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What are these type of pants called?
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a noose
nike comeback 2k17

this is the year adidas will flop...r-right?
only thing cringier that OP's question is this response.


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My sister wants me to buy her a pair of rainboots for her birthday and says she likes hunter boots.

I had no idea they were so expensive, are they actually worth the cost (quality, looks)?

Will she be upset if I buy her the cheaper pair?

Pic related
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>Will she be upset if I buy her the cheaper pair?
Every time she wears them she's going to remember that you got them for her and smile. You should try to get the Hunters.
Thanks, thats a good point. I just have a hard time shelling out that kind of money for these, I thought there was more to it or something I'm missing

Is the Finnish Defense Forces M05 camo the most /fa/?
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is there any benefit to wearing anime graphic tees with an outfit?
do they ever attract conversation?
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A friend of mine was wearing this shirt and ended up sleeping with a girl because of it. We refer to the incident as 'that time he lost his glasses' because he left his glasses at her house and didn't have any spares or contact info.
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IMO it should be subtle, like this. Otherwise you will look like a neet/n3rd/manchild.

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i want 2 cop these nike sfb

all the reviews i read they have shit durability

what do u say famelam
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i feel like this is one of those pieces ill buy and wear like 10 times total
Don't know about those, but I have the 8" (not the leathers) and they've held up great. Bought them like 2.5 years ago, wear them probably half of the year. I go running in them, I lift in them, I go to concerts in them, and the only thing that's happened is a few threads are loose and a small chuck of rubber came off of a tread.

I also have the world's shittiest flat feet, and these are the only shoes I can wear for a day without my feet hurting at the end.
>I go running in them
is the sole even capable of such activities?

Is it possible to adopt the "southwestern" aesthetic (navajo and tribal prints) if I'm a white man? or will I look ridiculous?
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talk the talk, walk the walk
yeah as long as you listen to joe rogan or something
if you live in the southwest. otherwise no, zumiez-core

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I got the ok from my bank for a loan of 4,000 dollars and Im looking to start an actual clothing and sneaker line.

What are some of fa's suggestions for making this startup a competitor of global brands like Nike or Adidas.
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Don't print meme messages and graphics on hoodies/tees. You aren't going to be a competitor of brands you mentioned anytime soon (and why would you want to be anyway?), so focus on the aspects they lack such as interesting cuts, material and stitching quality. Once you have it set up, shill yourself here and other pseudo-fashion shitholes to generate hype.
Produce as much as you can locally and capitalise on that ("100% MADE IN MURRICA", etc...).
You probably cant do a lot with 4 grand desu. T shirts or hoodies with some cool little drawing or writing is your best bet, then build off those profits

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Why do women leave their bra straps visibly hanging out of their shirts?

It's distracting. I can't concentrate on anything but your underwear.
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Ok public school dress code
Because it's hard to find a bra that fits a lot of clothing which is a problem if you have big titties and can't go braless or use a differently shaped bra with less support.
I usually have to go with boring tops to make sure my bra doesn't stick out somewhere, so I can see why a lot of people just give up and don't mind it being on show.

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Why are they so perfect
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Wearing them now, like how they look broken in. Sad it is getting hot because I don't know what sneakers to get I like these so much
Those shoes look like they go really well with tight pants, being gay, and lack of taste in fashion.
I'm glad you like them desu senpai, enjoy

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should i quit or is it fa
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do what you want
quit cancer ain't cool
these are best cigs

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images (2).jpg
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Anyone know where to find a decent looking hat like this.
Also dad hat discussion.
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I know it's not a dad hat but thoughts on this cap?
way sick as long as it's not too tall and you're wearing a minimalistic dad core kind of fit

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hermetik 4.jpg
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Are speedsuits, flight suits, and coveralls fashionable? Can they be made fashionable?
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a noose
yes but it won't be easy. you need a strong jawline and good hair first.
That's true of all fits ever.

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camel trench coat.jpg
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Is it possible to get hold of a decent quality trench coat like this without paying the price of a used car?

where go?
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Honestly, try grailed.
Housing Works if you're an enwhysee like me

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No tumblr thread so post yours here.
I'll start again
shit I like
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>shots of buildings
>smidge of fashion
>visual representations of how Lisa Germano albums sound

very awesome page man i love it.. definitely follow'd.
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