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What about make some money with stolen pictures?
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Salty you weren't asked to join?
All these photos were submitted by each lolita themselves.
A Japanese lolita sought out international lolitas though online comms and asked them if they would like to participate in the book, over a year ago.
Get your facts straight.
If it was an actual book I would buy it. But digital? Nah, I'll just scroll through COF.
Kind of embarrassed since half of the coords on the front cover aren't very good. Or at the least, eye-catching as cover photos should be.
Kind of makes it look like some lolitas asked to be added on haha.

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What's something, or multiple things, you would have liked someone to tell you as you were first getting into conventions, cosplay, jfash, etc?

Keep it as board-relevant as possible, but life advice that applies to the hobbies counts as well.

> Bring that stack of ones with you to the hotel. Don't be that embarrassed fool scrambling for small bills when you need to tip housekeeping of valet.
> Keep your head down and your eyes open. Don't spread shit when you've heard about someone behaving badly, but never forget that you heard it.
> Iron it or steam it. No buts.
> If they're cosplaying your favorite character, it's probably a bad idea to date them.
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Please for the love of god dont try to make your own cosplay with household items, just get something off amazon please
Buy a goddamn petticoat
And save your money for a few brand pieces instead of buying a bunch of inferior quality bodyline
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>Put down the styrofoam and hot glue, and focus on your studies. You're only 12, cosplay can wait. School can not.
>don't let boys ruin your con for you. Keep your head held high.
>You ain't ready for a big con yet, boo.
>Don't go to a meet up without poses.
>As you get older those Japanese snacks in the dealers room won't agree with your stomach, stop buying that shit. Instead of spending $5 on bread, buy some real food.

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Hiatus is over!
Anyone planning homeworld gem cosplays? (Blue Diamond, BD's Pearl, Yellow Diamond, Big Ruby, etc)
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Forgot to post it in the description, but I'll do a tag dump shortly to start the thread off

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I'm a commissioner. Anyone in a craft trade knows how fussy and, sometimes, how utterly unrealistic and entitled, the cosplay customer base can be. We've all had them, and we work ourselves rugged to please them, and they are determined to make life hard for us.

Currently, I'm not aware of any network or community set up on Facebook or any other social platform for commissioners to get together and name and shame bad customers.

Does naming and shaming go against customer privacy? It is unprofessional to share the names and crimes of the difficult customers we accept with from? Or should we openly share the failures and unfair treatments of our customers to warn potential other commissioners in the same line of trade against taking work from these people?

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You should ask a lawyer, not 4chan.
So you are asking is it legal to flame a customer?
It is, but not your best business practice. With this exception of this community, business hates drama.

You want to protect yourself. Post your work and your timelines. If you see people flaming let your work speak for itself and don't comment.
There is no cohesive feedback database anywhere for what you are talking about - I tried to search for one and couldn't find one.

There are places like Stie Jabber where people can post reviews and several artist beware sites on LJ but nothing for cosplay or Lolitas to list deadbeats to warn others.

I think as long as the review of the deadbeat was factual, posters provided proof, used non inflammatory language and was moderated to prevent dog piling and abuse it would be fine.

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It's been a long time.
Weaboo horror stories thread. (Plot twist, you are the weaboo doing cringy stuff in your story)
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>starts thread
>has nothung to contribute
This trend needs to stop.
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>whines about not contributing
>doesn't contribute either

Anyway, i remember an old story like 7 years ago about a girl wearing a terribad gothic lolita milanoo-tier thing with a cheap ass wig and dirty sneakers who tried to seduce a Sephiroth cosplayer and got him outside,in a corner where nobody was (she told she "really needed to tell him something" and he thought if he did he would finally get rid of her...big mistake) and she ripped her dress bodice's zipper open in front of him and lifted her skirt.
According to the poor guy,she was...entirely naked and "wet" down there. She litterally threw herself on the grass/dirt saying she was his sex slave and insane crap like that. It was like in 2009 and not spoken of because the guy was actually so embarassed. One of my friend knew him and told me the story.
He immediatly left and went to my friend and took him appart and told him what happened, then they went for con security but the girl was nowhere to be seen.
>took him appart

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I don't lurk here very often, but I just wanted to know if there's like a "too soon" kind of unspoken rule about cosplay.
Would it be rude to Cosplay as Snape at any upcoming events, as an homage to his passing?
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My personal opinion is that cosplaying the character is fine, since you're cosplaying the fictional person and not the actor who played him in a movie. Cosplaying the actor or making note of his death is not fine. So Snape is good, but Snape in a halo is bad.
The actor just died.
Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I didn't know Alan Rickman died today until just now. I thought you were talking about Snape.

