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Can we get a complicated/complex cosplay thread going?

I want to start a big sewing project this year but can't find anything that inspires me.
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Is there a type of design you're looking for in particular ? Armor, big dresses, Sakizou-like stuff that is covered in details from head to toe ?

In the meantime, here's Dorothea from Avalon Code since she always pops up in these threads
Here is the queen of hearts from ever after high. She also did the hat party version of Lizzie, iirc.
I'm pretty open anon! I'm probably leaning more towards big dress and Sakizou like designs and I'm trying to avoid armor as I'm working on an armor project at the moment.

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Last Thread: >>8737638

Hiatus ends soon! People will probably come back into the fandom when the show picks back up again, and there seems to be new homeworld designs that people will cosplay.

Anyone see any cool cosplays recently?

I'll do a tag dump in a minute
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This is to clear out the clutter of people posting not-quite-dream-dresses in the dream dress thread.

What is a dream dress? It is your one or two most desired items. You search everywhere and can't find it. You will consider buying it for a scalped price because you saved for months, or will pay any reasonable price. It is your priority and you should let us know. Please don't waste anyone's time by calling all shit you want dream dresses.

What is shit you really want? Stuff you're looking for seriously. Maybe stuff you want but won't pay over a certain amount for

Just like the dream dress, leave contact info and we will email you if we see what you are looking for

I will make a collage later, but here's the top of my list for shit I really want: this cut only, I have seen plenty of other cuts I don't want but can't find this
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Sage for double post, but if anyone wants to clarify my terms, feel free. I was just basing this on what people were saying in the dream dress thread
no one wants to clarify your terms because no one else here is this salty about this
someone reject your offer anon?
Not OP but desu I'm a little bit salty about this because it doesn't just happen on cgl. In my comm's facebook page people constantly post their 20+ "dreamdresses" I wish the definition of dream dress was included in the basic handbook we have up

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I'm trying to explain to a friend how to coordinate properly but she doesn't seem to get it, she knows some normie fashion theory but it isn't really helping her in her coords. Does anyone have any blanket advice or maybe even infographics to help fledgling lolitas?

Pic slightly related, coord theory.
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wouldnt it be the same as normie ? match shoes to bag and balance colour top + bottom?
Super basic fool-proof coording (at least to me).

Match headwear and shoes to the main colour of your dress/skirt. Blouse and legwear should be the same complimentary colour. Bag doesn't matter so much as long as it matches. So if your dress is mainly brown, your headwear and shoes should also be brown with perhaps ivory legwear and blouse.

That's two-colour coording. If you go three colours, you use the thrid as an accent. So if you have a pink dress with a lavender print, your headwear should still be pink and should your shoes but perhaps headwear is a pink beret with a lavender bow as an accent. Blouse and legwear could be a neutral white, but with a lavender pattern on the legwear and maybe a lavender brooch on the blouse.

That's my "you can't fuck it up" method of coording. It may be a bit basic but it works.

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comiket 86.jpg
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Anyone have pictures? Ignore the filename.
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no one here went
see >>8787385

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2015 is almost over. Post all the costumes/cords you completed for the year.
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Quiet year for me due to college and subsequently job searching. Hoping that 2016 brings more opportunities for more cosplans after my work schedule stabilizes. Happy new year to all Seagulls!
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>having my shit together enough to start cosplaying

You're funny anon
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I don't know any of these series but your costumes look p great.

Here's my own. Here's to 2016

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So I'm currently in the preliminary design stage of working on a Laser Musket prop from Fallout 4.

I have a general idea of how to make it happen, but there are two questions which I need to answer before I can start making serious progress.

1) The gears linked to the crank handle before the glass ionizing chamber. The rearmost and frontmost wheels rotate in an opposite direction to the central wheel. Would it be wise to use a system of planetary gears (with the frame holding the "planet" gears fixed to the stock while the "sun" and "ring" gears would be left free to rotate) to invert the central wheel's rotation, or would be a simpler way to do this involving belts/rubber bands?
2) The lighting system. In Fallout 4, the energy in the ionizing chamber and the laser beam focused along the barrel of the gun gain brightness and intensity as the handle is cranked and charged more. Would it be better to just set up a circuit that has a dimmer switch built into the crank handle as well as a set of LEDs in the chamber (so that each crank raises the brightness slightly) and a reset switch in the trigger? Or would it be better to build a simple AC generator into the rotating wheels behind the chamber, link it to a lighting system in the chamber and actually have the brightness dependent on how hard I crank?
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please use the help thread though
Maybe ask /diy/.

Is anyone on /cgl/ here?
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I wanted to go but I have no cute friends to go or do cosplay with ...

