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I worked under a family owned business. They live in Joe Biden's neighborhood (they are rich)
Their two sons are trash as hell. (fuckboy/prince)
they use rotten veggie and change dates on packed food.
She and i stayed late night, searching inside the trash can to find a good (better) quality of vegetables.
They hired illegal workers, so they dont have to pay taxes.
I saw so many illegal shits..but their business is getting better...
If there's karma, How come their business is getting better and better? ..im mentally traumatized and seeing a therapist weekly now. i know i have to move on but i dont think i can when they are having best time of their life and.. im swimming in a mud.
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How to prepare for a nuke from korea? F-for a friend ok.
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don't be afraid US will take care of it if it happens


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How do i tell someone they smell in a socially acceptable way

Pic unrelated
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>Excuse me. You emit a very unpleasing odor.

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Hey, im 18 and im suffering from depression every year. Got neurological problems - When it gets cold my whole body starts to hurt. I cant move, cant do anything. Every winter i gain about 15 kilos of fat and lose a lot of muscle. When ive been through puberty i almost killed myself several times, but never had the guts to actually do it. If it gets as bad as last year i think im gonna break. (Cold is for me 8/12 months)

So im looking for some activities i dont need much physical activity to do, but is also fun and fullfilling. So write few unique things you enjoy (or think you could enjoy)
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Go get professional help

Which results in being quite solitary, I would say I don't have any actual friends. Maybe I've never had any friends at all, though I've always known people, talked to them, understood them, appreciated them, etc. I don't invest anything in them and prefer to be on my own. Not just in location but emotionally and intellectually. My inability to invest is compounded by not knowing anyone who shares my interests. Not even just one of them, let alone the broadness of interests or depth of passion I feel for so many things. It's like my way of thinking is completely removed from the people that I know.

Lately I've been ironing out my mind to get shit done in my life, confronting psychological issues and the like, that I notice in myself. This inability to invest in other people seems to be a big one, the root of many other issues too. I think it extends to more than people, concepts, goals and ideologies too. Most of my problems are a result of childhood abuse and instability. Sometimes I wish I had a cleaner slate; not this mess of a brain and life. I don't know if I have the will to fix it, or if I actually want to...

I write all this because I'm currently gripped with a bout of loneliness. It happens sometimes, more often lately. Essentially my issue is two fronts: I'm inherently disconnected from other people on a personal, mental level, unable to put anything on them, most of my interactions are about retaining a comfortable wall around myself and understanding a person (they not understanding me, of course). Second front: lack of actual connection with other people due to interests and mode of thought not aligning with anyone that I know.
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I cannot figure out what to do with my life. I'm in my late twenties, have been in a trade for 10 years, and I'm feeling very discontent. Want to work towards something that I don't feel so miserable doing, I just can't figure out what that is.
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Make a list of things you want to accomplish in life. It can be small or big.

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I have moderately bad social anxiety, and I DONT like people looking at my face, it makes me very uncomfortable. Eye contact is lost upon me. Sometimes I think I am possibly autistic in fact. So when It was time for me to consider getting a job during the semester, I cleverly decided to be a tutor - which involves a lot of all these things that I hate.

Any tips or advice for how to start off greeting these people and helping them, tone of voice, etc.? I realize I need to improve my social skills, so quitting isn't an option.
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Do it until it doesn't scare you anymore. Go out and look everyone in the eye until it's second nature. That's the only way to deal with fear. You have to face it in battle.

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I posted here a while ago on how i got cheated on 3x

A friend of mine informed me that he was cheating and sent me screenshots as proof, that same friend just molested me a few days ago.

(i've been feelin pretty depressed n suicidal for ages now)

idk what to do, i'm scared to tell anyone else because i don't wanna create conflict within my group of friends but i don't wanna be near em anymore. :(
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>tfw highly agreeable niceguy

An unattractive woman sent me a message online dating. I don't want to be mean and ignoring her seems cruel.

Should I just ignore her though?
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Just tell her you're not interested if you absolutely feel the need to talk to them.

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>meet girl A, really like her
>haven't felt this way about someone in a long time
>we're hooking up, but not together (i'm seeing other people, blinded by novelty, she doesn't want a relationship anyway)
>she gets clingy, I let it go
>she gets distant, I get clingy, she's pulls away even more, almost completely
>she says she just gets in these moods where she's either really social and sexual, or very reserved and a loner, but i'm almost certain it's a result of my clinging
>no longer hooking up/hanging out
>been a while, start seeing other people
>meet girl B, really like her
>been having out a while now, hooked up
>she seems very into/ready for a relationship, and may leave if i don't ask her to be soon
>now, girl A seems to be coming around again
>telling me how much she misses me, we should hang out more, etc.
>still really like her

What should I do? I've never felt the same way about anyone else as I do for girl A, but I do really like girl B and she's totally into me as well.
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Girl A is going to break your heart. Go with girl B. You cannot control your feelings for A. This places her in a position of power by default. Most importantly, she either has commitment issues, or she only wants you when she thinks she can't have you. Or maybe she's a little jealous that you're into another girl, and she's back to "claim her property," and keep you orbiting her.

