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>Stories from cosplay competitions
>Any corrupt wins or judges?
>What do you enjoy when competing
>Best prize
>Worst prize
>Fun stories
>What competition are you entering next
>Worst competitions
>Best ratio for Costume vs Skit

never seen one before so lets have a thread to chat about cosplay contests
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There are no cosplayers here, this board is for talking about dresses, hair to go with your dresses, or to blog.
i'm entering my first cosplay competition in a couple weeks and i'm really nervous!! so i'd love to hear from other gulls who have competed in the past.

it's at a super small con near my house so that makes me feel a little better about it, but if it goes well i'm thinking of working my way up to competitions at bigger cons.
I won a xbox one this year.
The competition was announced last minute and luckily I had a costume almost done that fit the rules.
It didn't need a skit, but then in the last minute we has to do something on stage for the judges.
I didn't really think that I would win, but the results were based on Internet votes (the contest was being streamed online) and I got around 40% of the votes or something.

If there's anything I can say to help people who plan on trying a competition is: don't act like you're the best, be humble and don't pressure yourself too much. The more you think about it the worse it will be if you end up not winning. Just learn to admire other people's hard work too and enjoy the time backstage.

I made a ton of friends that day, it was incredibly fun and everyone but one guy were talking to each other and sharing costume details. Very different from other competitions I tried where no one would talk to each other.

But I think the main difference was that this competition was at a game con and the others I went to were anime cons.. So it might explain a bit of the different behavior among the contestants.

Winter SacAnime in a couple of weeks, anyone else going?

Trying to find information on the New Year's Eve Costume Ball, but no luck so far.
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HAHAHA have fun

See you there.

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I'm just dumping a few pics to get things rolling
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Do I just head to conventions in a costume?

I don't know anyone to go with, should I just show up by myself?
Do i need to create a costume from scratch or can I buy one online?
Is it an accepting community and will i quickly meet people who will help me understand it more?
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You need to sacrifice your first-born on the night of a full moon at an orifice located due east from you. Only then you you truly become a cosplayer.
Just be yourself man.
>scratch or can I buy one online?
>Is it an accepting community and will i quickly meet people who will help me understand it more?
LOL. No.

saw this was on sale. anyone used it? i have heard mix reviews and wondering if it is a good pattern
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I haven't used it, but I have heard it's not great for tall people.
The Yaya Han X JoAnn collaboration line Cosplay Fabrics is coming out in March. That huge sticker...
I feel like this might be cool (especially to get some variety in the pleather that joann offers) but i think there is a lot of potential for it to be overpriced. Ah well, coupons galore.

There's a Hunger Games thread, but we had one of these a while ago and it was a lot of fun.

Wicked, I guess, is kind of borderline because there IS a visual adaption, but anything book based counts! Suppose graphic novels would also be welcome.
Bonus points if it's not Harry Potter.
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Oh that dress is cool though overall this is a bit meh.

Requesting any good cosplays of Good Omens!
no one guessed this from the Obscure Cosplay thread: Shallan from Stormlight Archives
Is this okay?

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Seen some threads for other states, so here's an Ohio one. We have some conventions and a big Lolita comm so let's discuss some stuff. What conventions are you going to this year? Ohayocon is coming up this month. What is the comm up to?
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I'm not going to Ohayocon but I am going to Zipcon
Yo. Reporting in from pilot territory. Ohayocon does not seem worth going to.
Where is there even a Lolita comm in Ohio?
They seem to be located mainly in the Akron/Cleveland area and Columbus.

Post and discuss your favorite cosplayers and lolita fashion enthusiasts that make Youtube videos.

Popular/active lolita or cosplay channels (That I know of, anyway):
Lovely Lor https://www.youtube.com/user/gitsforfits
Princess Peachie https://www.youtube.com/user/PeachieAngelPrincess
Deerstalker Pictures 1 & 2 https://www.youtube.com/user/deerstalkerpictures https://www.youtube.com/user/deerstalkerpictures2
Hello Batty https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHelloBatty
Isaki Tahashi https://www.youtube.com/user/IsakiTahashi
CathyCat https://www.youtube.com/user/Canudoitcosplaygirl
Jessica Nigri https://www.youtube.com/user/jessicanigri
Princess Fancypants https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9hTJkLLk1YvAaOhp56KZ8Q
Kamui Cosplay https://www.youtube.com/user/Mogrymillian

Sorry if I left out anything for starters; I know a lot of lolita channels but lacking in cosplay channel knowledge.
If you know any related channels that you think deserve more subscribers, feel free to post them as well!
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My personal favorite lolita Youtuber is Princess Jessie-Kate; she has a popular video on her involvement with Milanoo but she really is just the most precious thing to me. Cute voice and cute attitude.

