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let's talk about this train wreck of a weeb fest.
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I wish they would make back episodes available. Even on a rotated schedule.

toppest kek
It's so hard even to watch the stupid show. I wish they did.

haven't seen one of these in a while. post cringe videos/pics, but try to restrict bad cosplay to >>8778044
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That Dave in the background
Good Lord...

Sup /cgl/. This is my first time in this part of 4chan but long story short gonna cosplay for the first time, need help. So if you can please answer my questions.

>1) What type of foam would you recommend for a beginner that's cheap but will look very good?

I've stumbled upon a bunch of boards saying E.V.A foam or wonderfoam and all that crap.

>2) Are there any tutorials out there that show first timers on how to actually make armor pieces and such

>3) Instead of a heat gun could I use a hair dryer set on max?

Thanks for your time /cgl/
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> what is google

Just look up eva tutorial on youtube. It's not that hard you fuckwad.
Lurk a bit in the help thread before making a topic like this otherwise the regular here will just ignore you. There is also a general armor thread up right now that might be worth looking at.

1. EVA foam is cheap and a common go-to. It can be gotten cheaply at walmart, harbor freight etc. Its usually sold in 4 panel packs as workshop flooring or slightly thinner as yoga floor matting. EVA doesnt look good for armor though without considerable work.

2. Here is a guide showing some of the steps needed to make EVA foam armor look good. www.otakuandfit.com/seal-paint-foam-armor/

3. You'd need a proper heat gun. Hair Dryers don't get hot enough. You can get a basic one for under $20 usd though.
At least go to a help thread

have black ribbon about 6,3. what should i do with it? (no lolita outfits, sorry)
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It takes a lot more than ribbon to make a coord. Literally wtf are you looking for, ribbon is for making bows and trim. I have about 20 spools for making bows and rosettes for my accessories
I feel like I shouldn't have to say this but OP is asking for costumes that need black ribbon in their construction because OP has a surplus of black ribbon. OP specified that they don't want to make use that ribbon for a lolita coord. Although to be fair OP should specify gender/media interests/etc because black ribbon is needed in a lot of outfits so we need something else to go on

Not the anon you replied to, but I was equally confused. Although I do freely admit that I'm not a cosplayer, and therefore think of black ribbons as raw material for anything, instead of something as specific as "what cosplay costumes specifically contain black ribbon".

Got 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up' as a Christmas gift from my sister. While I love the idea of getting rid of stuff and having more space in my place I don't feel it's really truly achievable as a cosplayer. Once upon a time I couldn't imagine selling my costumes but now that I live in a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment with limited shared garage space I totally get it. I would like to attempt to cut down on my clutter but with all my materials, tools and costumes I wouldn't know where to start.

Talking points:
>What's your work and storage space like?
>How do you control cosplay clutter in your space?
>Do you horde materials or buy as needed?
>Storage secrets?
>How do you deal with excess costumes? Sell them? Trade them? Harvest them for material?
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>sock monkeys
>stupid sock creatures
>socks appeal
>sock monkey
Those books tho...
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I haven't done very much cosplay, but I live in a room at my mum's (housing is expensive and the place is close as fuck to my uni). I have one and a half drawer shelves allocated to my sewing and costume shit, which contains some of my lighter/more fragile fabrics, smaller costume pieces (ears/tails/masks), and all of my wigs which I keep in large minigrips, with longer ones braided and smaller ones just stuffed in. don't know what I'd do with a fully curly wig, but my shitty home-straightened one was braidable. larger bolts sit in plastic bags under my bed. my cosplay stuff fits into my closet alright.
tools are stored in assorted places around the house, and my workplace is either my desk or the kitchen table depending on how much space I need.
I don't hoard materials but I'm a huge procrastinator so I still have fabric bought for projects years ago sitting around, and the only fabric I've bought completely randomly is the rabbit one on pic related, because cute, cheap and Engrish.
jesus christ, I'm sorry about the photo size and the rotation

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> any cons in your area coming up?
> What con are you planning on attending this 2016?
> any big cosplay groups being planned this year?
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No cosplay groups since I'm not really into the florida cosplay comm. Since I'm making a big investment this year theres only three cons i'm attending. MegaCon (yeah expensive as fuck but eh?) Metrocon (haven't been there in years) and of course Awa, my favourite con of the year.
> any cons in your area coming up?
Pensacon is coming up in Feb. Hopefully this year will be better.

> What con are you planning on attending this 2016?

Metrocon, Mechacon, Holiday Matsuri, and AFO

> any big cosplay groups being planned this year?

I would love a full Final Fantasy Tactics Advance group. One can dream~
> Any cons in your area coming up?
Omni in March I think? Other than that there's just Mega but that's not for a good while.

> What cons are you planning on attending this 2016?
Mega, Metro, Tampa Bay, AFO, Holmat, maybe Super?

> any big cosplay groups being planned this year?
I legit have absolutely no idea what I'll be making come 2016 aside from Tatsumaki from OPM. Everything else is completely up in the air. I don't have any groups planned at all.

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only a month left!
Who's going?
What do you expect?
Why is there no schedule?
Why you reading all these questions?
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Offical Gull Line Chat
>What do you expect?
At this point nothing cause there's no schedule.

Hell, they aren't selling tickets for the tea party yet
lol same
>imagines showing up to the con and just seeing tumbleweeds

Whatever happened to dakota rose? why isnt she famous any more?

a few years ago everyone was going crazy about her and there were countless threads bitching about her
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shes still modelling and shoops her face like a baby alien.
>pic related

is she an idol now?

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ohwvky tristate.png
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Anyone from around this area? There's a bit of a cosplay/lolita community here. Some of the biggest people in the comms seem to be assholes from my experience, though.
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Alicia, is that you?
No, but I know of that person.

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C..Can we get a hat thread? Does any1 else here make hats?
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I made one for a cosplay a few months ago, with craft foam covered in felt. It was a new experience but I like how it turned out.
That's actually pretty cool.
does anyone have any good tutorials for making witches hats?

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What happened to ott sweet? It's like this wonderful is dying out. ( or only Itas wear it in a horrible way ; _ ; )

Post some cute ott sweet coords
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File: 1434023246943.jpg (284KB, 500x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last one got archived.

Anyone got any last minute Christmas cosplays planned?
Ready for Kita reg in January?
Got a fav for the drama-fest that is LSCC Cosplay Championship in February?
How's the rest of your 2016 looking?
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Favs so far for LSCC are most of the people who have been announce. They're mostly all great
Who's competing?
There was a list posted last thread of all the ones we know. Or the thread before. Would copy paste from the archives but I'm on mobile and cba

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New Zealand cosplay scene thread. How goes preparation for Wellygeddon?
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Wellington Armageddon is seven months away.
You haven't started preparing?
bruh, these threads are usually about last-minute panic/crying, not sensible early costume preparation.

There was a recent Waikato cosplay picnic and a christmas picnic coming up for Auckland. How was the former and who's ready for the latter?

Edgy goat edition

Previous thread's in autosage: >>8761555
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Small Tumblr dump, I suppose.
Trying to stay away from posting the Mettaton costests that take up 75% of the tag..
I've gotten to the point where even a good Mettaton makeup test just isn't enough to impress me.
Ain't an Undertale thread without some cringe.
This looks like they're at a school..?

Show me your worst from the typical sites, cospicky, cosplaysky, aymcosplay, all the renowned places for chinese junk and polyester fabrics.

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Cosplayfu's fire emblem costumes are categorically terrible. All their costumes are, but the fire emblem ones are particularly egregious.
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This one's kinda cute... kinda...


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