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So I interned at a place for a year. I did good work (I thought at least) and left on good terms with everyone I regularly contacted. Problem is, I've been trying to get a job from there for months and I can't land a single interview and none of my former supervisors will return any of my attempts to contact them. The place's HR office is close by and would be responsible for selecting and interviewing me.

Should I talk to HR or not bother? I doubt it'd help anything but maybe it could at least give me closure.
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If they didn't offer you a position after you ended your internship, they're probably not interested in hiring you. At the very least, there probably aren't any positions going there - they can't give you a job if they don't have a job to give you. It can't hurt to contact HR, but don't hold your breath.

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Will I get fined if I post a video privately on pornhub that I bought on clips4sale?

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they'll chop ur head off

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Really liked this girl in high-school, maybe she liked me back, don't know. We graduated, went our separate ways, but stayed in touch for 1.5 years, made her a Photo-manipulation present for her birthday(worked on that for quite a bit) and then I thought that this is pointless, I like her, but she isn't here. So I cut all contact, was kinda able to forget about her, and then, all of a fucking sudden, 2 years after that, she writes me back and implies that she missed me. We finally met, talked for a bit about what's happened in our lives, but now I'm back to square one. I never stopped loving her, and we're still separate in different parts of the country. Why, why did she contact me? It's been a year since that dreaded message, and we've met one time after that, when our schedules aligned to be in our home town.
What the fuck am I supposed to do now?
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So basically every anon in a relationship must know what I'm taking about. How do you keep being sexually attracted to a person you get used to? I dumped a hot friend with benefits for a long distance relationship with a girl I love. It has been 5 months, we spent nearly the whole summer together, yet I'm already thinking that a long term relationship leads to an inevitable feeling of being bored by sex. The thought that my girlfriend could find someone else more sexually attractive because she got used to me is killing me.
Anons, share your relationship stats: how long have you had a serious relationship and what do you do about sex.
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Well it helps to a) not be insecure and think she's going to jump ship and b) genuinely like her. Sex in a relationship isn't about the physical act of sex, it's about the intimacy.

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How can I overcome crying when feeling under pressure? When I was a teen, I used to clam up completely which would make my parents upset with me. I couldn't talk or form the right words quickly. I always need a couple of minutes to regroup myself and speak. It isn't as bad now that I'm 26, but I still can't help but to start tearing up when I'm feeling immense pressure.
I've got an anxiety disorder that I've been working on for years, and crying is one big thing I'm trying to get under control.. When I talk to my boyfriend and he keeps asking "What's wrong?" "Are you okay??" "What's wrong!?" I feel super pressured and I can't help but to start tearing up. I hate it. It's making my boyfriend worry that I cry every time we have a serious talk, which in the end everything turns out okay, but he still thinks I'm miserable.
It feels like I'm in the spotlight, and I have to say something NOW when I'm under that kind of pressure. I'm 26 years old, and I feel pathetic that I can't get this under control.
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self bump

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So I'll be starting university in germany next month.
Any advice for freshmen?
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If you want weed, ask one of the numerous black people standing on street corners (This applies to most western european cities)

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Senior in highschool. I want to get with a girl that is outside of my social group. She hangs out with the people in band, and I only have one or two mutual friends in that area. Now I'm not a complete retard, I had sex Soph year and have been with three girls, but I guess I'm retarded enough to come asking here.

How do I introduce myself without looking like a dumbass? She is always with other people, and I don't want to stalk to find out when she's alone. Since freshman year we have all had our own social cliques so would it be weird to abruptly join theirs after four years? (and only do it to meet a single person?)

I have mutual friends there but we are not too close. Do I strengthen my friendships and hangout with them and try to meet her that way? It seems like a pretty far off chance.

Or should I just forget it?
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> sent date img of herself
> told her I want her
> 5 am
> didn't like it
what do?
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Its been 4 years since I've worked and I need to get back into it. No degrees, but I have previously worked in cryptology, and bio-technology. I'm good with calculus, too.

What bottom rung should I start at to find life-long work? What should I study on my own time? I need help, 4chan, let it on me with both barrels.
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inb4 C++ I need a real answer. I want to contribute, goddamnit.

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>Enter university right out of high school
>Be a complete social retard with a side of fat/unkempt/ugly
>Become slightly less socially retarded over time
>Start working out
>Losing weight
>Finish university
>Start working shit part time jobs
>Becoming less retarded/personal upkeep improves
>Land government intern job
>Social skills/appearance greatly improving
>Lose job
>Can't afford to move out
>Unemployed for nine months
>Seven interviews and zero call-backs
>Still a virgin at 26 years old
>Most women on Tinder/POF are single mothers or "NODRAMA"s
>Slowly turning into depressed, unemployed gamer fuck

Did I wait too long to unfuck myself? I'm legit trying to get my shit together but I don't know what I'm doing wrong
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So I'm planning on taking the EIT this year or next and wanted to know some good ways to study for it if you happen to already work full.time?

Most guides I see assume you are just out of college or in your last year of college so I just wanted to know some.good advice for studying for it with less free time.
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>if you happen to already work full time

are you retarded or something?

you're supposed to take and pass that shit senior year on the first try like all the non-retards (me).

Get the calculator they let you use on the test, get the book, get the formula book, do all the practice problem in the book using the calculator and the formula book.

How do you get over your family not caring about you?

I was never included in family photos and they post them on facebook all the time. My dad was the black sheep of the family and he and my mom got divorced. So his family doesn't care for him or my mom and I. They have money but don't invest in me really. My mom doesn't really care either. She does the bare minimum of giving a shit. Her side of the family doesn't care for me either since I'm different than them (went to college, did big community projects, traveled, eat healthy, live in a city), they literally don't include me in 'cousin' things even when I am in the same room. I'm always polite and nice but they seem to hate me just for existing. I go out of my way to visit family functions that are a long drive and I don't even get acknowledged.

I always thought that feeling of "if I died they wouldn't give a shit" would go away, but I'm 30 and it hasn't yet. My mom would probably milk it for attention and everyone else wouldn't fucking care.
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Maybe you could be straight up honest and tell them exactly how you feel?

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i fucking hate my family.
it's not that i was abused as a kid or anything serious but they're fucking boring and my parents constantly project their own inability to be social onto me. i actively go out and they still keep telling me i should leave my room more, make friends and other shit that relieves them of the fact that they're the ones with no social life. they always act surprised when i'm going out despite the fact that i made the effort and have had a decent social life for the past few years now.
my sister does the same thing despite the fact that she's obviously the one nobody really cares about in her circle of friends. my oldest brother is different he just orders me around because any form of happiness threatens his sad boring existence.
basically my family hates their lives and constantly tries to drag me down to their level.

i know i need to move out but until then how the fuck do i deal with a family that basically consists of pity trolls. part of me wants to just point out that they're the fucking losers but i have to live with them.
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Try talking to them like humans first

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How do I find out what job or career is best for me? I've taken a few tests, and the results dont seem like things i would enjoy. The things i do enjoy currently are not things that could get me paid. So how should i go about finding my calling?
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When I spend a long time away from home, I can't remember my mother's face.

If I don't see my boyfriend for 3-4 days I start doubting my feelings toward him, and a part of my brain acts like he doesn't exist anymore.

When I'm in a depressive mood I get this feelings that I'm out of my body, like I'm tiny and I'm observing everything through a window, like I'm alone in a gigantic hall kind of feel.

Has anyone ever experienced any of this? Is it part of depression?
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