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>Be me
>Be peruvian
>Live in Lima
>Day one
>Going back to home
>Go to the Metropolitano as usual
>See a pretty girl in the bus
>See her seing me
>I look at her
>She avoids my eyes
>Want to talk with her
>Can't do it because of shyness
> Get my station
>Get off the bus
>See the girl getting off in the same station
>Take different ways
>Appearently she lives near me
>Tell a friend about this
>Describe her to him
>He tells he knows she
>He doesn't remember her Name
>Ask me for a photo of ver
>Don't have a photo
>He bullies me :v

>Day Two
>Get the bus station
>She's here
> Trying to get a good photo of her without looking like a stalker
>It's a bad photo
>She almost see me taking her the photo
>Pass the photo to my friend
>He doesn't remember her name
>The bus is moving fast
>It suddenly stops
>She fell on me
>She laughs and apologizes
>Her voice is cute
>Get the station
>Get off the bus
>Take our ways
>Is evening
>Can't get over her
>Day 3
>Find her again in the station
>Don't say anything
>The bus we're taking is full
>Don't know where is she
>Get my station
>She isn't around
>Can't really get over her
>I think I fell in love with a stranger girl
>Get a new haircut
>Day 4
>Have decided to talk to her, even if I look silly
>Get the station
>She isn't here
> :'''''''v
>Want to find her again
>My friend Is kinda useless
>Post this
>Have feith
>What can I do?
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You fucking saw a person twice at a bus stop. You're not in fucking love

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im getting into three js,
but i cant get anything to display in my browser.
ive followed all isntructions to activating webGL and so on in many browsers but still there is no display.

do i need some desktoip library or addon?
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Hi /adv/

Looking for recommendations on good schools to apply to for physics/biomedical engineering phd programs. I want to do research in nanoengineering applications to vision restoration.

BS biophysics
MS applied physics

Pic unrelated
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Hi guys, i'm french and i'd like to apply in order to make a internship in the USA at Blizzard Entertainment.
Can you help me with examples of resumes, covering letter. Any advices appreciated !
Thank you !
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Any reason besides liking wow?

i am going to see if i qualify to join the army. I've already met with a recruiter and took the mock asvab test and scored a low 30 something which is barely passing. He wanted to give me extra time to study up on the math seeing how i excelled at the reading only but I feel like i'm ready now. Presently I work night shift at walmart for the last year. We are shorthanded both day and night shifts and the management has unrealistic expectations for us to accomplish. I live in a nowhere town with my mom. I don't ever leave the house unless its to go to work. I spend my time watching youttube and more frequently 4chan browsing. At this point my mind is pretty set on joining the army so if they find nothing wrong with me I'm going, I'm just curious as to how many here have joined the army and what are y'alls experiences are like and just get a general picture of what army life is like.
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Can someone give me some tips about hurricane?

I live next to [pic related]

How do i protect my stuff?
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Throw rice at the sky and pray

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Theres a girl at my school which is really cute. I have never directly talked to her but my best friend knows her semi-well. She accepted my friend request on fb but thats it. What should I do next? Pls help me, im not very good with women.
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step one is to not make brand new threads with the same fucking questions we read every day. step two is to start talking to her and actually getting to know her. step three is to kill yourself for underage posting on a taiwanese homegoods discussion forum.

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So my girlfriend of 4 years left me about a year ago. I've done the whole grieving process and I put my nose to the grindstone and continued to focus on school and working out and staying healthy(I had been lifting for a while, I just didn't want to slip into a slothful depression)

But now I've graduated and through co-op I landed an amazing job that pays super well.

Only now that I've done that I've realized......I have no idea what I want from my life or what I even want to do.

All my free time used to revolve around her. Going on dates, catching up on books we were both reading so we could talk and laugh about them. I'd cook big meals for her and her family so I'd plan them out in advance, shop for ingredients, spend hours cooking.

Now when I have a night off or a weekend I find myself not knowing how to make myself happy.

I mean I still enjoy those things, I like to read, I like to cook. I like to play video games from time to time. But it all feels pointless now. Like its just killing time but not actually getting me anywhere.

