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How to deal with paranoia and self harm?
I keep getting paranoid about cameras and all that, to the point that i wear a mask whenever possible, even in my sleep, which makes me anxious. This creates stress which feeds into my self harm habits. Idk how to deal with this and i need to stop before i can start a project of mine
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> 25yo, Brazilian
> Bachelor and MBA
> Above avg intelligence
> Agnostic, non-patriotic, so no moral strings Willing to do anything that will benefit me

Hey guys, I want to share my history, maybe you can give me some advice.
Like everyone else I have made some mistakes that led me to the situation I am in right now. Among them, most importants are: I joined a very good university but it is very academic oriented rather than market oriented (not that being academic is bad, but not what I ever wanted). In fact, in Brazil, the only market oriented place is São Paulo and If I had studied there I would have had much more opportunities for internships and be much more prepared for finding jobs after school. Anyway, I did my best in my city but I was lacking some mentoring and didn't really know what I should focus careerwise. So, after graduating, I made another mistake, I joined an IT consulting firm. I was approved in its trainee program and was assigned to work in a project for a bank in my city. The problem is I was working in the areas of Business Administration and IT and not Finance, which was what I wanted. It took me 3 years to realize I was going in the wrong direction and decide to leave the firm. At least I managed to save a good amount of money meanwhile.

So, I finally decided to move to São Paulo and currently trying to find a job in Investment Banking. This is a job I am really looking for. Also it is a career that suits greedy fucks like me.

However, it is being very hard to break into this industry with no IB interniship, experience, networking, etc. I have manage to find a gig in Equity Research, which is kinda close, but not there yet.

Talking a little bit about me, I am quite a machiavellic person. I will do anything that I think will benefit me, altough always concerned about appereances and how others will react on every action I make. I am not that easygoing guy with a lot of contacts, but I am not a shy guy either. Any adv, guys?
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You made initial mistake, which is potentiating on the future.Instead of quitting your job in IT and Business administration you should have tried to get a transfer internally if possible or to get a job before quitting. Equity Research is something I would take, gather some recommendations, build social networks and then go from there.

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A doctor told me she is very confident I have autism. This is not the first time a medical professional has said this to me. However, my family refuses to believe it's true. They say I'm just shy and socially awkward and that autism is just a a buzzword. I'm an adult so its not imperative they agree with something like this, but it would significantly help if I had their support. Can't afford a diagnoses but I'm almost certain I have it. I meet basically every requirement on DSM-5 which is what the doctor pointed out to me. I didn't speak until I was three years old.

The only reason I care so much if I have autism or not is it's the only thing explaining why I am naturally so bad at being around other people. I just want an explanation so I can figure out how to fix myself.

How do I handle the situation with my family, and should I just assume I don't have autism until I get a diagnoses?
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>like girl
>we talk a lot
>she doesn't like me back
>boyfriend is stereotypical alpha male jock
>I'm handsome but skinny and socially awkward
how do I come to grips with the fact that I'm genetically inferior in a lot of ways? I can't. I just want to shoot myself. I had a fucked up childhood too. I'm so sick inside.
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Why are girls so god damn desirable? I just want a girl to hug me everyday.

How do I help myself
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kiss girls, go out, have fun

seize the day

Just dont fall in love.

I did that 2 times already, i love her soo much that i appear clingy
and i hate appearing clingy, soo i push her away, this time i said forever
but i want her again, is fucking sucks, i am happy, have a nice life but this issue is killing me
i can't contact her because will make me weak, i am wanting a month to appear again, but i am
afraid of her thinking i kissed other girls and losing trust on me.

I just want to stop worrying until this month is gone, but i cant't stop having this feeling
How can i stop worrying about a action that i will take only on the future?
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>at college
>get job at Student Association
>orientation is held after hours
>walk in
>"uhh sorry sir, we're closed."
>"I'm here for orientation."
>"oh! I'm so sorry, it is in the conference room."

>working for student newspaper
>nobody explains what I'm really supposed to do
>go into office hours to ask
>get looked at like I'm from another planet

What gives? What do I do? I have to do something for the paper this weekend, and I'm not sure how it works, so I want to go in tomorrow and ask, but I'm sure I'll get looked at like a freak.
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I need to be able to get up at 8AM at the latest, 8:30AM at the extreme latest, but only on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. But on weekend nights (including the nights of M/W/F that lead into T/Th which I have off) I want to be able to stay up to hang out with my friend who gets off work at midnight. I nee 7:30 hours of sleep at the bare minimum. Is there any way to make this work or should I just give up?
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>infatuated with girl over summer
>bought to go beat my meat
>she updates story
>its pic of her looking really pretty
>urge to beat meat dissipates
>now im sad

God fucking dammit. I'ma go study and try to forget about life.
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op here
i asked this chick out to a party before, and she ended up flaking on the day of cause she couldnt make it. i told her we should do something some other time and she agreed, but i stopped talking to her after that. I ended up asking another girl out to lunch a few weeks ago and she couldnt make it either...i lost my snap streak with her and we stopped talking.

On to the next, nigga.

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my current apartment fucking sucks
I want to move. Checked with my landlord, he said as long as I could find a suitable roommate for my current roommate, they'll draft a new lease and it's fine.

haven't told my current roommate. What should I tell him?
I was thinking of just giving him 2 months notice and saying I have allergies to the place or something
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Hello advisors

So really the point of my post is that I'm dating again after a long and bad-bad relationship. I have never considered myself attractive and had only done well with women by the standards of virgins. I still don't have any bro-friends to talk about this kind of thing with so that's why I'm here. There are five (5) separate girls clearly interested in some sort of relationship with me, and they're all beautiful and nice. Girl 1 I'm actually dating. We dated a long time ago, and I made the mistake of leaving her for a lunatic. Girl 2 is a girl on the bus I take. We haven't really talked yet, but...her signals are pretty clear and she did this thing that sort of made me fall in love with her with her eyes yesterday, and today she gave me this look that all but screamed "why won't you talk to me" right before she got off the bus. Girl 3 is a longshot, she's my unicorn by all accounts and she has openly had feelings for me for years, but the timing has never been right, so we're talking again and planning things. Girl 4 and 5 don't really matter, one wants money and the other lives too far away.

I'm just overwhelmed by a situation I didn't think I'd ever be in, I know it's stupid but I guess it helps to write things out. I might just go live inna woods.

Also have a cool wp, and thanks for reading.
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>has all this girls interested in him
>but no pussy on his dick

Funny how that is.

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How does a North Eastern 20yo get some?

My gf and I are having troubles, watched too much porn since 14 and now can't get hard.
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So I don't really wanna go to hoco but my parents really want me to. My two Best friends, Dustin and John aren't going but a lot of other friends are going. I was gonna go w them and we had about 9 people that were for sure going and are all homies but now they invited a bunch of randoms and kids I don't like and now we have 19. I asked if we could cut it back down and originally agreed but then went back to the original plan. Then this chick in the groupchat said "if you have a problem you don't have to come". Now I don't really wanna go but I don't wanna stay home either. Please help
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You need to be 18 to use this website.

Don't go you pussy.

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I started listening to David Bowie when he died and he became one of my favourite musicians shortly after. Is there anything wrong with that? I simply hadnever consciously checked him out before. I don't like him because I want to conform to something, he just struck me as an original musician and a very interesting person whom I empathise with.
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People are going to say you jumped on the bandwagon or whatever, but as long as you are enjoying yourself, who cares how and when you found out about him?

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