I also really like Acchirin. https://www.youtube.com/user/acchirin/
Is this bait?
Somewhat-ish lol. Just thought I'd mention her along with Jnig; I don't like either of them but I didn't want people to be like "u forgot so-and-so".

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Tall girls and Jfashion thread
for girls 5'7" and taller

Share your tips, tricks, where you get things for your height, and tall girl feels.

to get us started, here's some questions

>how tall are you
>what fashions do you wear
>where do you get your clothes (for both normalfag and jfashion wear)
>most helpful advice you can give to other tall girls
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Off topic, but does anyone know the source dress on the left?

On topic, for me personally I never wear OTK socks. I always wear tights. OTKs give me too much gap and it ends up looking slutty even if the dress is an appropriate length. Sadly for me, since there's so many cute OTK prints that don't come in tights.
>height: 5'10"
>alternative (wanting to get into nanchatte and mori or maybe strega)
>thrift stores, yard sales, malls, and handmade (sometimes ebay/amazon)
>if a dress is a little shorter than you thought, don't be afraid to wear it with panty hose and a thin jacket/shaul that falls below your butt to make sure your dress doesn't fly up. Also if it bothers you enough, buying chunky boots a size bigger make your legs look thinner so while you're up there in the clouds, at least you look like a skinny model rather than the jolly green giant.

(I'm a size 9 but go for 10 for comfort or XL in asian sizes so I guess this is just my preference but hey, it pleases my eyes.)
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Too early for a youmacon thread? Never too early for a youmacon thread!

Who's going, cosplans, anyone looking for groups?
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Definitely going.

I have been on hiatus for about three years, youmacon 2012 was my last con. So I'm very much looking forward to being back there.

Shot in the dark, but I'd like to do a Yugioh group, if anyone is interested!
It's a bit of a ways away right now, I'd like to see what comes out this year that I might do.
In the meanwhile I'm planning for the sister con Midwest Media Expo.
Shoot at Hart Plaza, the carousel, and the Borealis sculpture.

Post shoes you cry at night over because you're either broke or had missed the release completely.
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I should have ponied up the cash and gotten the Nefertitis in pink and black in my size, and bought more pink-and-black sweet lolita dresses that nobody wants because they're associated with the annoying people who think bittersweet is a thing.
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Love the Seraphina, but don't know what the blue is like IRL.
Just get the black, they'll match things better

Because I need a new one. I love Minori and think she's is stunning, but I would like to see some different Shironuri styles and concepts. Like these two.

Let the white face commence.
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hey! so i cosplay trolls from homestuck. thing is, im a really heavy sweater and every time I wear the gray paint even if its sealed it comes off, any tips?
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Don't cosplay shit.
>stop liking what i don't like
>any tips?
my tip is you check this little thing called the catalog, you might have never noticed it at all if i didnt point it out. theres a homestuck and a help thread. who knew? clearly not you.

New feels thread, let's try to keep this one on topic.

Does anyone else ever have nightmares about getting to the con and their cosplays not being ready/forgetting important things? I always get them after I start working on a cosplay.
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>Pre-order Stormtrooper armor from a company back in April for a price too good to pass up
>Expected delivery date shifts from December to this month
>Small local con is in 3 weeks
>Company says they're hopeful to send out the first batch sometime mid January
>Really hoping it arrives before the con at least a week before so I can put it all together before then
>Have actually had dreams of it arriving at the door and starting to put it together

It's so close I can almost taste it.
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tfw sad.jpg
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I want to apply for AM's j-fashion show but I'm too afraid of:
1) being rejected
2) backlash
Being in a burando fashionshow is part of my bucket list and I'm not getting younger...

Anovos? All the same I hope you get it on time

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