Could have gone with /jp/ but decided to just stayed at home
>Could have gone with /jp/ but decided to just stayed at home
Do you live in Japan, anon? I would go with you for Comiket 90, if you're still there. Jpsies will just call you 3DPD and talk about their lolige.

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Old one is long since dead.

Share your tips and tutorials, show off your own decoden and progress photos, and help others get started or find good deals on supplies/kits!
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Dropping some bead decoden.
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File: large.jpg (84KB, 500x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone here did FoW cosplay? They have really cute outfits.
I'll might do Dark Alice or Valkyrie Alice
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I play the game, I feel like youre gonna get alot of eyerolls and snarky comments like "Oh wow goth alice in wonderland, how original"
Id really like to cosplay Blazer but I feel people would just call me joker.
Is this the vickybunny game?
I wish. Doesnt seem like a lot of hype in my area for the game at all though.

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Metro 2033 DX11 08.png
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I'm going to Denver Comicon during 2016 and I wanted to go as a scavenger from Metro Last Light or a Stalker. Where could I find the clothes for either of them? They're both very similar.
Sorry I'm new to cosplaying.
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You'll find most everything in military surplus store
Support your local /k/ommandos and buy stuff from them.
Has a shit-ton of stuff, overseas shipping prices are a bitch though.

STALKER is very cheap and easy to cosplay. Just pick a parka, pick some pants, pick a gasmask, and get some bags and other accessories to personalize.

Mixing camos is sinful. Don't do it.
Post pictures of results please. Metro cosplay is sadly underrated

Post what you've got.
Hard mode: Post pics that haven't been posted a million times before.
Super hard mode: Antique Clock.
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I've been absent from cgl for about a half a year and still want that sailor dress. Requesting coords with it, since I'm not into lolita but I fear id look to old for it and I wanna know what girls look like with it.

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It's almost that time of year again! Some questions to get us started:

>Are you making a wardrobe post this year?
>Whose wardrobes do you want to see?
>Whose did you like from last year, and why?
>Do you have any special photo setups planned?
>How much did your wardrobe grow?
>Do you think there will be less posts again this year?
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This year will be my first, I only had one dress last year.

My wardrobe has obtained a pair of ouji shorts, 5 dresses, 2 blouses, a cutsew, and 5 pairs of shoes.

I'm not sure how to do a set up, but I'll probably just do a layout on my bed
>Are you making a wardrobe post this year?
I would like to but I'm hesitant. Is anyone even interested in a mostly oldschool wardrobe?

>Whose wardrobes do you want to see?
I enjoy seeing everyone's posts,honestly.

>Whose did you like from last year, and why?
Obsixwi's,love all the black and subtle detailing on the pieces!

>Do you have any special photo setups planned?

>How much did your wardrobe grow?
It grew way more than I thought it would and I'm terrified haha

>Do you think there will be less posts again this year?
Possibly but I'm praying there'll be an increase this year.
>Are you making a wardrobe post this year?
Yes! I'm looking forward to it already.

>Whose wardrobes do you want to see?
I'm looking forward to alyssiumbaby, obsixwi, pyro-something and the cat ladies.

>Whose did you like from last year, and why?
All the heavily themed wardrobes. I think it's really cute.

>Do you have any special photo setups planned?
Not really. I might do a video.

>How much did your wardrobe grow?
I bought more than 20 dresses this year (although I sold quite a few as well). It basically doubled.

>Do you think there will be less posts again this year?
People seem to be posting a bit more on egl, so hopefully not!

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Hey /cgl/, I have an idea for a costume I'd like to make an attempt on, but it involves a digital display on the front facing portion of the mask/helmet. Does anyone have any experience or tips on how one would go about doing so? I haven't found much in the way of kits that weren't for daft punk helmets.

tl;dr I want to be able to display pictures on a mask and don't know how.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
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For wiring and control, the phrase to google is "DIY LED matrix." The rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to. Also learn to solder, it comes in handy!

Whatcha making?
Oh shit almost forgot to yell and mention the help thread
File: Flowey.png (23KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Got the weird idea for a Flowey costume. Surround the display with appropriate petals and use the display and possibly a voice changer to mess with con-goers.

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I know this is still a couple months away but I'm gonna be going to this con for the first time and it'll also be my first time doing some actual travelling (plane) to a convention.

what's it like? things to avoid? must-do's?
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>what's it like?
A bunch of cosplayers side-eying each other and measuring each other up.

>things to avoid?
Formal ball unless you're with a decent size group.

Picture in the Sacred Gazebo.
book photoshoots with all the photogs
>photogs are already booking
>sumiko.foto is spamming the photography comm

Kill me.

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