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Let's be weebs and dance together, /cgl/! Post odottemita covers, group covers, performances, cringes, and more!
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Remember Yukapon? Her old videos make me cry with embarassment but she's actually pretty hot now and she's living the weeb dream in Japan, she still acts like an annoying kawaii baby though.
Careful anon, mods don't like it when yukapee is mentioned.

A good majority of net idols have actually gone to Japan and live the aidoru dream in some way. Secretly salty, but i can live on.
I love this dance but I feel like it's just doomed for bad covers.

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cosplay amino.png
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Im honestly surprise there hasnt been a thread about this before (or may I missed it)

> Self post you account?
> Pros/Cons of app?
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I'm actually using it right now.
So far its pretty good way to meet new people to hang out with at cons.
I mean it's alright. Full of 11 to 13 year old weebs though. I hardly use it, mostly for major updates and con chat. That's about it.
I signed up with my facebook and haven't posted anything, but I've already gotten 12 followers who I don't know. Is this common?

old one is saging
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Reposting from old thread. I think the bolero might be too light of a brown...
I'm having the exact same problem coording sweet cream house at the moment, do all the browns match
Looks a good coord though. I think the bolaro could work really well even if it doesn't really match!
I think you are safe with the bolero because sweet cream house has like 3 different shades of brown.

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I never seen nothing like this so
Performances thread!
Talk about good backgrounds, changing clothes, mobile things or surprise effect. Tips are welcome!
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I will never forget that video with a horror kid from majoras mask. It was a spanish speaking con and the background was made really clever as it was changing, showing different scences from the game. It was really impressing. Unfortunatly I don't have the video anymore.
Do you have the link to this video? It looks really neat
This is a good changing clothes because is, obv, a fucking changing clothes and at the same time, is a exhibition. She's not hiding to change her oufit.
I think you're talking about this performance. They're the 2015 WCS winners. They put a lot of effort in this performance.

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Just found that one:

Sorry its only in german, its just that golem is not known to report much on cosplaying but rather anything computer related.

Thought it might be interesting for some.
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>sorry only in german
>not reading 4chan rules
>not knowing how to sage and resurrecting a shit thread that rightfully got no replies for nearly a day
I don't want to sage, I want it up there at the top.

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Lets start a FF cosplay thread from games that are 10 years and older.

>> favorite game?
>> Dream cosplay?
>> cosplays you love seeing?
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File: 2611889-1.jpg (351KB, 450x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>FF8, highly underrated
>FF8's Shiva, I fucking loved mimicking her with she come out of her icicle
>FF8 cosplays that aren't cosplayed but fatties,

Seriously, why do I never see any good FF8 cosplayers

Also, I'm aware that FF8 isn't 10 years older, but I liked that and FF2, so.

Welcome all seagulls! Come on down because its time for Name That Cosplay!

The rules are simple,

1. We post cosplay, ya'll guess who they are and where they come from.

2. Any one can post! Just be sure the file name doesnt give it away!

3. Obscure cosplay is the name of the game, not cosplay thats so bad you have no idea what it is.

4. Remember that some will be way easier than others.
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I decided to redo a Hunger Games simulator /cgl/ version like i did last summer, it had a bit of success,it was really fun (yandere Misako was memorable). So here we go again.

Already entered:

18 places left.

Most of these are just outdated lolcows but hey, these were good times.
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Requesting Mana and Mr. Yan,
be careful op, that sound more like an lolcow hunger games
Kate, Nigri, the chick who makes the parodies, Isucky.. take your pick.

Old one maxed out. Found "Nerdy Cosplay Mom" on storenvy while browsing for Sailor Cosmos stuff.
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She has a banging body, cute homely face and is a pretty accurate sailor cosmos.
Even though it doesn't all tie together well I think you opened with the wrong pic.

Big ass titties yes

Also big ass stretchmarks
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Show me your vampire princes, melancholy lords, and dark rock 'n roll poets. Any style allowed, as long as it's within the Japanese Gothic realm of meanswear. Crossdressing or androgynous ladies are fine too!

The darker the better: I want to believe these models weep blood and bleed bats.

Let's have some macabre fun.
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File: 11997.jpg (98KB, 460x691px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys,

I would like to discuss about coords which are inspired by christianity.
By surfing the internet I figured that some feel really offended by Lolitas using religious symbols and dresses which are inspired by nun habits.
Personally I really love these coords and I'd like to get myself an outfit like this.
But I too feel a bit strange about wearing a cross necklace, even though I find them really esthetic.
I don't really now how to think about that style but in general I feel like there's no need to be offended over religious inspired coords.
But the thing is, I'm not religious at all.

So I'm curious about your opinions.
Maybe here are some religious lolitas who could tell their opinion!
Would be pretty interesting to me.
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I grew up Catholic (don't really consider myself Catholic anymore, more so agnostic but I do pray sometimes when I'm really anxious about a loved one). I love religious iconography in lolita, but sometimes it looks tacky (those skewer headdresses are horrid). The same rules apply to it as usual for the most part - try to keep the costumey levels to a minimum and if you really have to go all out, make sure it's good quality and well done, rather than cable ties or kebab skewers. My tastes lean towards old school, but you definitely want to channel a timeless Mana outfit rather than looking like you're trying to pile on all the edgy trends (halo, Madonna crown, veil, etc).

You may like this Tumblr: http://godblessnunlolita.tumblr.com/
File: 14.jpg (63KB, 726x1048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 726x1048px
To clarify, you want to look like this (could add something like stained glass stockings if it's not enough for you, but let the garments speak for themselves):
Not this (imagine it with an unnecessary underskirt too, ew). The OP image isn't exactly the best example but it's mostly the makeup that's offensive.

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Post any new shironuri coords/outfits that you like or dislike (critique what you've disliked) and self posts are welcome.
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tumblr dump
File: image.jpg (125KB, 640x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (137KB, 640x567px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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share the good, the bad, and the dramatic here instead of in the general thread
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My comm seems to be turning over and I couldn't be happier lol bye bitches
We only have one comm here and it's full of itas. There's only one in there that is almost decently dressed but always decides to set their brand off with terrible accessories, wigs, and shoes.

I'd love to go to a meet but... I feel like I'd be completely out of place.
I want to join my comm, but everyone that's semi decently dressed are so cliquey that I can't budge in. I don't want to be stuck hanging out with newbs, so I've failed to join. Any ideas on breaking cliques?

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>Cosplay with your friend
>Your friend gets more photos because she's prettier than you
>Have to wait for her photos to be taken while you watch

How do you cope?
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Stop being jealous and accept that some people are prettier. You're probably prettier than some people.

Be happy for your friend and don't be a petty bitch about it.
Is that the reason she got more pictures taken? I've gone to several cons with a friend, and while she's beautiful, she's gotten more photos of her taken at certain cons because of the popularity of her cosplay, or because of how revealing her costume was. At those cons, it was kind of hard to watch photographers trip over themselves to take her picture, but I chose to focus on the meaningful interactions I had with people who were so excited about my character that day.

If at the end of the day, cosplay is a contest of who gets the most photos, you're gonna have a bad time. If you can find joy in other parts of cosplay, you'll cope better.
How do you know she's not being asked for more pics because her character is more popular?

Ok, let's go with some Hot Cosplayers around the world. Let's folks do what we can show for the mind and the eyes !!!
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Pic not related?

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