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So did anyone ever try hydrogen peroxide for the first stages of parodontosis? I asked my dentist about it, hadn't heard of this treatment said it errodes enamel
I'm desperate you guys i'm only 23 I can't fucking lose all my teeth by 30 it's also genetic btw
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Would it actually work if I put an ad on craigslist saying I'll walk people's dogs? I live in a small town and there's a small college town and I mostly want all my stuff to be in that one town cause it's only 8 miles away but everyone is really poor here there's not really jobs or generosity or opportunity in anything here it's all just fuckinf dead.

Should I mention my rates in the advertisement? Is it cool if I can only do it st certain times I.e after 5 or on weekends? Would say 10/hr be good? Could I just get multiple people to let me walk their dogs and do like 5 at once and make 50/hr? Has anyone ever tried anything like this?
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I can never feel jealous.

Ages ago my now ex wanted to see her ex "To see how times have been" - suprise suprise,. she dumped me for him. But that is not here or there.

My problem has always been that I can never feel jealousy. I never cared if my girlfriend wanted to go with friends, go out or came home slightly later.

Is it a problem? Do girls like if a guy shows a bit of jealousy? Should I just fake it to a certain degree? I usually show affection in other ways, so the problem should not be that they dont feel "Appreciated"
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So I have a plan to make a web series/ARG thing but focused more just on YouTube videos. I have a pretty decent idea (I think of course), but unfortunately I'll need people to act out roles. I can do a few, but I really only have one friend who might be able to help me.

So my question if anyone can help me out, how can I find people willing to help me out for free? Obviously don't have the money to hire actual actors, but want ideas on where to find people who might be excited to help out.
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>REALLY want to kill self
>can't tell anyone because they'll overreact

No, seriously. The worst thing about this, the one thing that makes this the hardest, is that people overreact to the news of someone's suicidal habits. Which, in turn, frightens them into being more secretive about it. Resulting them in getting worse over time.
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I have horrible social skills. I can't seem to talk to girls correctly if I try talking to a girl that I like my voice changes to something that is barely understandable and because of that, I get even more nervous than before.

I barely talk to girls nowadays sometimes they try talking to me but I always give these shortly handed answers which they can't respond upon.

Here are 3 fine examples of my bad social skills from the last 3 months:

I don't look bad at least I think. In the last 3 months, I had 3 girls ask me out I denied all 3 of them.

The first one was a 3/10 + she said her and her friends stalked me (I heard that is a normal thing to do for girls) and apologized for that
A day later she would apologize again to which I responded that is weird and blocked her, she stills stares at me when we see each other in the hallways.

The second one was some stuck-up "Cool Girl" that was extremely mean towards others that weren't popular, she would change her voice to sound a lot more nicer when she was near me, she would just stare at me all the time during lunch times, sometimes ask her friends where I was sitting or where I was, one time she just jumped in front of me I of course then bumped into her, she just smiled at me walked to her friends and said that I walked into her then I heard her friend say I really don't think "Anon" and "Stacy" would be a good couple.

The third one I denied on accident was maybe 1-2years younger than me she walked up to me in the hallways and said "I like you" in which I responded while walking into class noooooo then she walked away.

I have few more examples that happened in the weeks since school started if you would like to hear, these were just before summer vacation.
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So finally got out of my NEET lifestyle (I did work 35-40 hours a week but still lived at home)

>Hit 25
>Got my college degree in a worthless field
>Got a job that sucks the shit out of my soul and I hate waking up

My degree is in a specialized area but let's just say i'm mentally and physically exhausted each day and make barely $34k a year.

There's no real room to move up unless I work for the state 5+ years and my pay will barely increase $1k a year at best.

>Wake up at 5 am
>Work from 7 am to 5 pm almost every day
>Some nights 6 pm
>Get home, feet hurt, head hurts
>Barely enough time to do some extra emailing and setting up shit for the next day

I can barely afford my shitty 1 bedroom apartment but I refuse to deal with random roommates and most of my friends live with their GFs or got married.

I have applied to over 50 places this past 2 weeks but the only ones that called me back are jobs that will pay even LESS than this one.

I just want to afford a 1 BR apartment and have more free time to my hobbies but 10-11 hour work days is going to kill me.

I really need help figuring out what I can do with this bachelors degree that will let me have a more stable job.

>I go into work and each day is different
>I CRAVE the stability of knowing my job and having set hours so I can work 8-5 or 8-6 but be at a desk mostly.
>I just want to be a fucking cubicle worker.
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So I found a local job that pays pretty freakin good for what I'm.doing. It's a technical support job. The ad comes off like I'll be installing software and hardware for boomers who don't know their way around a computer.

I figure anything I don't know I can just google a how-to and be done with it in an hour. Anyone with experience in the work can tell me otherwise? What to expect? The IT job is specifically for Point of Sale systems and VOIP installation.
What tools should I download in preparation for this job. And what terms should I learn before coming into the interview.

