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Recently a friend of mine got shitfaced and tried to choke me. How should I respond to this, should I let it go, or is this person dangerous to be around?
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My close friend and I were hanging out at my apartment and drinking. I stepped out for an hour to smoke and during that time he got absolutely sloshed. When I arrived back he kept trying to do things like give me a hug and shake my hand, pretty much anything to get into physical contact with me, and it was starting to sketch me out. Later on in the night we are talking and he asks for a handshake, and I am fed up, so I tell him i will not shake his hand. This sets him off and he gets mad and stops talking. However I call him out on it because I think he's just acting up for getting mad at something so stupid. He starts laughing and I think I have played the situation off successfully and I can go back to gaming, but then he says hes laughing because he is so mad he wants to choke me but I am so cute. After that he says that I say "I trust you enough not to do it". After several exchanges of that (I realize I was taunting him, which was dumb, forgive me). He actually attacks, then I tell him I'm choking and he stops and says he is going to bed.

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Please let us discuss methods of acquiring currency that are either supplementary, passive, or both.

What methods are you using, how much do you make, what problems do you encounter? What would you recommend to someone else?
I might participate in such schemes that require an initial investment, but I'm not buying into dividend-paying stocks while markets are virtually at an all-time high and Trump is feeling trigger-happy.

I do not at all rely on this income, but I would like to make an additional 1000$ p.a. just because I can. It does not need to be easy, but it being simple would be nice. "Multiple streams of Income" has a nice tune to it, and I have to start small.

Not posting this on /biz/ because that place is /cryptocurrency shitposting general/.
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how the heck do i attach this to a normal bed, i cant afford a security bed, if anybody knows how, please help.
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How do you guys deal with kids at work? I was just talking with the boss when she mentioned some of the teenagers make fun of this other chick at work because she's bad at one part of her job. It's not my problem but it always rubs me the wrong way when there's immaturity in the workplace and people start acting like they're at home. If I could bring em around to playing nice with each other that'd be cool.
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try to be her friend, because the girl might end up quitting

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Tl;dr :went 2 years at uni, computer science, thinking i was gonna do web development but hell no.now changing my uni but my parents still don't know.How do I tell them?

First of all I live in a poor country so it's not what you think about uni.
Well, 20 year old here.after high school went to a city far away to my home to study, what I was thinking to be web development but no,it was a shit ton of useless crap(computer science).now, after working an year, went to a uni closer to home, everything set but I still didn't told my parents about this.Uni is about to start on 25 this month and I need to tell them but no more money from them(managed to hace around 1000 euros without them knowing(yes, a poor country)).
I just don't want to disappoint them, I gave my best but can't do that, it's not for me and now at this new uni, i'm sure i'll be in the first 50.(260 in my specialization).
I need to tell them that i have changed the uni (more like started again, 2 years wasted...)
So how do I tell them?or am I worrying too much?
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What are the worst mistakes that someone can make while approaching a girl?, I'm having real fucking issues when it comes to talking to girls and I just want to know what are the worst mistakes that I can make so I know if I'm making them.
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How do I beat chad as much as the Electro Wizard beats the Sparky in Clash Royale?
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I've been nonstop working and trying to keep myself busy lately. What used to feel like forever at work now flies by. Immediately do yard work and clean up around the house after work (living with dad and his gf). Then fall asleep early for the next day.

This isn't like me. I'm pretty lazy and don't like to work much. Especially if I'm not being paid. But lately I've just felt the need to get shit done.

Is this just a phase or am I slowly shifting into a more "mature" man lifestyle?
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Everything can be a phase or a new path. It's up to you to keep it up.

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Does it stack, multiply, amplify? Autistic people have big heads big heads are correlated with high cognitive reserve my head is ~1580cm^3 does this mean I have high cognitive reserve and super autism I read that brain damage can be mistaken for autism so my guess is it amplified my autism yet my iq remained the same because of cognitive reserve?
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hi /adv/ anyone could tell me where i can learn about analyst job?
some site where they teach what should i use to do it, how etc etc
pic related will slash me if i fuck up thanks
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please send help0

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Where did the notion that men must remove their hats in church or upon entering a home? Does it have somethind to do with helping to keep the soul from escaping the head?
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It's out of respect for the people in the house. It's so you can see who the person is clearly. The same idea with waving to someone. You're showing your hands are free of weapons.

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I think my girlfriend might be jealous but I'm not sure.
When we first got together we asked eachother tons of questions to see what our boundaries were and whatnot, and one was "do you get jealous" and she basically said no, never she doesn't get jealous of girls. I said sometimes I get a little green if she talks about like a hot celebrity or whatever but then I'm over it and I don't feel threatened from random guys. But lately she keeps telling me how much she dislikes my female friend, to like a weird level. Friend is a bit needy but overall a good person, but my gf just has this huge detest of her. Even bringing her up will cause my girlfriend to roll her eyes and sigh, but they haven't even talked much. Do you think she's jealous? She refuses to even really talk about the subject if it involves her. Which I don't understand because I listen to her fine and laugh if she's say, telling me a funny story of one of her friends.
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Yup she's jealous and no matter what you tell her, that won't change. Like just try not to talk about your friend to her and maybe she'll somehow get her shit together.

I just bought a 2 acre lot in northeastern rural Nevada for 4800$ cash. Can someone with experience steer me in the right direction so i can research everything i need to know about owning land in Nevada , and owning a small acreage in general. It doesnt have HOA requirements, exempt and the annual tax is 27$. Needs to be welled and needs septic installed fyi. Its 500 miles away from where i live, i originally planned to save up 20k to build a tiny one person/studio cabin and live off grid from time to time and maybe cultivate cannibus lol. Serious advice appreciated. (Should i note that i work full time making 20$ an hour)
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water is your main problem.

figure out how much money a well is going to cost and make that your next goal. Then a sewage system, septic tank. After that get the foundation excavated and poured then the house framed, and the roof put on it.

Shits going to be costing in the tens of thousands fyi, good luck.

My dad has been having issues back home with my Mom and sister and I really don't know how to help him.

Hes very narcissistic, lazy, and he fights with everyone he talks to nowadays. It's gotten so bad that he's cut ties with my brother, can hardly speak to my mom without triggering her (we're all in agreement that after everyone has moved out they'd split), my sister can't stand him, he's on the brink of being fired from an amazing job (for the 2nd or 3rd time) and he's currently on my shitlist as well for talkin' shit about me back at home.

Basically hes just an asshole but he doesn't realize it. I know hes also struggling because being a narcissist hes realizing that he no longer has control over anyone anymore (I moved out, my sister just graduated, wife wont listen to him and is close to finally leaving). He's just been a mess these past couple years.

He may be beyond my help but he definitely needs help. Hes been trying to buy a gun the past year or two and I'm afraid he may try to off himself.

Any advice on how to help an awful father get his shit together as he enters the next stage in his life?

>pic related. He sent this to me this morning. not sure what to reply...
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My long time sweetie that I haven't seen in years asks me to go to a concert with her this weekend.
What do I expect?
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A fun time
just relax and let things happen naturally

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