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So, I'm looking for outfit inspo using locally bought items. I.E not from Japan or items made for kawaii fashion.
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What a terrible example
What kind of things are you looking for, OP? I enjoy combing through normalfag stores to find items that would work.
Forever 21 usually has some cute stuff that can be worn in a casual jfashion sort of way. You just have to dig around for it. If you're going in to the store, do a quick check of each room. If you see a few things you like in one room, then that's the place to go digging for more similar pieces. They often have multiple styles all squeezed onto the same rack so you won't be able to see everything without taking a closer look. On the flip side, if you don't like a room at first glance you're probably not going to find anything you like in that room. Each "room" represents a different style of girl (these change by trend) so your best bet is to gravitate to the girl most like your style.

Other easier jfashions might be dolly kei, cult party kei, or even mori since thrifting is a big part of the styles.

You can find other quirky stuff in thrift stores too for General kawaii shit. If you can fit into kid sizes then try looking at kids clothes. They often have a lot of cute details.

Getting anything /cgl/-related for Christmas, seagulls?

Also, general feels thread.
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not quite christmas but I ordered my first dress and it should arrive next month, in time for my birthday.

I got some loose leaf tea for christmas which I guess is kinda lolita, but I have no way of making it other than just putting the tea into the mug, and I can't stand the feeling of that in my tea so 10/10 planning there
I guess at least the tin looks pretty nice, and it's quite large (it's in a plastic bag inside the tin, would /cgl/ keep it inside the plastic or pour it out into the tin? I'm quite new to tea stuff, sorry for the derailment)
>Birthday is on December 24th
>Friends are all obviously busy with holiday ongoings
>Family is always super stressed out every year, arguments and multiple fights breaking out is very normal. Younger family members resent the added stress of having to do birthday meal/presents on top of holiday crap.
>Literally hate birthday attention at this point, wish everyone would ignore or forget that it's happening.
>Somehow everyone is out of the house right now at church or with friends. Which means I have a few hours of quiet to work on cosplays and chill by myself.
>Feels good, man.
>put together amazon list of cute shit I want
>cheap cosplay pettis, rilakkuma shit, korean skincare, cute asian make-up, cute homeware, even a cosplay or two, a couple of wigs are on there too
>family refuse to buy me any of it, preferring to get me stuff frankly I just don't need or want
I'm grateful for what they do get me and the thought that goes into it, but it's sad when you say "I would really like this" and the reaction is "no, it's too weird/childish, it's not happening" when I think things like make-up and skin care and cute lunchboxes are nice fairly normal gifts...maybe I'm a weird spoilt brat piece of shit. However I have my /cgl/ SS on the way and a recent aliexpress order on the way.

>Order Christmas dress from Glitzy Wonderland on the 2nd
>Sure that website says 7 days processing, pay extra for EMS
>12th, no dispatch notification, message via contact us page
>17th, no reply, turn to facebook and ask for refund as no way it'll arrive in time
>18th, open paypal dispute/claim to try speed things up
>20th, they post the dress

MFW now I can't get my money back and I probably still wont have the dress to wear on Christmas. it's literally a Christmas themed print so I'll have to wear it next year. Really could have done with the money now instead
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I tought you can't open a PayPal claim before 45 days, it was changed?
They must have changed it, they let me open a dispute and let me escalate it to a claim straight away. Wonder if that might be due to this seller though, they don't seem to be the most organised and others on their facebook have been threatening claims. I bought a hard to find colour way of an indie dress from them last year, and they sent me the wrong colour, then sent me a second dress on top on the first by accident. Only bothered with them this time because they were the only site that (I thought) didn't have a month long waiting time for it to be made
Not cosplay or EGL related but
>Gets external hard drive for christmas
>Suppose to come last friday doesn't
> UPS Notice straight up states could be lost ask for refund or new copy
>Ensue panic as it's a two terabyte for a computer on it's last legs
>Arrives sunday and propped against the door so when I open it falls in.
>Feel bad for anyone with that driver shipping fragiles to be broke that way.
>It's in a completely unsealed box like picture.
>The ends just slid into it's sides.So could have fallen out at any point.
>Seal on hard drive casing looks tampered with but not opened

Seriously would it kill UPS to not be hella shit for once.

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Welp. There goes one of my 3 cons of the year.
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>The best San Diego convention is no more

Good night sweet prince :(
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Damn it wasnt really a great con but it was one of the few where I could actually see my friends.

Old thread at 310 >>8732897

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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Where did everyone go? Also does someone know the term for detachable sleeves? It wasn't in the spreadsheet
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2MB, 2400x2400px
This order's pretty small, mostly cosplay stuff. Placing my order sometime next week
Link to sailor moon pajamas please?

