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In your honest opinion, how long do you think lolita will last? I want to get serious about it and start buying,coording,etc. But I see how dead /cgl/ and alot of blogs are now, it almost feels like a barren hobbie. Is it worth getting into at this point? Give me some hope, but really just give me your honest opinion.
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Honestly? If you love it, go for it. I don't think the community is dying, people are just scattered across so many different platforms that it's hard to get a good idea of how active the wider community is. A lot of people use Facebook groups as well which is almost impossible to keep track of.

The community is probably more active than ever. Do you have a local comm or anything?
Cgl is just a slow board compared to others but it's not "dead". Blogs are dead because a lot of lolitas moved to Facebook.
Lolita is hardly "barren" you just should research more desu
Forgot to say, I don't know how long Lolita will last, but I don't think we'll see a death in the next 10 years, at least. It's a pretty strong fashion and the brands that cater to it are putting out more than ever.

You know the drill.

Appreciate the unusual.
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Is their a scientific reason for my love of tacky dresses? Like I don't even want to coord them I just... want them.
the average person loves ugly shit

no lie

this is why people keep using fonts like papyrus and comic sans, or why websites in the 90s were full of neon animated lines of text
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> papyrus and comic sans

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New general

Coord help thread >>8791454
Cof thread >>8792395
Dream dress thread >>8786704
Wardrobe thread >>8759616
Price check thread >>8768105
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Which shopping services bid on mbok aside from Chibitenshi, Toykopirates and Japonica?
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id pls.jpg
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I can't find this dress on lolibrary, all I know is that it's baby, and google translates it to Shirring Side Ruffle jsk. If anyone could ID it I'd be really grateful! Thanks

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Alright, NC/SC gulls! Ichibancon for this year! Small convention in Charlotte, NC. Talk about the drama, the good, the bad, masquerade, etc. Let's begin!
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a friend of a friend went, from what I saw of the pictures there was enough bad cosplay to fill a thread
There were a lot of terrible cosplays, especially when it came to Undertale.

A lot of the skits/dances seemed really uncoordinated and not in synch. It was a disappointed, but the winners were great imo.

> see a steven universe cosplayer leaning on a wall
>cosplayer stands up
>left red paint residue the shape of their back all over wallpaper
It was filled with Steven universe and horrible Undertale cosplays but there were some really cool ones all around.

There was so much cringe in all of the skits other than the ones that placed. I didn't get Tohma's at all either.

New Closet of frills thread

old thread >>8785724
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The old one hasn't even saged yet, you walnut
I'm out of the loop, what does it mean for someone to be a walnut? Is it from the word filter?
I want to be a peanut.

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Old thread >>8757484

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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>mfw pruany decides to do extensive maintenance that keeps me from logging in for days without any prior warnings right before giving me my tracking number
bonnet anon, try Elpress L or infanta? or just search "lolita bonnet," for whatever reason a lot of places just tag it in english.

did you order anything that could have been flagged as something dangerous?

I doubt you'll find the exact cosplay readily available. you might just have to search through kimono cosplay (和服 cos) and find something you can modify yourself. I believe there are cosplay shops that will reproduce something if you provide them reference images, but that might be a bit risky for something with so many pieces.
TBR anon. No, I've ordered a bunch of stationary stuff, like pens, stickers and rulers.

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Last one is saging.
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I want to cosplay pick related.

Any suggestions?
Want a very large red bow, anyone know where to find one?
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Is the last help thread gone? I wanted to post the questions unanswered and answer the ones I can't but I can't find it.

Did you try the suggestion thread first for that? Are you a big guy? I hope you are not a girl trying to do that. For the feet you would need invisible shoes so you don't walk around barefooted and/or take off your shoes during photos. For the bottom half you would need something to cover close to your knees like the game and some kind of fundashi or male type underwear. Hope this helps.

Ebay/Taobao/Walmart. Something for your head or just in general? You can find giant red bows almost anywhere hun.

How manly? If you mean bara please don't unless your outfit is 100% on point. It's not that hard to cosplay as Bridget as a man. My suggestion is do the Vastedge/slot machine version. If you don't know what Guilty Gear Vastedge XT or what Guilty Gear is in general outside of 'lol Bridget' I suggest you brush up on the lore so you don't seem like 'one of those people.'

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images (1).jpg
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Arisia is next weekend. I was excited about going but then the schedule came out and many of the panels seem cringeworthy. It sounds more like a Tumblr con than anything else! Still, a con is a con, so I'll go. What are your thoughts on the con? What cosplays are you planning for it? etc.
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Have you never been to Arisia or something? The con is run by a bunch of 40 something year old nerds who like academic panels... if you're going for the panel topics, you're attending for the wrong reason.
>cringeworthy tumblr panels

dude these people have been cringeworthy before the tumblr kids were born...