I feel like I need a passion, something that I can work towards and strive to improve. But I don't know what that is or how to even find it.

People always say the key to happiness is to just be following your passions and everything else will fall into place, but I don't know what I'm passionate about and I feel directionless and lost. I've even tried getting into new hobbies. Martial arts, drawing, metal working. Its all....neat....but none of it really truly excites me.

I need help because I feel like my life is just going through the motions now and nothing really brings me joy.
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Going to Northern Alberta to work in a camp for 7 days.
Never did a camp job before.

What can I expect? Any tips?

>Beaver Ridge Lodge
>Fort Hills project
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Lads, had an email from student credit control about a month ago to my (now-defunct) uni email address saying I never once paid my rent for the uni accommodation during first year. If I ignore it, will it be forgotten about, especially as I'm taking a year out between years one and two? (I also dropped out before the last instalment even went full-term).
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Ignoring debts is the fastest way on how to become homeless bum. Dont do anything and the debt will get bigger and bigger with each passing day.

Sure telling your parents about like 10K debt is embarassing, but it will be even worse when you will tell them year later about 10K debt + 50K interest.

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A former partner stole my savings. I tried all legal means of retrieving the amount, now I just want my money gone from his account. What does a person, disillutioned with the legal system, do?
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Sup /adv/ this may be tl to read, but this has really been on my mind lately

>be me
>20 y/o, working in a restaurant full time
>I'm essentially a fucking autistic robot that is trapped in the body of a chad
>there's this one qt at my work that I fingerbanged in my car after my friends party
>very proud moment in my life.jpeg
>same age as me, literally my dream woman

She found me "adorkable" (her word, not mine) and thinks I'm handsome, but my extreme social awkwardness and other circumstances has completely ruined any potential non-platonic relationship I could have with her

>essentially told this woman that I loved her after I fingerbanged her, however she told me that the feeling was somewhat mutual
>then the next day, I fucked off back home to Scotland for a month
>while I was away, she fucked like 4 different guys, some of them more than once, despite her saying she had the same feelings for me

When I got back from Scotland, she was so cold to me and never even looked at me for at least a few weeks. A few months have passed now, and we've started talking again. But whenever we talk irl now, I just can't make her laugh or tell her the things that make her eyes catch fire the way they should. I just don't know what buttons to press anymore. I feel like she just doesn't have a personality anymore.

>I've also developed a stutter whenever I talk to her
>verbal spazzing on top of a Scottish accent sounds like incoherent noise to her and she no longer understands me like 70% of the time when I speak

>is there still hope for me to turn this around and make a comeback?

>or should I just give up and try forget?
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So I had a pretty great first date with a girl. We had good chemistry, talked for like 4 hours, made plans to see a movie this weekend, and kissed before we left. We've been texting on and off and I'm thinking I'm getting signs I should invite her over for dinner before the movie. For example, we're both into art; she told me she wants me to play her something on guitar, and that she wants to show me some of her visual art work. I also mentioned on our date that I make really good homemade shawarma and she said she'd really like to try it. Do you think inviting her over for a pre-movie home cooked dinner would go over well? I'm not trying to get laid this early, and I don't want her to get that impression, but I do like her and think it'd be a nice way to keep the momentum from our first date going.
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Dude, man... You shouldn't have to think about this. Do it, but don't make a big deal out of it.

The good thing is that you're set on going out for a movie after, so there's absolutely no reason why she would doubt your intentions, right? Then after the movie you can always try to move things in a direction that she comes back home with you.

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Hi, so recently I've been feeling overwhelming amounts of nostalgia about my youth; a time I was surrounded by a loving family and had strong relationships with them. Spending my time watching my favourite films, being excited about music and video games etc. While I understand a level of nostalgia is common amongst all adults, I feel like I'm using this nostalgia to avoid problems in my life. Has anyone else experienced this?
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What problems?

There was a friend's mom that I feel really guilty for not keeping a promise to keep her son out of trouble. I believe I should not have made that promise to begin with. Any thoughts? What do you think...? Thanks
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I feel that I might do a few more of these if all goes well. Thanks for listening!

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