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General thread about cosplay & facebook. Bitch about not having enough likes or whatever.
How do seagulls find community drama on social media compared to pre-Facebook times?
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>no cosplayfucks
>cosplay now monetized
>i wish i knew who my real friends are
>i wish i took math seriously in school
>No one cares about the quality or art of photos
>Photos get likes off of who's in them, not how well they were shot
>Photographers get no recognition
>All it takes to get a name is a chorus of yes men, a shot of whatever fucking trendy series is hot right now, and a cosfamous chick / some broad willing to show some skin
>You add a qt cosplay chick to.your Facebook and she turns out to be a sjw Tumblrtard

Cosplay on FB is quite gay sometimes.>>8782544
Well, there was livejournal and fandom_wank

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How do you feel about dresses who's origins are written all over them?
>When is it too much?
>How is it any different than normie fashion where the brand name is smeared over the torso?
>How many ways can a brand fit their logo on a print?
Looking at you AP.
Post your best or worst examples. Depending on how you see it.
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Romantic Alphabet.jpg
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This one in pink always looks super similar to AP's I think.
I don't like any branding. I can see why one would want to do it in maybe really tiny font, so that it would be easy to tell the difference between theirs and a replica, but AP always goes too far with it. They brand the shit out of everything and it's tacky. AP has to be scribbled all over their dresses, skirts, wristcuffs, berets...it's like Louis Vuitton, it suggests that items are supposed to have value because of the company that designed them and not the designs themselves. I'd rather buy three well-designed dresses from Taobao than one tacky overbranded dress from AP.

Pic related, beret could be cute but the giant blatant printing on the ribbon is obnoxious so I'd never want this in my wardrobe.
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Anyone got any sakizou projects they're working on?
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Are you rooting for anyone? What happened to the last kawaii leaders? Discuss Kawaii.i's contest
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>Are you rooting for anyone?
Not really; it's basically a popularity contest.
I voted for this guy. Let's all vote for this guy!
>another one of these fucking things

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traumerei navy jsk.jpg
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Old one autosaging >>8729715
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Just a repost from the last thread that is dying. Posting against for visibility because I know this is on many people's wishlist.

although it is 91000 Yen.
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Puppy skirt from IW.
I can't find it anywhere.
> mfw I want the JSK
I have an intense need for puppies on my body.

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new larp thread
previous one

now with 110% more shittalking
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also marginally related
got a chest today, and while it needs some serious repairs it was piss cheap
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loss saber.jpg
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Talking about Star Wars got me thinking... are dickswords actually acceptable if you're playing a Jedi?
dickswords are never acceptable. Also why would you leave your lightsabre on all the time?

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New feels thread the other one is autosagging.

>tfw i just miss Princess Skye and Milky Fawn being in lolita
>Also i miss a french lolita no one really know about she inspired me a lot to get into the fashion
>now she's into super normalfag fashion
I just want to have a model...
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Holy shit are you me, I was literally just reminiscing about The Princess Portal. I really liked her unconventional (but typical of the time maybe?) coords, like bustier and skirt with no blouse or cardi, it was still polished and neat somehow.
God I miss it so much. I tried to start a blog on a similar tone but I couldn't keep it going.
My best friend and cosplay buddy just dropped the bomb that she's moving out of the country. I'm completely devastated. I have a few months until she leaves, but, I just can't get over the fact that I may never see her in person again
My friend fell out of a cosplay plan with me ~5 years ago. I had already bought my fabric and made the costume anyways and wore it for 1 con. Another cosplayer has expressed interest in cosplaying the character that my friend never did in the end with me since I still have the costume. Is it okay to cosplay with the new friend? The old friend will be bitter to some degree I feel but she has never expressed interest in ever going through with the cosplay after she told me she wasn't going to do it 5 years ago. I really want to wear this cosplay again since it was one of my first ones that I completed all by myself so I'm going to alter it and fix it up before wearing it again. I really liked the costume too but nobody really recognized me without my other half at the con so it was a little disappointing.

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gangster lolita.png
2MB, 1380x966px
With every special snowflake with a tumblr account trying to make up their own super cool new take on lolita fashion, I figure we should do it too!
Here what you do: take some stupid thing shit has nothing to do with lolita, and fucking make that shit lolita. Make coord collage and post it too.
You like hiphop? Well gangster lolita could be the next big thing!
Wear cutsews instead of blouses, sag your bloomers, find a kawaii snapback and throw on every piece of brand jewelry you own.
Who knows, your unique new style could be the next hit trend!
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what the fresh hell is that
read the op
it's a make-fun-of-tumblr thread

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Old one reached the image limit.
Does anyone know which skirt this is? I only know it's MoitiƩ.
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old thread, try not to repost

Check, Lolibrary, jfc. It's from the Logo Embroidery JQ series.

Could people try to make this thread actually all gothic? There were so many classic and sweet coords in black in the last one. >>8762208 is bordering on the classic side too much too.

All the gifts and cards should be out by now, pictures of what we all get shall soon follow.
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Old thread: >>8738975
just want to say i appreciate your work creating the OP image, anon
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Two days ago I got a mystery SAL package with lots of cute jewelry, I especially adore the mushroom ring! I think one of you gulls told me before you would send stuff directly to me. Thank you sooo much! It really fits my style well!

And Cara, I got your card, it's the cutest! Gliscor is indeed a bae and so are you<3

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