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Who's going to AOD here?

LJ and Isuna Hasekura get hype
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AoD is weird. As in, despite the fact it draws good numbers every year, no one ever talks about it on social media or cgl
I hope it isn't a ghost con this year, the venue change is very far away from SF and I'm not sure people are going to make the trek down there.
First time going. What can I expect? I'm sure there will be changes with the new venue, but what has it been like before? Is the cosplay scene good? How's the Masquerade? Quality panels?

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New cringe thread

so I found this

is this what weaboos have been doing while I've been gone? goddamit it
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It is a bit cringy but her voice is nice.
she's like an actual singer (well more then most) she has sung songs various things (black butlers ending song) etc. the video is a little awkward but not SUPER cringy

I think it would've been better if she altered the english lyrics instead of doing the actual translation. The lengthening of words made it sound weird. Besides that she does have a good voice and the video is more weird than cringy.

Haven't seen one for a while.

Show off your purses/bags/backpacks and what's inside them! Can post inspo as well.

Bonus points for Jfashion or fandom.
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Dumping some cute bags to get us started.

Old one maxed out, let's get a new one going!
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"Finished the under-bust corset for my steampunk Peridot cosplay at 1 am this morning @[email protected]"

I feel like this desperately needs a caption

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I'm bored and haven't seen one of these in a bit. Give me/others something to draw.

>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Cosplay is discouraged, because then it's basically fanart of your character.
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie or commission, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>You should actually be wearing your coord, not "Draw me in X!"
>Have fun!
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It'd be awesome if someone drew me in my latest coord!

Anon, are you blind?
Itseems i am...


"#bjd makeup" on tumblr is a goldmine
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wrong image, that one really isn't that bad oops
meh, both are bad
but i can find worse. help me out anons

How much should I be looking to spend on this in Red only?
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This JSK in short/beige? I'm the first owner, I've worn it once, so it's still in perfect condition
Are you new here or something? There's no need to bump, you're just clogging the thread up.
Okay, so...

Someone's selling Holy Prayer from Surface Spell for $113 shipped.

But I saw someone else selling it for $80 shipped (couldn't buy it in time though).

Are they overpricing or was that person underpricing? They said they were open to offers but I don't know how to politely offer less than what they're asking, and I don't want to offend them. Help?

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Kawaii Slav-squat edition

>Bitch about Facebook groups and other online comms
>No singling people out
>Censor names in posts as much as possible
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am I the only one who's noticed this.. thing in RC? there's someone with a male name and a catgirl profile pic who's signing all of his posts with a female name. not sure if troll, mental illness or a creep, it's giving me weird vibes
90% of my comm is inactive, meaning they never post, comment or come to meets.
Very few girls are experienced lolitas the rest aren't even beginners, just people who claim to be "interested in the fashion" but never make an effort to buy tgeir first piece. Its enfuriating. I wish we could kick those members out of the comm.
He's giving me creepy vibes, too. Afaik he hasn't done anything bad yet but I'm keeping an eye on him (as paranoid as that sounds) just in case he ends up being a real creep later.

Couldn't find a hair general and I didn't want to shit up the black hair thread.

I'm looking for inspo on a short cut with a short fringe. I have reservations against wigs so I'm trying to make the most with my current shaggy cut I have now.
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I'm afraid that if I go too weird I'll look like a douche.

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It's been a while since we've had one of these. Some people find them pretty cringey, but I've seen some interesting comic/sci-fi/weeby weddings. Ever been to a themed wedding? Post best and worst.
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I saw this today and I think that's great idea:
Are you going to participate?
I'd love to see your experiences/answers to the challenges if you take part.

inb4: No I'm NOT the blogger of Lace a la Mode and advertising this, I really just like this idea/project.
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Pretty simple to start with. I am looking forward to this. I just want a more wearable daily wardrobe.I also need more hosiery and cardigans. Blouses never suited me and I think the appropriate cardigan/bolero makes the coord look more mature..
Honestly I think it's a good idea too but I feel like it'll start out strong and then loose steam in a couple of weeks. But my wardrobe goals are simple this year: get more stuff. I finally got my first brand yesterday and I want more. And that fits in perfectly with my New Years resolutions "smaller waist bigger closet"
>smaller waist bigger closet

This is the perfect way to put it! Thank you for giving me a giggle this morning. I will now be summing up my New Years resolutions in the same manner.

I do mostly female crossplays and I was wondering how to get that feminine lower half. I'm basically a stick, so I was wondering if there's anything I can do, either working out or buying some kind of prosthetic, to get that feminine look.
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What you gotta do is look up drag queen hip/butt pad tutorials.

You can also buy underwear with butt and hip padding in them so look that up.
Google and YouTube are your friends here anon. Good luck.
My friend likes to crossplay quite often, and we were going to A-kon this past year and couldn't get hold of any of the foam or anything usually used to construct convincingly fishy hips, so we went down to goodwill and got him four pairs of skin-tone tights and a bag of polyfil. Two pairs of tights on the body, then start stuffing the hips and butt (calves, too, if you're aiming for that really endearingly soft leg-shape) until the stuffing is just slightly larger than you want the end result. Put on the other teo pairs to smooth everything out, and just kind of squish and reshape things as needed. Throw on some panties over the tights to hode the seams and you're golden.
^ I forgot to mention, the stuffing should not be directly on the skin as it can irritate. If you do this many layers, you can actually slip yourself out of the whole construct afterward and keep a pair of already constructed legs for future use.

Hey, me and my gf went to the C89 day 1 one and tons of people take photos of us, she was cosplaying Rory Mercury from GATE and I was wearing a national alchemist uniform from Full metal alchemist.

Pic is related cos is my gf

Thank you

Pd: We hace tons of pictures of other cosplayers, so just ask ;D
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I forget to say we are looking for photos of us xD
If you want to post content, post content. Requests go in /r/.
newfag gfto

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How do you guys feel about peeking bloomers?

I'm planning on doing an oldschool inspired coord- the shoes, socks, headpiece, and certain aspects of the dress are oldschool inspired. Although the coord isn't oldschool, I'm hoping that it will remind people of it when they see it.

I would just have the ruffly part peeking out barely. I read online that they're ruffly at the bottom so you can peek them out to add detail- is that true? I feel like in a lot of coordinates it would look out of place, but I think it looks lovely when done right.
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Can we make this a "pushing/revisiting theLolita guidelines" thread? Such as jsks that look good without blouses?

I guess for you, OP I wouldn't be sure what to say without a reference photo that more accurately depicts what you are going for. You say its not old school but that's all I'm getting.
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>I read online that they're ruffly at the bottom so you can peek them out to add detail- is that true?
It's true but only when it's done right. Ones like in pic related don't look good in my opinion because tulle lace looks too thin (torchon, eyelet, and good quality raschel are my personal favorites); it looks cheap compared to the OP pic.
I await the day JSKs will be accepted without blouses. Not all work with it, but a lot look really cute without a blouse.

New undertale thread, last one is auto saging >>8784391

So how are your cosplays coming undertale anons? Seen any good ones online or in person?
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I've got plans drawn up for a helmet for Sans. The hardest part should just be getting the helmet itself made, and the eyelids and eyes are just simple switches and LEDs.
Nice shitty selfpost
How are you going to go about making it? The LED's sound cool!

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