This is the craigslist ad https://imperial.craigslist.org/sad/d/it-tech-needed-for-imperial/6284042184.html
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There's another chance?
>Girl and I liked us each other
>It's almost two years since I met her
>We get all flirty, talking almost everyday
>She's a bit shy, so I had to start the conversation every time
>I get busy with uni things so I couldn't talk to her in a good time
>It's almost 8 months since the last time we talked
Well, what should I do? I mean, it's not the first time something like this happens, should I be more aggressive and approach her directly? When there's possible mutual interest with a girl, I usually don't reply immediately and if them don't try to start a conversation with me I just forget about it because I'm not sure if they are expecting that I start the conversation with them or they aren't interested in me, should I change something?
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>be me
>work in organization, same jerb for 10 years
>last 6 months I changed what I thought of others - most have no lives out of work, therefore are boring - so I just ignored then and did my work
>Now people are coming to me to try and get my approval even though I'm not interested.

Is this just because of a belief that age=seniority/superior , or somehow did I do something which changed their opinion towards me. I didn't think of it much, but recently I spent about 300-400 on a couple of sets of decent work clothes, then people did compliment me and I did get more respect/attention. If any anyone stayed a long time in the same job, can u answer?
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I've been lying to my teacher for three months now in delivering an example chapter of the thesis I had to write and although I know that it is not difficult for me to write it, I constantly procrastinate and the shame of having lied to the teacher all the time with him letting me feel that he knows, makes it only harder for me to focus and do the damn thing. He is a nice person and has shown a lot of tolerance but I still find it difficult to connect with him, which makes the case worse. So how do I act when delivering the task (Do I apologize?) and stop the procrastination, I guess.
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Most people are SUICIDAL

Be safe anon
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Maybe if life didn't suck so much, they wouldn't be suicidal.

Sometimes at night i'll think about my many failures and get really angry. Sometimes I want to beat my head against the wall.

How do I control this?
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It helps to know that fucking up, even majorly, is normal. Everybody's failed, everybody's said some cringey shit. We're just hairless monkeys living in a world of our own making, our brains aren't perfect and fire off in weird ass ways. Gotta fail to learn, I can personally say I often learn better by learning what not to do than learning what to do

A couple years back my dad got ill and passed. During his illness greedy family members came down to grab a piece of his house which should have been left to my mother and his spouse of 21 years but he managed to get manipulated and was extremely emotional. They managed to get themselves in the will and my sister and I were in our teens to even make sense of the whole thing. My family are dysfunctional greedy humans who have full time jobs, degrees and instead of trying to help us have done the complete opposite especially targeting me.

All I've ever been told even from my migrant parents was to "get a job". No plan on how to get there just get one.

5 years pass and they have been trying to bully.intimidate me to sell the home. All I've engaged in this time was some shitty credentials that employers would not even consider, had a couple of crazy girls in my life, worked shitty jobs that had no career aspects (some even closed down). I managed to get into uni when I was 25 and did some studies in business, sociology, psyc, biology. I am studying social science (ive passed everything in 1st year so far) being I enjoyed it so much plus I work part time in the postal service 15 hours a week (but they've cut my house the last few weeks )

The major problem is I'm 27 and in this horrible position. Don't really know where to turn. Feel I should have studied business but got steered away from how people have completed it and can't obtain employment but on the other hand wtf do I do with social science??? Am I retarded??

I also got diagnosed with trauma the other day. I feel like my life is one big mess at 27.

Seriously how can I stop my mental pain?
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you need to REMOVE the RUBBISH out of your life, focus on your studies and go for walks, to for swims and apply for other jobs, ive been there, im 35 and my studies amounted to nothing and now im the manager of a bank

I still feel like i'm waiting on my life to "start".

I turn on the TV, see a high school party. Think about how maybe some day I'll go to cool older kid parties. Realize i'm 21 and 5 years older than anyone in that show.
I hear from my brother he's having some problems with a friend. Maybe someday i'll have a friend close enough to fight with. Waitaminute, if that didn't happen back in school, why should it happen now?
And of course the usual no gf ever nonsense.

I feel this way about many things. The only grown up thing I do is my job, which I actually think I do well, and the chores that come with living alone, which again I think i'm adept at. In other areas of life, I feel like a child. When my father was my age, he was in a fraternity (where he met people he still knew while I was growing up), dating my mother, and having a great time. I wish he had told me how he did that.

TDLR: How do I "start" my life?
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Go out, put effort into socializing, meeting women and making friends, and finding passions, and ways to get ahead in life

These things will never come to you, you can't continue living the same lifestyle you are now if you truly want change. You have to change your entire lifestyle, how your mind works and views the world.You have to go out and get it, make things happen.

Easier said than done of course, in a similar dilemma, but 23 and moreso lacking on the career/financial aspect of life, and having cool large social circles is something that's always evaded me.

But I will say, at your age I moved to a new state and was able to meet and fuck hotter women than I'd dreamed of before, and make great friends by going out and having fun, a lot, putting effort into socializing. Become more interested in people and try to understand them.

hope this helps

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