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Lately I had a discussion with a friend.
She said that she'd like to see more real hair in lolita.
I think that's a toughie!
I almost never wear real hair in lolita anymore. I did it on the last meet up for the 1st time in years, making myself a kind of 20s hairstyle which my fellow lolitas seem to like, thankfully.
My hair is on shoulder length.
When it was long enough to go over my breasts I never wore my real hair for lolita.
I think it only looks good in rather rare cases.
Like if you really invest a few hours together with a friend to make a kickass baroque hairdo, like my friends did.
Sometimes it looks good with long hair, if the hair has not too much but also not too less volume, a nice color and a nice cut.
As for me, I always found my real hair kind of boring and a bit "noob-like" looking on my coords. I want big hair and curls for lolita and even though i have thick and wavy hair it looked not as good as with a wig.

When I see a great outfit and the girl is wearing real hair which is too thin or not really fitting, i think the whole look gets a bit "distroyed".

I think we all know fanny rosie who's totally rocking real hair in lolita, but she's lucky enough to have a lot of hair which isn't too thick.
I personally always got frustrated about my hair being too thick and doesn't really want to maintain a shape. Curls would get strait within an hour and if I straight it it will get wavy in no time when it's a bit humid outside.


What do you think about real hair in lolita fashion?

Post some examples of hairdos you like or rather dislike and maybe tell why you like them or not.
But please stay friendly when critizing (I know it's 4chan but anyways...)

And have a great christmas time. :)
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Sage for not contributing much.

It seems to be a hotly contested issue among lolitas, but I honestly don't understand why. If some want to wear wigs, cool; if some want to wear their natural hair, cool. No one really cares that much as long as it looks good, and if it looks shit people only care as long as it is on an ita or nitpick thread.

I find the wig vs nat. hair about on par with: tights vs socks or cardigans vs blouse. It really isn't a big issue.

Although I'm starting to try and form an understanding of why people get so salty about it.
I do appreciate natural hair in lolita when it's done well, but I personally prefer wigs for myself just because I like having options, and I get bored with my natural hair a lot and cut/color fairly frequently.

But I do agree that if real hair seems kind of sad compared to a really nice coord, it kind of ruins the whole look for me.
Love it, especially sweet with real hair. It makes it so much more wearable, though i think wigs are fine too! I actually like a little bit of imperfection with natural hair, I couldnt care less if a girls curls fell out or the humidity made her hair frizzy, as long as its clean and they made SOME effort. It's a fashion not a contest and all that. I've just never tried one as I couldn't shove my hair& gargantuan head under a wig cap. I wear oldschool and classic, my hair (was) hip length and I always rag curled it or heat curled it. Though I can't even manage a braid/ bun/ any kind of updo otherwise, just long blonde hair seemed to impress people enough, haha. It's naturally wavy so curls hold well so I'm lucky in that regard. I don't think I'd fare well at styling a wig so I respect people that do. I love vintage hairstyles with lolita the most. Generally of you don't have bangs I think it looks best to keep it down to frame your face, or to take more care taken in the styling.

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DWB G.jpg
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‘I’m Dreaming of a Brand Christmas’ Edition
Old Thread >>8771220

Closet of Frills >>8778601
Coord Help >>8738411
Comm Thread >>8776741
Dream Dress Thread >>8751124
Dumb Questions >>8768622
Lucky Packs >>8768902
Oldschool Thread >>8753341
Online Comm Thread >>8760101
Price Check Thread >>8768105
Wardrobe Thread >>8759616

Lolita Guidebook
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Man, my first Angelic Pretty release/purchase whatsoever and I managed to get exactly what I wanted. I'm crazy happy, even if I missed out on the Meta packs!
Congratulations anon! If I may ask, what did you end up getting?

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Confession thread gulls.
Be it silly or more serious.
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I started sharing coords online again recently, but I think it's made me want to stop. I ask for concrit, receive none, get posted here, and then don't even get anonymous concrit. I used to get hundreds of notes/likes on my coords, and I've improved since then, but now I'm getting next to nothing despite improving.
I guess it just makes me feel sort of useless. People who throw together ita shit-tier coords get asspats and their hands held, and anyone who is actually trying and wants a little concrit is either ignored or gets shit on for matching two different shades of blue.

I really miss the format of Daily Lolita where you could post a fuckton of outfits at once and still get concrit/compliments and the ita stuff was either ignored or buried.
Motherfucking this

I'm not going to shit all over you or call you rude if you give me concrit on CoF, tumblr, instagram, or on my personal Facebook page. I genuinely want it so I can improve. And I come here, and see like 13 replies of concrit or stuff like 'i hate these shoes'

It's such a pain. I'll admit that the likes/reblogs/notes are nice, but I've mostly started sharing again because I really like feedback and suggestions. I really don't mind someone being brutally honest. A lot of the best advice I've received was people being honest at risk of being blunt.

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Old thread >>8706935

>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Cosplay is discouraged, because then it's basically fanart of your character.
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie or commission, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>You should actually be wearing your coord, not "Draw me in X!"
>Have fun!
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Sure, why not?
I haven't posted in one of these in a while
File: me_01.png (1011KB, 536x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1011KB, 536x1200px
Its been a minute, I would love some art it anyone's feeling like it
This thread is off to a good start, I love both your coords (especially for drawing, no prints haha). Clear enough pictures, nice faces.
I'll make you some doodles later.

Last thread hit archive.

Post your dresses of questionable taste.
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I shouldn't like it but I do.
File: eyhofreshjsk1.jpg (224KB, 652x1027px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224KB, 652x1027px
I'm so sad this was posted. This is my number one dream dress that I have been searching for quitely and now I keep seeing people posting it and mentioning looking for it themselves.

