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Anybody wanna post some glasses inspo. Currently trying to figure out what Mulder's wearing or something close so that I can nail that 90's hacker aesthetic.
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Head Shapes.jpg
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What are some nice glasses for oblong?
i'll bump for u m80
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Fucking hate how my phone does this but here is two pairs I alternate between. The bottom pair I wear more often as the other pair slides down my nose a lot.

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ITT Chadwave. What would he wear?
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you're gf
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Chad mode best mode

Perfect balance of fitness and fashion

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How do Asians manage to be so effortlessly cool?
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i'm an asian and im not cool senpai
post fit
Most Asians can't grow beards, therefor they're not effortlessly cool.

File: pharrell.png (1008KB, 840x1227px)Image search: [Google]
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what is this? (you know what the fuck i mean)
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A nigger
Do you mean what is this shitty attempt at creative black tie?
A man

File: 1376361726525.png (313KB, 701x394px)Image search: [Google]
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>see manlet thats effay
>laugh inside in realizing hes just compensating for his manlet stature by being effay
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>be manlet
>do anything
>it's considered compensating
pls no meme
File: when.jpg (435KB, 1336x1764px)Image search: [Google]
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you just described reality

that's the beauty of the manlet meme
How tall is the nerd anyway? He looks like a midget in that last pic

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What are some good outfits for THICC guys???
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full rick
Bump for interest
Nah, full Yohji

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How did Nike and Adidas rebrand themselves from sports shoes for poor people and autistic boys, into designer brands?
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Double down on classic designs in the case of Adidas.
both have been fashion forward since the mid-80s
there's just too much money in it for them to back out now
mercury/estrogen in the water

30-40$ jeans for guys with fat thighs, go
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K, hit biz and fit then come back
>just fix your entire life with 4chin XDD
this is me t

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so I am thinking of buying this thing, but is there any other options on adult backpacks for adults? Where I live the manpurse,messangerbag,ect has ended up being a backpack and...well I want something nice.
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This is far from /fa/

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hi, /fa/. I have some on-site interviews coming up so i finally invested in some nice slacks. i generally don't wear trousers at all since I usually wear a blouse and a skirt for business casual events. today i tried wearing a pair with a blouse and i'm not sure how it looks (i know the belt doesn't match my shoes but it's the only belt I have right now). Please shower me with your infinite wisdom
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Read the sticky attention whore?
I did? The general thread isn't on the catalog and the girl's general thread hasn't been active for the past 4 hours. I didn't know I was posting this on here so the dirty mirror exists
do not wear that in public holy kek
what is going on with your HEAD my nigga
when you say girl do you mean girl (male) or what my dude
we have too many things clashing and that's before we even get to the clothes

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Right fit of photo but no find on website? How find this shirt on website. Really want this shirt
File: banner-slim.jpg (122KB, 372x1152px)Image search: [Google]
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yes this

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Just need an opinion from /fa/ to justify blowing $750 on fucking shoes
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Just knit your own pair
how do you retard sneaker faggots buy and walk around in those trash meme shoes without being embarrassed.
Buy it if you like it

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Does anyone miss those /fa/ feels threads
I do
We should have them again
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File: IMG_20170221_160403.jpg (113KB, 1200x799px)Image search: [Google]
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>talk to crush irl a bunch
>Never responds via text tho
>Fuck it she doesn't like me
>Pretty bitter
>Don't talk to her irl anymore
>She approached me irl more
>Only talk to her when she approached me
>Get more bitter
>Act totally uninterested when we talk now
>One day she hits me up on text sending a pic of her dog and gushing about how cute it is
>So bitter her talking to me actually pisses me off bad
>Idk why I'm so bitter I guess pride and insecurity don't mix well
>I'm actually fucking angry that she decides to finally text me only after I become distant
>The fucking nerve of this bitch
>Im overcome with fucking anger and I'm confused why
>I'm gonna cut her off
>Gotta burn the bridges first
>She's a fucking huge animal lover
>Cried for hours after she accidentally killed a squirrel
>Look up pics of dead dogs
>Pic of dead dog
>Looks exactly like her dog
>Shit was beat up and bloody
>Download pic
>Send it to her
>She just responds "wtf"
>She doesn't talk to me anymore
>Idk why she got on my nerves so much nobody ever had that effect on me
>Just happy it's over
I have issues
Tfw when gf wears Roshe runs

Thinking about buying these (pic related)
But have no idea what to wear them with (colors).
Can you help me out?

I can get it at a huge discount, so thats why im thinking about buying it, but dont want to buy it unless i know what to wear it with

thank you
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They look hideous, don't fucking buy them
dude, pls don't cop
dont cop, don't think you can pull it off at all.

thoughts on onitsuka tigers?
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File: gsm.jpg (63KB, 900x600px)Image search: [Google]
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I like em
File: Chris-Carmack.jpg (109KB, 500x600px)Image search: [Google]
109KB, 500x600px
they look really light and comfy, love the silhouette

I want to cop the ones with the red and blue stripes
Most basic bitch colorway desu sempai.

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