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/adv/, I'm not sure what to do.

Almost 3 years ago I met a cute redhead on okaycupid. Her mind interested me as she majored in philosophy and eastern religion so we started dating and things kicked off. I was getting over a girl from cali I cared deeply about, she was ovet over a fruity exbf who decked her in the mouth. One night we got drunk and were holding hands in the car when she guided my hand into her pants, and we banged when we got back to her place. I made sure to check that she was clean. When she introduced me to her mom she told me not to mention we were dating (im not really shown off to parents anyway). I didnt mention it, but later on she was talking about weird blood test stuff and her cd4 counts being down. I didnt understand it at the time, she had PTSD and a variety of weird conditions so I wasnt alarmed. I broke up with her when I doxed the car I found parked in her driveway and discovered she was cheating on me.

I got over it and moved states shortly after. Tried donating plasma one day and when I went to pick up my check I discovered I was HIV positive. I didnt trust the redhead with the information, so I contacted the ex in cali first and prayed to god she was okay. When she tested clean I was so happy, but I new more about the truths of what had been done to me.

Cali girl actually still cared about me and we later fell in love again, but I pushed her away because of my circumstances.

I went back to check on the redhead shortly after, I was salty because I ended up losing someone I still had a chance with due to what she did to me.

She was tattooing people.

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Given the circumstances of everything, I was almost certain she was aware. I decided not to let her carry further with use of needles given what she had done, I informed my friend who worked at the shop she was tattooing at.

She denied ever dating me and said she friendzoned me the first date. I showed my friend some of the screenshots of us holding each other without clothes to confirm she was lying (pic related is as nude as my photos go). She still denied it and her boss backed her up because she tested negative (possible with todays ART drugs).

At that point I stopped myself from arguing further. My roommates new we had sex by accident of walking in on us, and I had actually fought off the PCP pneumonia (with pictures of how sick I was at the time) without seeing a doctor because I had antibiotics stashed.

To me she confirmed she knew. So I told my roommates who were witnesses. They want me to file a police report and I think its hopeless. I feel like prosecuting a virus is like shooting a dead horse, it wont help me live an normal life again and will only create laws that others could unknowingly break (I wouldve had I not been tested sooner). I also worry she'll win, Im not rich at all and she is, I cany afford legal representation.

Sorry for legal advise but at the same time I want to stop her from hurting others. She already has a new relationship that changed to 'its complicated' after I told her boss. I cant really put into words how this has changed me. What should I do adv?

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I've been going out with a sweet 22 yr old and have bought her many gifts such as expensive jewelry etc, taken her out many times to expensive clubs and I have paid every time.

I'm afraid to make the first move, also don't want to fall in the friend zone. We talk very light about sexual stuff - like she was joking with me in my car last time that maybe I could molest her but then she would take advantage of me and report to the cops since we drank alcohol and she can say anything to the cops and they would believe her since she is a female - she said it in a joking way! Then she said she would wear a see through dress for me next time in black lingerie. Till now we have only held hands, not even a kiss. It;s been like 5-6 months we've been going out.

Is that a sign I can ask her for a kiss? She's kind of traditional.

Of course, I don't love her, I just want to kiss her or would love to fuck her but I think if I keep buying her stuff and take her to expensive clubs without getting anything in return I should probably move on. I'm pretty sure she won't make the first move so it has to be me. What to do?
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>been like 5-6 months we've been going out.
>don't want to fall in the friend zone

that ship sailed like 5.5 months ago.

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How can I go on, /adv/?

After all of my maddening misadventures, how can I find the strength to press on after all of my debauchery? I suppose I haven't hurt anyone, and nobody will really know, but the burden lies on my own soul, and as much as I try to 'just push on', I always come back to doing those things because I have no self-control and it just feels routine at this point.
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Hey /adv/, I have a peculiar problem.
>Masters in finance, work as a private banker
>good income and pretty good at my job
>No anxiety or anything when meeting new people or while doing customer meetings
>Customers are anywhere from 25-70 yrs old, male and female
>Social circle is large enough, three close friends whom I've known for 15+ years
>Can keep elaborate presentations to large-ish audiences with no noticeable stage fright except the natural feeling of tension everyone has
>Feel uncomfortable with small talk when it's not a customer/colleague/friend/some kind of a betworking event
>Can't initiate a discussion with a girl for example at a pub or elsewhere
>Body language is closed combined with a natural frown which makes me look arrogant and/or socially retarded (not a problem when at work)
>hard time keeping eye contact on a date abd can't think of anything interesting to talk about
Why am I like this and how do I fix it?
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Shameless self bump

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Didn't see one in the catalog.
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