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Post cute handmade things, tips, guides, questions, whatever.
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bustle skirt.png
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I bought a JSK with a damaged bodice for cheap because it was my dream print. Part of the skirt is unusable because of a large rip. Now I don't have enough material to gather into a skirt that will fit my waist and have enough space for a petticoat, and adding a bustle like pic related is what came to mind to fix that. The problem is the skirt material isn't a single continuous piece, it's in two pieces and has a seam in the middle. Where's the least awkward place to put the bustle?
This may be better for the sewing thread, but anyway I don't think there's really a good solution to this.

Cut the narrower panel into another two pieces. Put your bustle there. Use the wider panel as the front of the skirt. This way the seamlines will be at the sides of the skirt, not front and center.

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going for the brown ones!
is that wine? holy shit I need those.
Looks more like a mahogany brown

is it fair for parents to force cosplay on their children?
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Parents force harsh expectations on kids, I think cosplay is nothing compared to that.
All parents force the things they like and agree with on their children. Making it cosplay or nerd culture specific is silly.

Parents give children religion, they dress them, they choose their schools based on their own wants, they choose their food, make them take all kinds of classes and regulate what shows they can't watch and what music is played most around them.

Like all grown adults children grow up and form their own tastes regardless of how their parents feel. Some kids will take away a happy loving memory and remember it as a good thing and may pass it on to their own children. Others may hate it and view as 'the goofy parent hobby they had to endure'. and vow to never touch it once out of home.

Why the hell would you demonise any parent trying to share something they love with their offspring when in the end said offspring gets the final say. As long as the parent isn't harming the child, putting them in a dangerous situation for stupid reasons or making them the target of bullying to suit their own wants who cares? If it's a baby even more so. You only get a few years to do it anyways.
If others can force religion and sports onto their child I can force weeby things on them. Why does one get children if not for this?

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Bump limit reached on old thread >>>8777658

Kitacon tickets went on sale today; the convention sold out in around 20 minutes including all VIP spots.

The rules list is pretty strict this time. Committee members have said that many of the rules have been set by the hotel. Your room will be cleaned daily, and any DND sign ignored after 11am. If you get too drunk they can escort you to your room and/or kick you out of the con. Real fur is banned, as is outside food. Nobody's clear if this is just in the entire hotel or if you can still eat in your room.

And finally, Kita owns all your pictures, asides from those taken in private rooms. Because nobody wants to see your shitty after dark CMV.
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Can I still have sex in the pool?

This is an outrage. I bet they don't even have decent toilets to do Coke!
The fur ban is odd
>"Is that real fur?"
>"no, it's a good quality fake fur"
There, ban bypassed.

About time the Hilton started giving a shit. Plus there are other events going on there this time as well as Kitacon, that should be interesting.

Didn't see one in the archive.

I recently bought some honeycolor lenses and they were so comfortable all day, I was afraid I'd fall asleep with them in!

Now that I've opened them, how often should I be changing the contact solution to keep them good between conventions and events?
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They say to change with every wear, but I've been wearing contacts for over a decade now with no issues, and I only change my solution when I see shit floating around in it, or if the lenses feel like they just need fresh solution. You can feel when your solution is dirty, even if it looks clean.
When should you throw out circle lenses, especially if they've been hardly worn? I know rule of thumb is 8 months for open pairs.

Also, anyone know a reliable shop that sells G&G A21 brown lenses? Bonus points if they're in Canada. I used to order with Kiwiberry1 but they've closed down.
Gross. It may be a small chance - but why even risk infection?

Since it's right around the corner are any SoCal seagulls going to this?
I've never been to it, so what can I expect?
General discussion about this con.
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Fuck you I was gonna make this thread

This is a fun social con, expect parties, a wide variety of cosplay, meetups and cool artists

This con is moving locations as you might have guessed so it'll be interesting to see how it goes
Planning too. Especially now since I live about 5 miles from the con center.
Can't wait. I got a room at the main hotel for 4 days.

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Old thread >>8806381

Closet of frills >>8809163
Coord help thread >>8791454
Nitpick thread >>8806124
Handmade Lolita >>8776803
Price Check thread >>8768105
Lolita Communities thread >>8799979
Dream dress thread >>8807220

AP just announced Twinkle Sky.
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The old one is only at 311... Autosage is like 320 now.

I absolutely love that, though. Too bad (or good for my wallet) there's no dark navy
> that white OP
Hnnng, but I know I can't afford it unless CAD suddenly shoots up like something shooting up really fast.
I really hope the print is more visible in person. It already gets lame points for looking awful in any photo.

could we get a con advice thread up in here? a lot of the articles basically say the same thing but it'd be good to get life-hack-style tips from people who are regular attendees. the sorta stuff that nobody tells you about (e.g. the gaylord hotel for katsu has no microwaves).
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Lifehack: Don't be a sperglord
Buy your booze at the store, not the bar

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Christmas waifus edition.

Did you all log in for the voucher in JP? Did you see the girls in the main screen?

I've seen a couple of cosplays of the new idolised set, but I'd love to see a full group in adorable choir dresses.
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Used my ticket and got my first and only Nozo SR on the JP server. Gave me Christmas feels.
Soon it won't be Christmas-sy enough, and group photos are going to take a while, so fuck it, another self post of snowy waifu - this time not a shitty webcam photo. I know my wig looks bad, I should have checked it before the shoot.
>no Umi

My girl is so rare that anon didn't even bother to rank her.

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Ohayocon 2016: Now with less runaway teens!

This is coming up in a few weeks. Anyone going?
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I wanna go and wear my shitty Remelia Scarlet cosplay... I should probably finish it, I though I had plenty of time
Where's the schedule?
A prelim was just sent to panelists today, not sure if they'll publish it to people any earlier to the con

Has anyone any sewing patterns for similar short yukata's like pic related?
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Please use the catalog, newfriend.

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I'm not entirely certain if this is the right place (/tg/ denizen), but are there japanese people who are obsessed or greatly enjoy western culture in a manner similar to weaboos?

Eating nothing but hamburgers, having a confederate/union/nazi flag on the wall, wearing full plate in their downtime...

Or just, y'know, interested in western culture in a reasonable way.
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They're called reverse weeaboos.
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>Texas and Oklahoma dialect

Lol. This can't be real.

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ITT: Problems associated with your mori lifestyle

>Allergic to tree pollen
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>Expensive but yet cute clothes online that end up not fitting when they arrive.
Trying to explain that you aren't a hippie.
Living in a big city and thus lack much forest to be mori in.

New Ita Thread, last one died.

There is nothing about this that looks good.
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are those striped socks fuzzy?
I thought it was fine from the thumbnail (just a weird pose), but oh boy.
>that file name
>saved from the closed facebook comm
Fucking harsh dude

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I'm ignorant of cosplay and I have a question!

Why do outfits almost always look like their using material that you'd never actually use to make regular clothes?

pic related. It looks stiff as fuck and super bright. Like it's made out of carboard. Wigs are similar. They almost always look terrible imo. Why not just dye your hair that color instead?
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This is because you're looking at cheap, shitty cosplays. You also seem to be looking at cheap, shitty wigs. Dying your hair to look like an anime character for a weekend is retarded, also.
Can you imagine the godawful condition of someone's hair who dyes their hair for every character they cosplay? What about length, unrealistic styling, and going from dark colors to light?
I'm guessing OP is no older than 14.

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