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Yo I've been looking for this hoodie everywhere someone please tell me where to get it Jesse Wellens from PrankvsPrank of BFvsGF rocked it in a few of his vids and it looks sick
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> Yo

fuck off
Chill bud lmfao I just need to get a link senpai
kys underage

Some of the fits in that movie were pretty effay, Logan and Donald Pierce had good fits.
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There's a scene near the end of the movie where he's wearing a black and white flannel under some military vest with a bomber on top
saw it yesterday, the, ending was, very retarded
the powerful kids have no powers

File: 20170226_141139.jpg (672KB, 3264x1836px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw I can get 50% off literally ANYTHING at SSENSE

>tfw probably just gonna get a purse for my gf and maybe a winter coat cuz fuck fashun
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sick blog

Thanks for the (You)
Shit op, proxy some stuff for me?

I've been getting super into Vietnam-era music and film recently, I want to make an outfit to reflect that.

What do you think about the following:

M65 Olive flight jacket

Beige T-shirt

Black jeans

Combat boots

And then maybe sunglasses and stuff as accessories if I feel like it. You think it could work?
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It helps if you look fit for being a soldier

Considering everything it would look... let's say, humorous, if someone who looks like a hippie wore that outfit
File: AnnieHall_031Pyxurz.jpg (240KB, 1600x1217px)Image search: [Google]
240KB, 1600x1217px
Anyone capable of holding a gun could be drafted. It's not fucking Warhammer.

File: west-good.jpg (145KB, 1500x776px)Image search: [Google]
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When did you realize you will never truly be fashionable if you're not tall and skelly.
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like a month ago.

since then I have been working on getting taller, but I am still without any positive results
kanye is like 5'7 and hes the fashion god
i realized you cant be effay if you are white unless you stick to traditional safe shit
no asian or black fits for us white folks
>tfw 6'3 and 140lbs

no money for sick cops tho

File: absolutevictim.jpg (332KB, 548x1080px)Image search: [Google]
332KB, 548x1080px
$10,000 to look like this. Can you find an even bigger fashion victim?
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ignoring the price tag, it just looks a little mis-matched
>strangely specific OP

not satisfactory, hopefully someone makes a new one
There's no way that whole outfit cost 10k. It's also not even that bad. Coat is nice, if poorly fitting.

File: hair-67ife.jpg (27KB, 438x600px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 438x600px
Are hairbands effay for a male with long (~6 inch) hair?
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are ya gay son?
I'm on /fa/ fuck u think nigga
if you've got a pretty face yeah

File: 1484484828484.jpg (403KB, 752x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Going to Japan next week to study design abroad, and planning on buying some clothes while i'm there. Anyone know of any good thrift stores or places to get designer for relatively cheap? I have 2 free days in Tokyo, wanting to go to Shimokita. Mostly into tech and loosewave shit. Wanting stuff that's cheap because I'm spending most of my money on food and gifts for friends/family.
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File: zzzzzz.jpg (733KB, 1024x682px)Image search: [Google]
733KB, 1024x682px
I hear you can get a 1992 Suzuki Sidekick, the official Japanese car of /fa/, for a very reasonable price there.
Theres a few random thrift shops along Harajuku.


Also google is your friend. Just make sure you know what you're looking for tho.
Thrifting in Japan is actually pretty expensive OP, I was there this winter

File: stirner shirts.png (226KB, 455x757px)Image search: [Google]
stirner shirts.png
226KB, 455x757px
Generally, graphic tees are terrible, however some out there aren't too bad. What are some that you can imagine being worn well?
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File: hobbes shirt.png (267KB, 398x722px)Image search: [Google]
hobbes shirt.png
267KB, 398x722px
Here's a far less memey philosophy shirt
(superior philosopher too)
File: casio shirt.png (258KB, 367x685px)Image search: [Google]
casio shirt.png
258KB, 367x685px
>philosophy shirts with "witty" jokes on them

I would literally die inside if I saw someone wearing this shit in public. retard

Regular Edition

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted

>http://pastebin.com/raw/jvUjw16e (embed)

Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:
>http://pastebin.com/raw/93cLG9jj (embed)

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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What has /thinspo/ eaten today or will eat today?
>slice of bread with vlokken (gross, I'm not allowed to eat chocolate)
>honey baked granola with blueberries and oat milk
>39 cal cookie
>potatoes, carrots and a veggie sausage

Trying to lose weight healthily this time around.
>Breakfast - poached egg, ham and salad
>Lunch - rice cakes and Baba ghanoush
>Dinner - rump steak, broccoli and spinach
>Snacks - fruit and nut
>Drinks - 2.5l water, 1l weak tea
6ft and 60kg. Working a physical job.

File: SeF tan jodhpurs.jpg (530KB, 2500x1750px)Image search: [Google]
SeF tan jodhpurs.jpg
530KB, 2500x1750px
I bought the SeF black leather chelseas a year ago. I've been considering ordering the tan jodhpurs (pic) or tan harness boots next. Anyone got experience with either shoe?
Story et fall thread.
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>Story et Fall
can you post your black chelseas?
File: inspo1.png (865KB, 557x599px)Image search: [Google]
865KB, 557x599px
these are old last by the way, they look like pic related now
File: jr4tj.png (509KB, 574x468px)Image search: [Google]
509KB, 574x468px
have another pic of the new design.

You can also ask for them with a 40mm heel (not pictured), new this month.

File: download (10).jpg (11KB, 275x183px)Image search: [Google]
download (10).jpg
11KB, 275x183px
Thoughts on these recent comebacks? Worth copping? Alternatives?
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Just get adidas
They also make several meme shoes. Which ones?
they're a legitimate reddit meme, but they look pretty good. cop if you're dying to, but there are better shoes.

I have a date tomorrow at a nice restaurant and want to look sharp. But not too formal. Just right. What do I do? I've never posted in /fa/ but I thought you people could help. I'm mid 20s male btw.
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How nice is the restaurant/what is it? We gotta know what you're dressing for.
In the mean time, post a pic of all the shirts, slacks, shoes, and various accessories you potentially would wear
Jeans, sneakers, hoodie, dad hat. Bitches love that shit. Don't dress like you've got money unless you do
Well-fitting pants, nice sneakers (like cp's) if you have them; if not just wear some kind of leather shoes, casual button-up, and casual jacket. Like Jake Gyllenhyllenhylenhalenhall in Nightcrawler.
That way you look smart but not too out there and also not too stuffy.

File: IMG_0040.jpg (140KB, 1528x1079px)Image search: [Google]
140KB, 1528x1079px
i'm pic related and look like a neck beard caveman. think of the Dude, but mostly looking like a farmer (flannel and shorts) and barefeet.

tip me on clothes, hair, etc
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File: Screenshot_4.jpg (87KB, 1065x1064px)Image search: [Google]
87KB, 1065x1064px
skrrt skrrrttt
Nty I hate muslims

File: IMG_2545 superdry jpn.jpg (219KB, 1100x825px)Image search: [Google]
IMG_2545 superdry jpn.jpg
219KB, 1100x825px
>pic very related
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>Alpha bomber jacket, skinnys, and dad cap
>extra vomit in my mouth if they're wearing old skools or actual yeezys


>common projects lookalike shoes
But Common Projects is literally a white sneaker...
>Supreme shirt, jacket and hat
> 9/10 they are also wearing NMD's or some type of adidas.

Fucking garbage.

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