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I am 22 and living with my parents and I'm severely out of any discipline and motivation. I am so sad. I'm just wasting my time at home watching YouTube all day and just nothing else. Doesn't do much exersise, Completed my bachelors a year back and I haven't tried to get a job anywhere. I was raised sheltered where my parents were incredibly strict, treated me like shit, questioned everything I did, etc. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. I don't want to suicide because I know I need to find my reason to live.

What advice can you give me to get myself moving on in life?

(unrelated pic)
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Guys, I need help. In the next 3 years I am going to lose weight, study in university and learn a new language. When I get ripped and a degree I'll try to move to either Korea or Japan, but I cannot decide which. Can anyone give me pros and cons of them both, most preferably which women are better for long term relationship.
And no, I am not a neckbearded weeb.
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I'm not sure how I should go about growing my hair...I just cut it for foot ball because it gets in the way and before I cut it, it was down passed my lip....I just started school...and I care alot about how I look just because I'm really worried about what others think of me and my hair is 3 inches on the top and about 1 inch on the side should I just let it be and let it do its thing or should I keep it trimmed then over the summer should I let it all grow and get it through the akward stage...oh btw my hair grows about 2-3 inch about every 3 or 4 weeks. It's also pretty healthy as well.
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Eh, I'd say keep it stylish. Men with unkempt hair are very, very unattractive.

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I need to get laid; I'm looking to change my About since I had no luck with some smart bullshit. Any ideas are welcome. Bonus points for a humorous about
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Definitely check out the app from https://www.datingappsgenius.com - I used it to scrub up my photos and spam some new openers.

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How do I garner a stronger willpower and sense of intelligent initiative?
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"garner" means "get from elsewhere"

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Is it worth getting a gf if I'm anti-social?
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Hey its your boy tee. I recently broke up with my long term gf. Couple of girls who are fans of my movies want to bang, but im pretty sure they are both really really slutty. Like a hundred guys a year at least. Should i fuck? Can anything go wrong? i hear they are pros
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Any medfags in here that can tell me what's up with my body? I probably should go to a doctor soon though. So, I'm a virgin, and no matter what I don't feel any sexual stimulation when I masturbate. I do get erections when watching porn but have never ejaculated or felt that nice feeling from masturbating. Can anyone tell me what this is called, or if it's natural or not?
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It's definitely a problem. Are you on any meds?

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Having no need to be dominant than others.

Is this possible?
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Currently in college and for the first time (believe it or not) I have developed deep romantic feelings for a girl.
When we first hung out, we somehow got into talking about relationship stuff. This is when she told me she was not looking for a bf ( I at the time was not looking for a gf, so ofc I told her that).
As time went by, we grew much closer (so this is when I obviously started devoloping those feelings). There was at one point were I even thought that she was open to having a relationship (wanting to/loved txting me everyday, exchanging plenting of compliments, some flirting, she tries to be cute with her txting). Things all of a sudden slowed down a bit, but still great. However, it all changed when some guy promised it was just a hangout but at the end asked her "how was the date?". This has affected her and we began to txt less often, began calling me bro, and started acknowledging the greatness of friendship. Things have gotten better (I sometimes flirt with her a bit and she likes it) but I dont want to seem thirsty or anything like that. I respect her decision... but at the the same time I want to be with her. I know there are plenty of girls out there, but she is the first that I actually give a shit about and I dont want to miss this opportunity. So basically , how do I handle my emotions and this current situation? I dont want to create another awkward situation for her.
Most of our conversations happen through txt and we rarely see each other anymore (but when we do hangout, we spend as much time as we can together and is always a wonderful time).
She is Korean and a devout christian. That may soumd a bit off putting but she is honestly an amazing person.
Hope this is enough info.
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She was born in South Korea, but went to international school there and lived back and forth in the US

Well hello. This is the thing: my birthday is this week and I don't know whether to celebrate it or not. I have plenty of friends, but haven't seen them in awhile (like 2 years).

It happens that the last time I tried to reunite with them, they didn't seem so eager to meet-up (in fact, they threw trivial excuses like "I'm tired" or "I don't feel like going, sorry"). Considering we all live in the same city those are pretty shitty excuses. I don't even think they will enjoy coming to my party, so it's a pretty sticky situation...

I don't know what to do, help
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>girlfriend refuses to return "I love you"s whenever she has some kind of issue with me

Is this a red flag? It seems really petty and childish
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It is kind of childish, but don't phrase it to her in that way. Good thing communication skills can usually be improved!

Hi everyone,

I feel like I have a huge roadblock in my life right now with the idea of making new friends. I am in a super transitional period where I have severed ties with a lot of my old friends and now don't have very many anymore. A lot of people I used to hang out with weren't the best influences and my family has told me that they think I am better off without most of them (I went to school, got a good job, make decent money now while many of them didn't progress in life) but I'm sure it's safe to say that my social life is the area where I feel like I am completely lacking now.

I feel like it is very hard to trust people. I had a past friend try to turn other friends behind my back a couple of years ago, and it's just made me paranoid to open up to people like I did when I was a bit younger. In addition to this, I live in a Marxism-riddled city and I do not identify with this ideology, making it even harder to assume that people aren't like 9/10 of who I went to school with. It has gotten to the point where I think I know what I need to do to break out of this rut, but have psychologically dug myself into a hole where I now feel like going out to meet people is this giant task I never knew I'd have to face without the help of school or other forced social settings.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation? What did you do to cope?
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I spent 25$ on lottery tickets this month and I feel like it's too much

I like to play but I want to spend a maximum of 15$ a month so I don't become addicted

That's like 7-8 tickets a month
I know about the odds but I still want to play. Is this ok?

I feel guilty because I fantasize too much about winning sometimes and entire hours go by

I don't know if this has to do with something but I am going through some hard times (not money related)

What do you think?
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I'm a 20-something guy from Australia, living with my partner. She's gone through a lot of abuse and I'm pretty messed up myself, I moved in with her whilst she was unemployed and ended up having to take out loans etc just to get by, so now 4 years later i'm 40K in debt with no assets to show for it.

She has BPD and has trouble being in contact with her real life, doesnt' do any chores and spends most of her time smoking weed with me. I feel like my life is shallow and very empty, I don't have many friends any more because she's so scrambled and needy, and always thinks people (even friends) have issue with her.

At the moment she's working and without her income I would not be afloat right now. How do I unscramble this situation? How do I get on top of that much debt when I have nothing to show for it except that I am still here?

<3 :/
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just keep going and if you aren't, become catholic pls

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