Whos going?
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I want to, but its far, and I don't even have a room yet.
I'll be there mostly for Bill Nye and Big Bird on Friday. Might get some of the Rocky Horror peeps to sign my old 25th anniversary dvd set.
Probs going Saturday. Would do the weekend, but the ticket prices are ridiculous.

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I've been on a knitting kick lately and would really like to see what other people have made! Has anyone knitted or crocheted pieces for cosplay, or do you make your own lolita accessories? Cute patterns and inspiration pics would be appreciated!
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there are a bunch of knitters in the undertale thread senpai
I'm currently making

The way the pattern was written is a little bit confusing, but easy to follow with some editing so you don't have to scroll around while you knit.

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What are some really amazing panels you've seen that you wish went to more cons.

I for one am a huge fan of Banzai arcade. While the whole thing is made with RPG maker but a lot of TLC was put into the sprite creation. In addition all cutscenes are voiced not to mention the crowd gets really hype. It's a treat to both watch and partisipate.

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This guy looks like a douche.
One convention I went to had a panel on disabilities and special needs in anime. I really wanted to go, because I am a special education teacher and it sounded interesting. But it was cancelled. I was thinking of making my own panel with indepth information on this topic, but I feel that I would be overreaching and no one would care anyway.
He's been nothing but kind to every person I see
But I can understand having a hard time separating a character someone cosplays from their actual personality

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crazy cat lady.jpg
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Can you all tell me stories from when you first started wearing lolita?
What mistakes did you make? How did you learn to improve your coords? Could you handle being patient waiting for items to show up to see if they'd match?
What was it like to change your wardrobe if you did?

I mostly want to hear from people who have been doing this for awhile and what it was like to start out and how you feel about it now.
I'm a huge newbie myself and I only started buying stuff last year. I'm curious as to what the progression is like and what I should and shouldn't be doing along the way to get good at coording/going to meets and what not.
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>Mistakes made

Trying to use normalfag skirts for lolita, using mediocre handmade items such as bags/headpieces in coords, wearing way too heavy of eye make up, buying from milanoo and bodyline.

>How did you learn to improve your coords?

I learned that when you buy items you need to have an idea of what they will match with in your wardrobe. For example, if you have a lot of brown/wine/navy in your wardrobe, don't buy pastel pink socks because you think they are cute. That may seem like common sense but when I started out in lolita I would just buy whatever looked cute and it summed up to a hot mess.

>Could you handle being patient waiting for items to show up to see if they'd match?

Yes, but it is still pretty annoying when you wait like a month for an item to show up and it doesn't match and you have to start all over. However, friends in my comm have helped me realize that everything doesn't have to be a 100% perfect match. The standards for lolita coords on the internet is a bit higher than standards in real life. Your friends at a meet aren't going to post you on BTB because your browns don't perfectly match.

What was it like to change your wardrobe if you did?

I did change my wardrobe from a hot mess into something cohesive. I went from mostly sweet style dresses to classic. I also made sure my dresses fit better because a lot of the initial ones I bought didn't have a very good fit. It was a lot of selling but I'm pretty happy with where I am at now.
>What mistakes did you make?

My biggest mistake was wearing replicas and supporting replica makers. While I regret it in that respect, it helped me to appreciate the quality and design that goes into original garments. Back then, I really honestly believed that because I was larger, I had literally no options other than replicas. The amount of options and viewpoints have changed since then. So I feel better for more fatty-chans getting into the fashion.

Other mistakes was buying everything I liked because the price was right, or it was cute and had some theme on it I really liked. It didn't match my coord but I still wanted to wear it.