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New confession thread!
Beginning right away

>i look down upon girls only wearing lolita at cons and meetups they just aren't lolita to me. Same with girls with like three bodyline outfits in their wardrobe claiming to be lolita

I wear lolita nearly everyday. I am not saying everyone should dress lolita 24/h but nit just for cons and meetups.
Also meetups are mainly to show off and it's like a contest to who has the most brand and who's the prettiest and shit. So i'm a lone lolita. I might sound like a speshul snowflak meen elitist but i don't care.

>no blouse is "ita"
But i only use ita when it really hurts my eyes so i'm gonna say it's just not lolita to me. I don't care if it's hot as hell. It's not lolita if your shoulders are not covered, there are super light blouses. I have seen australian lolitas always wearing a blouse in summer so no excuse. Or just don't wear lolita. I am kinda more forgiving on knees, as girls cant control that they are tall you know. But if i see past your knees and the beginning of your thighs it's not lolita and you should invest in a underskirt.
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I guess you've never been to a meetup before but my comm is super tight knit and meetups for us are pretty much 'let's go do xyz thing together'
Not everyone has the luxury of being able to wear lolita all the time.
I go out when I can with my lolita friends and I don't think there's anything to look down on for that? Stop being so stuck up lmao.
Holy shit anon are you me? I mean, I'm not a rorita but only because just buying a few outfits to show off at rori events seems unnecessary. Unless I'd take the plunge and switch out my entire wardrobe and lifestyle it just seems the same as any other elaborate costume. Just not worth it.
I think OP is talking about people who have a few OTT coords at their disposal that they wear to conventions and other special events (I could be wrong though); if that's the case I can see where they're coming from. When people plan coords months in advance, buy a whole bunch of items that match individual dresses (so they have a few outfits rather than a complete wardrobe), and dress up only for special occasions, it makes the fashion seem more like a costume or fancy dress rather than an actual street fashion which I feel misses the point of lolita entirely.
Obviously people can do what they want and wear the clothes how they want and when they want, it's their money and their life, but at its core lolita is meant to be worn daily just like any other alternative fashion style (impractical though it may be), and personally I do feel a bit sad to see it being treated as con wear.

let's start a new one.

>what's you favorite oldschool piece? Do you own it?

recently bought this piece off of Wunderwelt and it was labeled as offbrand for aprox 6000 yen. turned out to be a Baby piece, Babydoll OP from 2002.
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File: 1438695501549.jpg (31KB, 300x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 300x400px
How can I find out how old something from wunderwelt is?

Batman Universe apreciation time!
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Costume-related horror stories.

>chilling in the hallway
>two furries run by
>small flight of stairs appears
>one jumps it
>the other trips and eats shit
>his furry head explodes
>he begins to sob uncontrollably
>it's awkward
>dude's bleeding hard from the face
>a dozen other furries come and form a protective huddle around him

Furry or not, ya hate to see that happen to a man's costume.
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File: 1440527683998.png (403KB, 372x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>encounter Cammy White cosplayer
>her leotard is broken in the crotch
>she holds it together with her hands while her friend takes her to the bathroom
>horror story because I missed a flash of Cammy vag
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kill yourself

Old thread >>8767555
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This one doesn't make sense to me. It's not bad but I don't understand any of the accessories.

File: image.jpg (168KB, 1145x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The wrist cuffs omg
She's got potential, but this dress is so bad. I want her to make an op with a real waist.
The sleeves go down to her elbows

Can we get some Nazi cosplay all up in here?
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File: Swastikawaii.jpg (70KB, 640x419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 640x419px
Why would you cosplay a nazi?

File: slide.jpg (273KB, 876x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old one >>8756986

Lucky Packs to be released:
AP: Whip Magic + Twinkle Doll
Meta: Secret Eden >>8768303 not on site yet.

released Lucky Packs:
Btssb / Aatp: Hello Dear Bunny’s Little Enchanted Room / Kitten’s Wonder Night Tea Party + various packs
>http://www.babyssb.co.jp/reservation/happy_pack/ - sold out online / known instore SS slots full, maybe chance to get various packs via instore SS
IW: Happy Packs (various contents) - sold out
Liz Lisa: Various Happy Packs - My Melody collab sold out, everything else still available

This year the LP seem to be cut short. Btssb and Aatp packs had no blouse, Liz Lisa isn't releasing a trunk and AP is missing the purse.
324 posts and 30 images submitted.
Is it just me or does it seem like the bodice is wonky? I like the skirt part but the top just looks cheap
I see what you mean.
It might just be that they didn't adjust the bodice to the dress form as tightly as they should + AP's horrible product photography.
Maybe, but the faric looks really thin and those bows are awful.

File: 1426438351600.jpg (50KB, 561x711px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cosplay-related tattoos.

Aren't they a bit trashy?
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all tattoos are trashy, but some more than others. they can be quite innocuous. OP pic is about as trashy as a leopard print tramp stamp

kind regards,
evil bigoted opinion bastard
I think OP's pic is trashy, but it makes me more attracted to the girl.
>Cosplay-related tattoos
You mean fandom related? It'd be weird if someone got a picture of a famous cosplayer tattooed or something.
But I think fandom tattoos can be cool, but it depends on the tattoo.

I definitely rather get with the cool tattooed nerds than with the awkward autistic nerds.

I'm not a nerd in any way, I'm a lolita so no tattoos for me but maybe I have a bias for the more alternative folk?

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Is it too early to make this thread? SakuraCon is about 3 months away now.

I'm wondering if Undertale cosplayers are going to flood the convention this year.
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It's too early.
Yes, likely most popular "cosplay" of western origin if not all origins

If it's Japanese-origin only, probably One-Punch Man
>I'm wondering if Undertale cosplayers are going to flood the convention this year.

Better escape while there's still time, you're going to get swallowed up!

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