactly the process works? I know i am in the EU and A.E is an american brand, so i need to convert my EU size to U.S size.
What if they dont sit well?
Any tips would be appreciated.
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Dont go for Brogues, either get derbys for both formal and informal wear or oxfords if you only wear suits/ nice trousers.

Depending on where you live there are better options than murican imports, there are a lot of really good, europe based shoe manufacturers. Where do you live exactly?
> i live in a third world shithole
>I know i am in the EU
Buying american shoes being in EU is not recommended. You are gonna have to pay vat and you could get something nicer for the same price. There are several shops in Europe that will deliver for free.
1. Where are you exactly?
2. What's your euro size? Sneakers? Boots?
3. How much do you want to spend?
4. What kind of shoe do you want? Colour? Model?
look up allen edmonds sizing on google
if youre unsure about your size you can always try it on and send it back if it doesnt fit then get a new size
or if you have the money, buy two different sizes at once and send the one back that doesnt fit and save yourself some time
you have to pay for shipping but thats the price for a good fit online i guess
also dress shoes are generally a size down from your regular sneakers so keep that in mind, they will stretch too usually unless they are patent leather

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ITT: We judge each other based on the footwear we wore today
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Whats worse
being a skinhead or dressing like one and posting about it online to seem edgy?
Are you a clown?
>>skin head
>>pin roll
wew lad you're a funny one

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i miss hedi ;_;
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those boots look extra litty to be honest my guy
can't wait to see revenue plummet

also can't wait to see the clubsaintlaurentparis fuccbois slowly die
yo that show was everything i wanna see out of ysl. it might not be slp but it feels nice

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Dad shoe thread? Post dad shoes, whether or not they work in fits, advice on dad shoes, w2c and etc
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Send me offers. In the market for cash and trades. Let's get it going, some of this stuff has been up here way too long.
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Here's what I've got up at the moment.

E-mail me directly if you see something you want. I can afford slightly better prices if I can skip the grailed fee. Cheers

[email protected]
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/fa/ gets my reserve prices. Talk to me!

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How do you wear a light scarf in the summer without looking mad gay.
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youre gonna look mad gay
>look mad gay

>not wear scarf in summer

choose one
Live in a desert.

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