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Why do my shoes do this?
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You probably made the mistake of wearing them
jokes aside is this normal and im a retard who is barely noticing this happens?
Your feet are fucked up. Just google it up.

Rate from 1 to 10 on sexymeter
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>no visible bulge

I'll have to give it a 0, my guy

File: screenshot.jpg (40KB, 428x319px)Image search: [Google]
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>black sideburns

these are effay as fuck, right?
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I sure wish I could grow sideburns like that.
I can grow really good sideburns but my beard is too patchy to grow out. I have really thick black hair I style into a pompadour or a gosling-esque side part.

Should I grow out the sideburns? And to what length? I could easily grow them all the way down to my jaw.

same, my sideburns are garbage

File: adidas-pure-boost-burgundy-3.jpg (92KB, 940x660px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some nice sneakers that also makes you taller? I wanna get a pair for spring, been wearing converse but they don't give you much height bonus at all
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im already 6'2 why would i want to be taller
op here, yea i'm already 6'4 but I still want to reach 6'5-6'6

thinking bout the nike air max models, they have a big sole right?
come on, man. If you're a manlet, just rock it, be confident as fuck. It's pathetic trying to gain a few extra inches.

How do I dress all black without looking like a misanthrope?

I'm not very comfortable wearing anything else. The look I'm thinking of going for is going to look very school shooter/albert wesker tier even if I'm going to use non agressive materials and familiar cuts.
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just wear white shoes dude
i hate white shoes
smile (that's what I do)

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What does /fa/ think of The Weeknd x hm collection?

Imma cop the xo bomber...
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It's stupid nigger core, here's your (you)
combines two brands I hate

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Post your watches, discuss, critique, whatever.
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File: dead thread.jpg (112KB, 560x376px)Image search: [Google]
dead thread.jpg
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Skeleton watches for dead thread.
File: cheap daily beater.png (517KB, 546x688px)Image search: [Google]
cheap daily beater.png
517KB, 546x688px
got myself a cheap daily beater
how is the aquaracer cheap?

File: IMG_0061.jpg (16KB, 165x115px)Image search: [Google]
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>spent over 2000$ on wardrobe
>girls still don't look at me

What's the point anymore lads
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try developing an interesting personality
You're supposed to dress for yourself, not for others.
Clothing is supposed to compliment you as a person, not make you. Learn how to speak to people and develop an interesting personality.

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cop or not.jpg
1MB, 1868x2432px
Cop or not ?

Denim Jacket thread
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hello reddot
I got one and I love it but I don't like it on me

I'm bald and somehow denim jackets and lack of hair bothers me

Great with a cap though
you fucking nu-male beta fuck you aren't allowed to wear those red wing iron rangers and jesus fucking christ

now the jacket looks to be a fashion jacket and not one from a legit workwear brand so it suits you perfectly YOU'RE A FUCKING SHEEP IN WOLF'S CLOTHING

>graphic tee
>pre-washed not raw denim
>intentionally cuffed denim

me? i'd say i hate everything about you, pardner

Opinions on the Y-3 Stan Smiths? Thinking of getting a pair to rotate with my CPs
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The aesthetic is shit, but go for it you special snowflake. Do it because I told you so, bitch.
The zipper placement is bothering me. And it looks weird at the ankle.

So I have the acne max cash and they collect lint like a motherfucker, any tips to keep the lint off?
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get one of those roller thingies from ikea
the problem is how often they collect lint, I have a few lint rollers already. Im looking for any advice to keep the lint from sticking to the pants in the first place.
my pair was like that at first after a few washes it stops

File: IMG_20170306_220051_286.jpg (434KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think about this hairstyle?
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File: IMG_20170306_220843926.jpg (1004KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
1004KB, 1080x1920px

Here's a side shot
File: IMG_20170306_220825707.jpg (954KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
954KB, 1080x1920px

Here's a top shot
you have quite round features so the slicked back look of your hair really extenuates your face. Can we see a better side?

File: headband.jpg (99KB, 625x938px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some good looking headbands?

I have my eyes on a Gosha headband, theres also the supreme headband but what else? I feel like there arent a lot of good quality headbands.

Long hair bros feelsbadman
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File: 1450249047840.jpg (1MB, 2400x2447px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2400x2447px
W2c jacket for men

File: ghoulish.jpg (834KB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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How accurate was I?
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I've only been browsing this board for two days so I don't know what full rick is but this seems pretty spot on. I'm at either streetwear or rick depending on what it means and I'm glad I left the other three behind
Everyone on 4chan thinks they're contrarian so tips fedora and thom browne are not very relatable.
I stopped at prep, then went off this chart.

File: barry.jpg (59KB, 409x632px)Image search: [Google]
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What went wrong?
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what do you mean? He looks good
he looks incredible

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