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The concept of wearing different masks on your face with your family friends spouse and work is... false.

It's a figment of our behaviors and personalities. It's how you behave with those people in respect to your life. Your idea of yourself is what made those masks and it can be read so easily. In the grand scheme of things you become the identity you perceive yourself to be or rather what you perceive yourself to be is what becomes your identity.

How you act and what you say or do becomes a wide window into your consciousness. Only we think that they are masks we wear when in reality you are hiding certain personalities from the other types of people. Ultimately we are self centered and focus too much on worrying to expose ourselves to other people and the possibility of other people finding out our hidden sides when we really should be concerned about treating everyone with respect.

Except we don't. Because everyone is living in this flawed perspective we call masks.
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I need some advice, /adv/. Here's my situation. I grew up in buttfuck nowhere, graduated highschool, attempted army as a 35F but couldn't pass basic cause my legs kept breaking. Joined job corps, got certification in culinary arts and tcu/iam. Been in the culinary field for the past 5 years and I fucking can't stand it anymore. I want out.

I'm completely lost on what to do. I'm Interested in security, the police force, military related fields but I'm 25, female, and have already failed it once. Should I try it again? I already work out at the gym and am pretty athletic but is this a wise decision?
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i know this might be the wrong board to go to for this advice but i need some quick responses

im planning on moving to minnesota from california within the next 2 years and i need some info on how to get prepared
how much money should i have saved?
should i transport everything myself or get a moving company to do it?
what area of minnesota would be a good area for a couple in their mid twenties?
would it help if we get married before the move or should we do it after? (we dont need a big ceremony or anything)
thank you for all the help in advance
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Hey guys, American guy, 23 here, doing an internship in the Netherlands. There's a cute Danish girl living on my floor and last week I asked her out. Things seemed to go pretty well.My job involves taking a lot of pictures for social media so figuring the date was successful I invited her this weekend to grab some food and go sightseeing with me because I'd be travelling around the main downtown area getting pictures.

She said she might, depending on how her homework situation was (she's a student). Anyway, the lunch date went well like I said, but texting on whatsapp she isn't very talkative at all, and this weekend she said she had too much homework, but said maybe next week.

I've never done so well with girls, maybe I'm overthinking things, and I get Danes have a different culture... if she didn't like me would she make it pretty clear? Like when she says maybe next week, does she likely mean it or is she being polite? I really like her and hope I didn't fuck up... I have a really energetic way of talking and stuff, comes off as kind of Tom Cruise-ish and I'm worried that might have fucked things up... a few people have commented on that to me, like I seem hyper and nervous even when I'm not. Maybe that's off putting especially to Danes?
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Is depression just a natural response to growing up in a small town?
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Depression arises when you feel a lack of control in your life. So maybe.

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>have friends most others would consider shitty
>confront them about what bothers me, but usually come away feeling like I was at fault
>nothing changes
>cycle repeats

How can I tell if they really are shitty, or am I just being melodramatic or something?
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Gain self confidence. Also were you shamed the same way by your parents. What you have is a learned and repeated behavior.

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Hello senpai, I have been playing Talisman, and Dungeon with my daughters and wanted a recommendation for a simple D&D /RPG game fantasy style table top game that we could learn? Appreciate your help
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Can you get professional help for procrastination anxiety?
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For all type of anxietys, its always useful to do therapy with a professional psychologist. It may take some time, it depends on how much effort are you willing to do during the procces.

Personally it really helps me out with many different issues.

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Is there any easy way to break up with a girlfriend of two years? We are best friends but about 3 months ago I asked to take a break because I felt like my heart wasn't really in it. Fast forward to a month later, I missed her a lot and asked her to move back in.

