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How much does it *really* matter nowadays which big city you move to if you want to enter the entertainment business? Do you have to still go to LA or can you go to Vancouver or Boston? With the internet having changed everything, would it be smarter to try and make a big buzz in a different city than LA than to compete with all the other people in LA? Does it really matter if a city has 3 million vs 4 million people?
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LA is the city for The Industry. Tons of TV studios that need crews and talent to work (in fact even more are opening), movies are shot on location but everything is stored in LA, all the major award shows, premiers, and parties take place in LA (tons of jobs created in these events), as well as many national conventions for corporations and business sectors (personally worked in a Hollywood event company for several years doing setup for these sorts of events and parties), all the big players like actors and directors live in LA, and all your auditions and jobs will be in LA. If you want any piece of action in the entertainment industry, from security to lighting sets to truck driving to acting, LA is still the place to be. Not even including the actor exploitation part like acting classes, choreography classes, and other stuff that take advantage of the tens of thousands of schmucks desperately trying to break into acting but never will. The SFV area is also the porn capitol of the world.

I'm not sure about the music industry, but I hear LA is still huge for it, too. LA and Nashville.

I need some carreer advice.

Which one should I try:

Graphic design (I like to draw).


Literature and work as a translator learning several language in college.

Not an american BTW.
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I'd like some help fixing an issue with Windows 10 if anyone could help. Most of the time it will go to 100% disk usage and just stay there. It's fake usage, but it causes my system to run slow as balls because the HDD is already busy with nothing. I've tested the HDD and it's apparently fine. I've tried the popular fixes like disabling Superfetch, Windows Search, etc. This is so annoying and it feels like I've tried everything.
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is it a solid state? how often do you defrag?

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I think it's inevitable that my ex GF and a long time friend will hook up. I've always sensed attraction between the two of them.

We're all in our 20s but I know it's still gonna hurt like fuck. She was proper disregardfull towards me and our relationship just before we ended, but my friend has a habit of being "blinded" by girls he's attracted to and overlooks how they can really be. He has said in the past he wouldn't, but I know he's weak as fuck when it comes to self control or having principles, especially when drunk. He wouldn't be able to say no to her body.

How have you dealt with this kind of thing /b/? Id feel massively disrespected by him, but I'm also not going to stand in the way. I don't want to end a 10 year friendship, but I also don't see how I can see him as a friend any longer if he fucked her or got together as a couple.
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I'm a fully recovered addict with a productive life. I no longer crave drugs anymore, but my brain's reward system is fundamentally broken. What the fuck do I do?

Before moving to the U.S., I grew up under a repressive military junta and fled a war when I was 6. Despite making it out, my family became broken, dysfunctional, and violent, and I naturally befriended the "bad kids" at school (it's hard to fit in with normies after you've seen some shit). Even though I got very good grades and graduated college and grad school, I spent 10 years on drugs as a functional addict. I barely remember most of my 20's. I was in really bad shape. I mean, REALLY bad shape. If you looked at me for 5 seconds back in those days, you'd know I was an addict.

I've been sober for 5 years, but I have insane addictive urges. Like, if I let myself drink coffee, I just want to slam 3-4 cups to get a buzz. I can also literally jack off all day for the dopamine spike. I also started going on long runs just for the endorphin rush... and I'm now a fairly decent marathon runner. No joke.

Is my brain just fucked up? How do I stop this and be normal?
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Keep running and doing sports, I think they're probably the least harmful thing you can be addicted to.

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anyone do this before? Any tips for a rookie attempting a serious 90 day, soon to be forever streak? Link https://youtu.be/oUSwzU4H-VU
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/adv/ is moving slow today :((
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what do you need advice on you fucking mong

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Can anyone suggest me a good cooling fan or portable aircon (does it exist where it cools the whole room?) I really need one that doesn't just blow hot air because of the humidity I can't stand another summer like this but my family can't afford proper aircon and it gets so hot here most fans end up blowing hot air so what alternative is there?
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This is the one I use, my dude:

Works great for me, keeps the room as cool as I like, and not humid whatsoever. It's also very cheap to run (I think it costs maybe 40$ if you run it constantly for the whole year?) Just don't run it at the same time you run a blow-dryer and also your PC and you're good man.

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Do you guys have any tips for swallowing pride. I have a hard time doing it. When I'm wrong I know I'm wrong and own up to it. But when I'm not wrong it's hard for me to let things slide. To me I can't concede. I'm not going to win any big battles in my life so the small ones matter to me. My boss is really chill though and I've never seen him fail to take responsibility for something even when it wasn't his fault or when he was right. I admire this in him and I'm wondering if anybody has tips for getting good at it.
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This is really stupid, but what made me humbler was Street Fighter 2: HD Remix on the 360
I was in my early 20s when I bought it.
I wouldn't say I was an angry or prideful person, but I did feel those emotions and when I did, they were strong.

SF2HDR was my first Street Fighter game. Never played one before
I didn't even know to block
But I wanted to learn and I wanted to play

So I did. I played it for hours.
And I lost what must have been 100 to 1.
I lost so fucking much.
And I'd get mad. I'd be angry and want to throw my controller
But I didn't. I calmed down and tried again.
I kept trying and trying until I learned. I got better.

The thing is that sometimes you need to be faced with your pride over and over and over again.
Your boss is chill because he has experience. Most of the time it isn't worth getting upset about.

So I recommend something inconsequential that pisses you off and then to keep doing it.
Learn a hobby that you don't know and must fail at.
Failure builds character

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Recently, my family has been pushing me to get a job, i've been NEET pretty much since 10th grade.

Problem is, i have crippling social anxiety and severe self image issues, i dont know how i could function in a work environment and i'm very serious about this, i dont know what to do.

i can't even drive a car without fucking up so bad i end up on the wrong side of the road.

so that's the question guys, what do i do, what job could i do? i'm losing my mind.
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Got any books or podcasts that would provide good tips?

At work, it's hard to get customers to do what I need them to do. When I do try to take control of the conversation I'm constantly told I'm being "condescending". It seems to be a struggle I've had lately.
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Is nursing certification worth it? Its either that or a micro degree
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To be an RN alone? Yes, but you'll bottom out for money and won't be able to advance unless you get a BSN to apply as a specialized nurse where you can make upwards up to 6 figures - NP, MSN or DNP.

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How do I get suicide advice without indirectly encouraging people? I've got one hold-up since December but I Can't get it out without redpilling fencesitters
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Maybe I don't know.
Can you repeat the question,

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My girlfriend broke it off last week due to "non compatibility and feeling uncomfortable around me (I think this is anxiety but not sure) and another unknown reason/feeling she couldnt describe and text me a few days with this "I hope youre doing okay, I;m sorry I havent yet been able to find the words to explain. I hope your gig went well btw. Is it okay to ask how you are? If you dont want me too do this again please do tell me eh, I really hope youre well." What does this mean? As we said our goodbyes and all and I said i wouldn't contact her again
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People seem to be hard wired to assume someone who dumps them immediately hates their guts. She can still care deeply for you and not want to be in a relationship (especially if she has anxiety as you suggest).

A checkup isn't that weird.

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Will shit posting on 4chan bring her back?

I use the legacy captcha and very occasionally I get her name as my captcha and I spend the rest of the day hurt
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