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I feel like im slowly but surely beating my depression and anxiety. However I feel nihilistic. I dont enjoy things anymore and dont feel like I have a purpose. What do?
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You are the person creating the meaning. If you decide things are meaningless then they are. Your thoughts become your actions. Change your thinking and your perception through thought exercises. But you have to decide to make the new meaning in your life. Only you can do that.

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I want to be a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show but I live in the US. How do?
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Okay anons, here's my story
>be me
>20 yo studying computer science
>10/10 tall, blonde and fit girl in all my courses
>develop huge crush on her
>take glimpses at her during lectures and all the other stuff
>don't get the balls to approach her
>become afraid that she already has a bf or that she will reject me

I managed to talk to her maybe two times during all my time at college and one time she even kinda initiated the conversation but they didn't last very long and there was always somebody else involved

9 months have past and i'm still crushing hard on her
Currently i'm in a preparation course for becoming a tutor for new students at my college and my crush's best friend is in this course as well.
I don't know if it's somehow cocky to use her to get closer to my crush?
Also i need advice for not sperging out around my crush and get some decent level of self confidence going for me
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I recently got fired from my job.

Two things:

1. If I file for unemployment, would my future employers be able to find that information?

2. Should I disclose I was fired or still say I'm employed with said company seeing as how it's early in the month and I could technically get a job with another company soon?

I'm just concerned because I've normally quit before getting fired.

What's the protocol anyways? I'd like to know how to proceed next. I definitely have savings to get me by, but the unemployment helps things not be so tight.
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>be me
>have college information saved in notes on my iPhone
>want to make a new Apple ID, so I sign out of my old one
>it prompts me to delete the iCloud data linked with my old Apple ID, so I do (assuming the college info is still in my notes)
>it's not
>didn't realize the college stuff was saved in iCloud and not my iPhone itself
>log back into old apple ID and try to recover files
>all my iCloud backup data is gone
I know I should have kept the information somewhere other than my phone, but now I'm basically fucked unless I can find a way to recover it. This happened a few hours ago. Is there any way to recover a recently deleted iCloud backup? Even if it becomes unavailable to the user, Apple servers still keep data for forensic purposes, right? Could I try to contact Apple support to get it back? Please help.
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dunno, but why even take notes on your Phone? its literally the hardest way to take notes.

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sometimes i think i have an anti-friend device planted in me. in kindergarden, at school and now at uni. no one wants to have meaningful friendships with me, PERIOD. i have so called ''friends'' and acquaintances, but i might as well not have them.i have had close friends from time to time but now they're gone. im so fuckin tired of this. depression is back. starting to lose hope in everything
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Chill. You had frineds before, so you can have them again.

>no one wants to have meaningful friendships with me

Don't put too much pressure on them. Just have a frinedship and enjoy. Let it develop. Don't try to score a "deep connection".

Anyone else gone for a manual bug testing and feature approval job in the past? What should I mention in the interview?
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I was once fine with talking to people, it seemed words would just flow and I could talk to people effortlessly.

However this last year at uni I've spent a lot of time alone, working and studying. I feel as if I'm constantly judging what I say or how I act around people. I even find it difficult to carry a conservation.

It baffles me because I never really had an issue with this, what went wrong /adv/?
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socializing takes practice, just like anything else. You have to keep doing it to be good at it. So my advice to you anon? Keep socializing and it'll get easier.

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Hey /adv/isors. I'd like to ask for your help on something, usually stick to advising others but here it goes.

Been out of a rather emotionally intense 2-year relationship for 8 months now, and at the start of the new school year the thing I thought would never happen again happened: I fell in love. I met the person in question through an introduction camp, where we ended up talking literally -through- the night because we clicked so well. Our backgrounds and past experiences were the same, as well as our mindsets and all that, you know how it goes. I was amazed someone understood me this well and instantly became intrigued. Over the weeks I noticed this feeling was mutual for her, and she'd been actively expressing that as well as we talked on and on about all kinds of mutual interests. We met up a couple times and had great fun, after which the complimenting and flirting started to get a bit more.. intense?

Either way, since she quickly became the #1 person lowkey on my mind throughout the day, I decided to just straight up tell her how I felt about her, and that I started liking her in a way I hadn't experienced in a long time. To this she quite surprisingly responded she noticed she could very well like me the same way and basically felt the same way as well (hence her increased kind/flirting words) but was actually already dating someone at the moment which she hadn't told me about, and they're in the 'about to get into a relationship' status. I couldn't help but feel rather led-on after all the things she said and the connection we'd built up, especially since the other guy only appeared in her life a week or two ago.

I'd like to know how to interpret this. Do I just move on (like I'm planning to) and disregard the weird contradicting situation, and do you have any insights on what's going on here/ possibly tips?

She really gave me vibes that I didn't quite experience since the last time I was in love. Letting go is hard I suppose~
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Not much advice one can give, personally id sit around and see what happens. If shit goes south for you and the girl. Go back to incognito mode. If she likes you more than the guy, let her know you still like her like a normie loves its normiebook.

Glhf and join the marines!

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Okay hold me tight /adv need your help, here's the gist and let's see what advice I can get from you guys. Situation:
>4/5 in DDS program
>Failed a course now 2nd time
>Can't take subsequent courses from that topic before 3/5 is complete, so no 4/5 course, and no 5/5 course
>Can't go to 5th year and finish my studies.
>Study rules says you can repeat course only once
>Have a bit of conflict with head of Dept., who is responsible for the courses.
>Most likely outcome expulsion
>Dean may take me back, but even if that miracle happens would still have to face Oral Surgery guy
>Transfer to medicine might be possible
>Otherwise I'm out

Any advice, I'm 25, high school with average grades no certified skills.
Oh, did I mention I have military conscription to do before I turn 28 or the fact I have 30k€ in study loans?
Pic related, thou no plans for suicide today or anytime soon, but maybe.
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When I try to stop smoking there's always macintosh killing animals is life meaningful
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life is not meaningful.

Anyone ever here of a program called job corps? If so im stuck in it and its a absolute hell hole any advice so i can get terminated so im not stuck in a prison
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I know some people who worked for them and I interviewed with them. What's the problem?

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Dear /adv/
>be me guy
>be 18
>broke up with ex half a year ago after 1.5y of relationship
>end up friends with benefits for the next 3-4 months
>she best friend
>she quits FWB with me
>still consider best friend
>other friends assholes who give little shit about me
>she start acting like im a piece of turd to her
>still acts like she owes me
>still consider best friend because other friends still assholes
>get match with a not so attractive girl on tinder
>flirt for almost a month till now anyways
>feel shit about life
>try newfag life on 4chan and go around /adv/ finding peoples lives are shit
>decide ask myself
What do?

Main problem is my tumblr fag ex who I consider my best friend even though I know she toxic as hell. Don't want to dump her shit cause she only one caring enough to listen IRL. Also friends mutual and she lives 100m away from me.
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Fuck interacting with her if she treats you like shit.
You already know what to do but you don't want to do it.

Met this girl the other day at university, I talked to her for a few minutes or so and before I left I asked to get her number, she said that she'd like to get to know me better first before giving that out. She didn't sound bitchy or pissy or anything when she said it, is this a bad sign? Or is it likely she actually meant this and doest want to get to know me better?
TL;DR - I asked a girl for her number, she said she want to know me better first. Good or bad.
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How do I get closure after a bad experience?
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Stop relating everything that happens in your life to this bad experience is a really good start.

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