It's been two months since she moved back in and I feel exactly the same way I did when I wanted to take the break. I love and care about her a lot, like I said she's my best friend, but I just don't feel any kind of sexual or romantic emotions towards her anymore. I've considered seeing a therapist but I'm not sure how much good that'll do.
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just moved to chicago, my sophomore year for school
was dating a girl from back home over the summer. now shes starting at a school about 30 mins away. a week after moving and ive only seen her once.

im not feeling her at all at this point. i just want to live my life without her. i feel more and more disconnected from her every time we talk.

shes starting to tell me shes cutting herself and honestly im done at this point.

how do i break up with her?
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>lives in place with millions of girls
>cares about 1

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1) What if I am making a documentary about the busiest street of New York - Times Square? Should I get consent of each and every one? No! For sure! Then WHY should I get a consent from a single person on a calm street?

2) "Tell him in the beginning" has to be clarified as well. If I plan to use a phone call recording in a court or for commercial purpose, is it a MUST to provide a PROVE that the other party AGREED for the call to be recorded? If the answer is yes, then this would mean most of the authority officers, company reception lines while DO automatically record phone calls can NEVER provide ANY PROVE that the other party is OK with it.

"This call may be monitored and recorded for quality purpose to better serve you".

This is the only message you may hear before the call is answered. So what? There is no recording with MY VOICE stating MY AGREEMENT. The fact that I did not hang up does not mean that I agree. I may not even hear that massage before their answer or I may even have no choice, but to continue the call. Finally, the other party can easily paste in post a similar warning message at the beginning of a call to justify the recording.

3) I am not sure if the service below is popular in the Western Market, but here in my country it is very popular. When you call someone, you may hear a music, a short piece from a movie or play, or any other audio message instead of a tone sound "beeeep, beeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeep, ...". I can set that message to be "This call is recorded", but 99.99% of those calling me would consider the message is joke! Can that message indemnify me? I doubt....

4) What if, as in my case, I have a corrupted officer on the other end trying to rob me??? I HAVE TO record him secretly to have a prove of his wrongdoings. And THE ONLY purpose of the recording in this case is to play it in court!
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Wouldn't want any bad advice
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Hey guys. I'm in a bad place right now. My whole life I've been unhappy where I live and I've been feeling really isolated recently. I'm also deeply in love with somone who can't tell me how they really feel about me. The only other friend I have lives in another state and has offered me to go live with her since she knows how hard it is living with parents that you can't get along with. I'm highly considering the offer but I'm terrified to see if my parents would hate me for leaving. I'm seeing my new therapist soon and I'm hoping after a few sessions, my parents might see that I have a better mental state and hopefully approve of me moving out. Especially out of state. I feel leaving would help me move on from traumatic events that this place has left me. She seems to genuinely want to help me and I want to accept her offer. I'm also going to college so should I just leave or wait until I graduate?
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I'm fucking addicted to 4Chan, Jodel, yeah even reddit (/r/incels and the typical game or console subreddits) I can't even play a game or watch a movie without it feeling like I waste my time and then insane loneliness kick's in.

If I watch a movie or tv show it has to simulate social in a kind of way which means movies like American Pie, Baywatch, and TV shows like Blue Mountain State are the best even though they're not that good story and actor and that stuff.

If there is barely any talk or very few charaterrs I find it a waste of time and start browsing the internet instead, I like action movies but it's hard when that stuff happens.

Last time I really enjoyed a game was when I was at a vacation house or what it is called with my family and I sat in the room where everyone was, I played Fallout New Vegas for many hours it was great as there were stuff happening in the background.

This sucks since I want to enjoy movies and games but it's hard to enjoy them when loneliness kicks in and I just start the browser then.

Even Youtube is not enough.
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Noone like American Pie.
It's made for chads to laugh about losers basically. Only they think it's funny.

So much 90's feel here, how old are you, 30?

Why don't you watch Oh my goddess or Sailor moon.. from the same period.

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Hey /adv/

So there's this girl at school who i really like but she's also friends with my ex who i had a really bad ending with and shes probably gone and said a bunch of crazy shit about me to.

So i'm pretty sure shes only ever heard bad things about me... but i want to get her to know me so whats the best thing to go about this?

>tldr; I like a girl, she hardly knows me, only ever heard fake bad shit about me. i wanna fucc
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