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are my parents effay?
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God damn I bet your dad lays a foot of pipe on yer mum every fucking night
Incredibly. What happened to you?
If your dad wasn't clashing adidas originals with adidas sport that would be a great fit

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Is tie dye fa? I typically wear neutral colors but I make tie dye, so I force myself to wear it. I've found wearing colors make me feel better, so I often wear it under my normal clothes. Not really into fashion that much anymore, used to lurk here super hard 3-4 years ago. Pretty much learned how to not dress like an imbecile. Was into the whole all black, edgy thing for a while, but I found it drew too much attention. Now I mostly wear relaxed pants and solid tee shirts mostly centered in a neutral palette. All about the fit and not having stupid logos and designs all over me, hate that walking advertisement aesthetic. Used to love joggers and what not, but I only wear them out when I'm dancing now. Don't know why, just can't take myself seriously in them. BACK on topic, sorry for rambling, do any of you sport hippie attire? Here is some OC, I'll bump with a few more but won't overdo it.
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those are fucking cool, how do you get the spot patterns?
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And one more for now.

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Opinions on Rick Owens?
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He's super cute, shame about the hairline
boring designs
t. jealous "designer" who never made it

Post most /fa/ suits for inspo
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must be 18 or older to post on 4chan kid.
I am 18, Im a senior
still leave, we don't like normies here

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I hate to bring this here but, what's the most /fa/ phone?
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this right here
*not this one
Holy shit i was gonna post this

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Is it worth hiring a personal stylist if you've got the money and are too lazy to learn how fashion works?

Keep in mind I have no fashion instincts to begin with and have never successfully taught myself any sort of artistic skill, and all I care about is looking decent.
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Wow that was useful, thanks for the input
/fa/ is my personal stylist.
xhe does it for free.

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Hey /fa/, i'm from a different board and don't come here often, but I figured you guys would be able to help me the most.
I would like a hoodie like in pic related. Obviously I do not mind if it dosen't have the tab for a patch/German flag. I just want a good hoodie with the yellow line like in the picture. But I simply cannot find one on any website, and from that I would imagine that it's impossible to even find one with the good quality stitching of the yellow line like in the picture.
Thanks guys.
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Frost most effay operator
Definitely. Gotta buy some designer military clothes that cost more then actual high quality surplus.
You ever seen that in big malls? I saw a fake m65 jacket that looked like it will fall apart and seep into your bloodstream being sold for $120, when you can pick one up for ez $60.
He's not wearing a hoodie. I mean that base layer looks like it has a hood but what you're referring to is a German police leather jacket. They don't have that yellow paint.

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not this shit again.jpg
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I came to this board expecting to find out about actual fashionable fashion discussion, but instead of that it turns out that this is a "fashion" board full of numale shit and fags making fun of each other because their boots are not 1500$ a pair or because they don't use brand clothes even if they got something that looks and feels exactly the same.

Seriously, can't you at least get a "standard" fashion thread going? not everyone is interested in this mall ninja shit where you just put on a bunch of clothes on top and some weird sneakers and call it a day, also the entire slang of this board is cancer
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pretty normal threads are cop or not or general inspo thread

this thread, for example, is fucking horrible.
reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice is the place for you. Fuck off.
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I only come here for inspiration now.

whats the absolute oldest age where band tees are still acceptable?
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although it depends on the band, depends on how old you look.

maturity is reached at an older and older age in the West. I blame single mothers.
Realistically, mid-thirties.
you should stop wearing them frequently by your 30s, but its not like you have to drop them completely. depending on the band and design of the shirt they can still be effay, just on more rare and casual occasions.

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What are the most fashionable hobbies?
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Not talking about fashionable hobbies on the internet, that's for sure
I want to fuck her feet
not this

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Where would I go to buy a nice plain sweatshirt/hoodie? Or all plain clothes for that matter?
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Bump :(
Usually for plain clothes I'll go for Topman, Primark... cheap shitty kinda places.
Online Fruit Of The Loom is cheap as fuck.

I got a plain grey hoodie off Amazon last week that only cost me about £12.

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I'm going to a formal convention in Cannes next week. I'm American and I'm 20. Would I be able to get away with wearing pic related instead of a suit to give off an avant-garde vibe? Or would people assume I'm a JB wannabe? I have to wear the lanyard they sent me regardless.
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is this for film?
i think you would look like a douche. if it is formal and you wear some shit like that you'll feel out of place af
Dressing down to a formal event would make you look seriously affected.

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What's the best way to go about selling shoes online?

I have s bunch of Triple White Ultra Boost 2.0 and EQT Support 93/17 models that I'd like to sell for no more than $300.

Is ebay a good thing for this or? What if people think they're not genuine? What about Grailed?
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stockx if they're deadstock
I see plenty of good stuff on Grailed but I don't ever see a lot of people buying anything. If you're going to sell shoes you're more than likely going to have to end up asking for far less than you're comfortable with

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Which one?
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Top if fag

Botton if normal
Neither if a real man
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Use a DE safety razor.
The blades are cheap and very sharp.

Better than buying that over priced Gillet rip off garbage.

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hey FRIENDs I was thinking of buying these Memes, will i lose all /fa/ crebidility and become a white girl?

do you avoid stuff like this because it's overdone or is it fashionable to rock something because you like it and don't give a shit about who else wears them
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You should wear what you like wearing. There are more things to liking than the appearence though, if you don't enjoy overdone, it may be enough reason to not wear it.
>is it fashionable to rock something because you like it and don't give a shit about who else wears them
Not necessarily, but -not- wearing stuff for approval isn't because it's has more to do with conformism than fashion.
the stan smiths?
Idk, they'd look okay on a girl but there are definitely stylisher shoes out there.
got mothing to do with being a generic white girl imo
just buy whatever you like champ

note that they are pretty uncomfortable, especially at the beginning, and they look a bit silly before you break them in so you better walk around a lot

try to get the nicer ones with the soft heel lable instead of the plasticy one

where i live stans aren't popular for some reason, superstars and roshes are a way bigger meme so last summer i was good

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