>How did you learn to improve your coords?

Really, it was honestly not being afraid to fail, and not being afraid to try something different. I figured out what colors and cuts look flattering on me, how to make styles I really love work best for me.

I learned not to buy things unless I can put together a whole coordinate with that item with what I have. Every few months, I'll add a new color to my working color pallete, by getting a blouse, legwear, shoes or a bag. Usually two of these options and I can usually create a coordinate with it. This will expand and allow me to add new main pieces. This way, my wardrobe isn't all over the place but I can still have variety.

>Could you handle being patient waiting for items to show up to see if they'd match?

At first it was a little frustrating because pinks tend to be all ranges of dusty rose to hot pink. It can be a little hard to tell in some online photos. But eventually I got a feel for it. I make less of those mistakes now, and if it happens I can usually make it work out with something.

>What was it like to change your wardrobe if you did?
I went from buying everything I kinda liked that would fit and it grew into having a lot of main pieces with few options to coordinate with them. I had a lot of dresses I couldn't do much with. I sold a lot, kept my absolute favorites, invested money in blouses, accessories, legwear, shoes, etc. When I had the money saved up, I started buying high priority items off my wishlist.

Now my wardrobe is at a point where even if I stopped here and never made a purchase again, I'd be pretty happy. Unlikely though because there's always new things I want.

My style changed from super OTT sweet everything to more toned down sweet, or more classic sweet as well as classic. I still wear OTT sweet on occasion because no fucks given, even if it's not as flattering on me as classic.

I think everyone wants to push you to wear what looks best on you. But you need to find a happy balance. If you're not happy and don't feel yourself in a style that suits you perfectly, what's the point? I think it's a good idea to have variety and on occasion do the things you really like doing for the fun of it.

Also, don't be afraid to fail. Failure is how we improve. I think the online lolita community and /cgl/ in general pushes flawlessness. But even flawless people had their humble beginnings.

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It's been a while since we have had one.
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Something about this throws it off for me. I think it might be the headdress and the shirt under it. I want to like it but can't.
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You don't even have a contribution yourself?
Shoes are too bright, ugly shirt and that sad, sad waist sash. Also her headdress is white and everything else seems cream. This is seriously bordering ita.

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All idols thread

>[email protected]
>Cinderella Girls
>Love Live
>Wake up Girls

Love Live is welcome but please keep it cosplay related and not about the game.

What are your idol cosplay plans for next year?
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I honestly can not decide if I should do Rin or Kirari for the Starlight Stage outfit... I'm super busty but have the face for Rin, but I'm also worried I wouldn't be tall enough for Kirari? It would be with a small group maybe four girls and I'm only an inch or two taller.
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Finally going to be doing one of my dream cosplays for Sakuracon this year! Pic related, Makoto is my fav [email protected] girl and I'm unreasonably excited.

Bless you, OP. Non LL-centric idol threads give me so much life.
Oh also I am the anon from the thread a while back asking how to get into [email protected] so thank you!!

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wth is going on with this thing? its in april, little to no info
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I was wondering the same thing.
The only info seems to be guests, and that's it. Do they even have a Facebook page or forum or anything?

They always have absolutely zero info up until a few months before. A few months being generous. And they're really bad at updating the site. Most of the news comes through their FB page.
Last year they had toooons of promotion and guest announcements by this time. It's Youmacon That is always behind.
Facebook group has updates for panel submissions and fan reg badge art submissions.
Nothing else.
The con chair is at Ohayocon selling his leather merch atm.

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So Shuto Con is happening in two months (or three if you're counting the one that we are currently in.) Anyone planning on attending? Cosplay plans?

I know I've heard a few negative things from it about /cgl/ but is it worth going?
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I'll be attending but am curious, what are the negative things from it?
This is about an hour north of me and I didn't even know about it until a couple months ago.

Also interested in these "negative things". I might go regardless since it's not that much of a trip, but I'm curious.
It's a good con but the tumblr influence has really gotten bad over the last couple years.

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Last thread hit archive.
46 posts and 12 images submitted.
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