>thoughts on con
don't buy a badge

something easy to drink and party in
I actually went last year, I don't remember there being as many stupid panels, but I could be wrong. And yeah, I noticed the crowd there was older. Educational panels can be interesting, as long as it doesn't go into feminist/racism/something-ism.

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I saw this Rainy Day Lolita dress up game for the first time and though it would be nice to share.

>Other Games
Mega Lolita Creator
Sweet Lolita Dress Up
Gothic Lolita

I'd love to see all the coords others can come up with.
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Aw mang i used to spent hours playing that kind of games as a weeb. Nostalgia
God I hate that rainy day game because it's so inaccurate
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Something pretty simple (and love it)
me too anon

Some people don't give enough credit to the people who actually put alot of effort into making there own cosplay, and seeing disappointment like this on my wall, sicks me... this girl just buys her shit online, and ask for sponsor ship.... while some off us works our ass of to make a damn dollar just to make amazing cosplay for this scum like this to say shit about our cosplays
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>can't even spell professional correctly
I didn't even read what you wrote but I already don't take you seriously at all.
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>Calling yourself a professional
>At cosplaying
There actually seems to be a lot more of this going around than people think. In my community there is one girl who is literally trying to make a living by being a guest at local conventions.

She got super pissed when some con apparently decided they weren't going to pay their Cosplay guests and went on a rant about it. Now she's making a big fuss about how cosplayers should stick up for themselves and get proper respect.

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New year, new thread! Old one has been dead for a while >>8754521

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
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I've been waiting for someone to make it! All the registrations are probably my favorite part of the new year. I'd post tables, but that folder is on a drive I left at home.

>Voluntarily go on the wait list (was accepted) for Momocon's 2015 alley since I was finishing school around the time of the con.
>Am currently on the wait list for 2016 because they forgot about me until after registration.

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I really like this girl's setup, it's clean and makes her art stand out.

Europeans, how do you price your acrylic charms? 8-10 dollars seems to be the US standard, but it seems like they're a way bigger thing over there so they might be able to ask more. I want to keep my prices nice and round but 5 euros seems way low.
(I'm getting double sided clears from vograce, for reference)
Maybe a bit of a stupid question, but how did the shipping go from Vograce to europe for you? I've been wanting to get charms made for quite a while now.

Also I decided to not go to an upcoming con in my country to table, and rather start working on starting up an online store for merchandise.
The main reason being that I didn't have enough time to prepare since the organization is slow as fuck and I've never tabled before, and that it's a small con and I'm afraid I'll over-invest into it and I already don't have too many funds.

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Let's talk about making armor and props.
>any WIPs
>favorite materials and tools to work with
>tools that you think everyone should have
>tips/tricks that you've developed or would recommend
>tutorials or guides that you think are helpful
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File: WP_20151126_006.jpg (108KB, 918x1251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>any WIPs

Currently working on a Wing Zero Custom mech suit.

>favorite materials and tools to work with

Sintra is my prefered material. Most used tool is a simple razor knife.

>tools that you think everyone should have

Having an adjustable rotary tool and a power sander can speed up your projects by a great deal.

>tips/tricks that you've developed or would recommend

For my masks I have them equipped with magnets for quick removal for when I need to take a drink, catch my breath or talk with someone.

>tutorials or guides that you think are helpful

Clive Lee's mecha costume tutorial is a great go-to for first timers.

Planning to make the wings moveable or fixed?
If Fixed, and not planning to do a dynamic style like the ones found on the AGP version, I recommend the wings on the 1/72 B Club kit. Proportion makes for a better looking overall wing over the newer RG and much more so over the MG and PG styled wings.
File: IMG_0012.jpg (3MB, 3000x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3000x2000px
Movable though if stability is a problem they may have to be fixed.

Im using the 1/60 PG of mine as reference so the wings will be based on that.

New movie out and no Star Wars thread?
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leia kissing.webm
3MB, 1280x720px
Don't cosplay outside your race!1!!!

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It's been a minute since an uchuu-kei thread!
Post uchuu or space-inspired jfashion, links to appropriate clothing finds, etc.
Any new inspiration?
Have you come up with a cute coord?
Please share!
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Shitty selfpost draw
File: 1442257459270.jpg (340KB, 1280x854px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340KB, 1280x854px
I'll dump some stuff I have.

File: foryou.jpg (71KB, 600x470px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any hauls to share?
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