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How do I get rid of the useless shit lying around here without feeling like I'm throwing away money?

My mom is a hoarder and has indoctrinated me. :(
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First organize things into a Keep and Sell pile. You have to be resolute about the things you're selling. If you live your day to day without it and it doesn't really hold any sentimental value then you need to sell it.

Once you have your pile of stuff to sell. Go through it and figure how much somebody would be willing to pay for it. Be reasonable. Some people wont see the value in something compared to how you see it. Mark up prices for items and try to keep a list of things you're selling.

Now you need to figure out HOW you want to sell your stuff. You can easily have your own yard sale, but if that's not an option look for local Sunday markets. There are often stands available to sell your stuff or boot sales to sell it directly from your car. Look at online options like eBay, etc

Another way of thinking it is this. You already got your money's worth out of the items in question. You already used up their value as far as you perceive which is why you want to get rid of them. If you no longer value them and all the above sounds too much work; just give it all to a charity. Their value will extend to other people. You may just as easily feel better by both clearing out all the stuff and by helping others in the process.

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I'm trying to get into University for Business but I'm sure to either wait until I'm considered an adult or to apply again. Also I was wondering if being a manager helps getting into university?
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> wait until I'm considered an adult

are you over 18?

>Also I was wondering if being a manager helps getting into university?

if you have the money to for the classes what is the problem?

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How do i stop freaking out everytime i see girls even vaguely similar to my high school crush

Today there was a girl dressing like her on the street and i started going the other way around only to realize it wasn't even her, this needs to stop
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>a gril in the middle of trying to get out of depression
>spent my first year trying to isolate because i was a depressed sack of shit/ no stable 'squad'
>the 1 gril i eat lunch w/ is busy tomorrow lunch (club meeting)
>i legit have no one to eat with??
>i feel awkward about approaching someone random if I'm not going to eat with them regularly

I could:
>i could skip lunch and do homework in the library?
>find a randomass club???
>kill myself
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eat in the bathroom stall like a true losers.
>like me

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How many of you apologize or say you're sorry after an argument even though you're not truly sorry but just want to keep the peace and move on, even when you think you're right?

I have a tendency to do that as I'd rather maintain relationships than being right.

Is that a healthy way to treat friendships/ relationships?
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If your relationship can't handle an actual argument without you submitting, then it wasn't a healthy relationship to begin with.

My friend is delusional and I don't know what to do to help him.
>me and friend are at party.
>at one point stumble upon a dude who was groping a passed out chick.
>friend beats dude up, throws him out.
>stays by chick for a while, but everyone starts to leave, our friend whos the host doesn't know her, says she can't stay cause his girlfriend would be pissed.
>friend takes girl home.
He let her sleep in his bed, when she woke up she was pretty sick and couldn't remember shit, guessing she was roofied by the guy groping her. Since her brought her home, shes barely left his place, after 4 days he gave her a key and she just hangs out there, eating his food and popping painkillers. Me and some mutual friends tell him shes trouble, he doesn't know her, shes just some junkie but he says he likes having her around, and that she cleans, cooks and sucks his dick. ITs a very unhealthy relationship, and hes asking to get his shit stolen, how do I help him?
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You can't your friends a fucking idiot, leave him don't hang out with him because you don't want a junkie whore in your life.

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>Can't stop thinking about committing suicide
>People say life is good, but these people are socially developed to a good point, and they're only that way because of their brain's development in conjunction with social experiences
>21 years old, so I will never be on the level that they are because of this, and have always been deficient in this regard

My life is essentially plagued by a pervasive developmental disorder. I've likely got some form autism, so my life is excruciating.

I know my mother will be devastated if I kill myself, but she now regards me with as much love as the cat/dog. She sees me as a grown-man living at home, and I think she'll grieve for about a year or two, and she'll move on because I'm so old/matured.

My sister may carry it in the back of her brain for the next decade or two, but she too will move past it. She'll probably come to accept it was for the best. My father will do the same as my mother.
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move out of the state youre in fuckin pussy

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I have a serious pain in the left half of my jaw. It's in the same area I usually crack my jaw. Usually it isn't an issue, but this time it hurts really badly. It's only been like this for today, what do? Could this just be me cracking my jaw too much or maybe something else is going on?
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Take some advil and wait a day. If the pain continues, go to a doctor.

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Hey anons I have a question, I'm a poorfag and I'm going into college. What I'm trying to ask here is, are there any scholarships or grants I can find to help me go to The college I want to go to? I've never been a great student because I was a stupid teenager. So what are my choices here? Am I doomed to look down the barrel of college loans or are there other options. I'm not even sure where to begin I've heard that having a parent in the military can help but Other than that I'm clueless.
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I don't think I am going to make it by the end of the week. I might get dropped if I don't get my financial aid completed by tomorrow. All I need is 2 fucking documents!!!! One of them I have tried submitting multiple times and they kept giving me vague responses by telling me it isn't right. The other I cant even get from the IRS website because I don't have the documentation to make an account. Meanwhile all these foriegn students get free hassle aid and I have to suffer through all this bullshit!
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bump for help

My arms are becoming fucked and I will likely go to surgery for them and no idea if they will ever be 100% in my life.

Recommend me some jobs that don't require a degree and aren't hard on your arms/hands.
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Nothing really works I think try my best but it always falls flat at the end
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I still get boners in public when a girl shows interest in me. How do I stop doing this? I'm too old for this shit to still be happening. I interact with a lot of attractive young ladies and for the most part it's never a problem, but sometimes a girl will show interest in me and then it creates this awkward energy. Then before I know it my pants are getting tight and I feel like I need to avoid everything until I can calm down. I just feel like this shit is ridiculous to be having after your teenage years.
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Don't worry the older you get the more women will disappoint you and break your heart and show more and more of their hideously ugly souls to you that you'll eventually struggle to get hard even if you find a girl you like.

t. old lady

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What advice/guidance do you have for an undergrad pursuing computer graphics engineering/render engineering? Located in CA, if anyone can suggest good colleges! Thanks!
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I feel like I'm in a really bad shape, mental health-wise. But here in the 3rd world, nobody cares about mental health until you are foaming through the mouth with retardation. I've never heard of a single person in this country diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, or any of that shit. What should I do?
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first things first, make sure you got a good sleep, diet, and exercise routine.
2nd, just look through the DSM, mental doctors are hacks anyways, you can prolly diagnose yourself pretty accurately.

The point of have a diagnosis is to get correct treatment. So simply, treat problems youre having at their roots.
What kind of problems are you having? What kind of diagnosis do you think you would get?

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