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Got any books or podcasts that would provide good tips?

At work, it's hard to get customers to do what I need them to do. When I do try to take control of the conversation I'm constantly told I'm being "condescending". It seems to be a struggle I've had lately.
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Is nursing certification worth it? Its either that or a micro degree
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To be an RN alone? Yes, but you'll bottom out for money and won't be able to advance unless you get a BSN to apply as a specialized nurse where you can make upwards up to 6 figures - NP, MSN or DNP.

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How do I get suicide advice without indirectly encouraging people? I've got one hold-up since December but I Can't get it out without redpilling fencesitters
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Maybe I don't know.
Can you repeat the question,

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My girlfriend broke it off last week due to "non compatibility and feeling uncomfortable around me (I think this is anxiety but not sure) and another unknown reason/feeling she couldnt describe and text me a few days with this "I hope youre doing okay, I;m sorry I havent yet been able to find the words to explain. I hope your gig went well btw. Is it okay to ask how you are? If you dont want me too do this again please do tell me eh, I really hope youre well." What does this mean? As we said our goodbyes and all and I said i wouldn't contact her again
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People seem to be hard wired to assume someone who dumps them immediately hates their guts. She can still care deeply for you and not want to be in a relationship (especially if she has anxiety as you suggest).

A checkup isn't that weird.

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Will shit posting on 4chan bring her back?

I use the legacy captcha and very occasionally I get her name as my captcha and I spend the rest of the day hurt
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So I interned at a place for a year. I did good work (I thought at least) and left on good terms with everyone I regularly contacted. Problem is, I've been trying to get a job from there for months and I can't land a single interview and none of my former supervisors will return any of my attempts to contact them. The place's HR office is close by and would be responsible for selecting and interviewing me.

Should I talk to HR or not bother? I doubt it'd help anything but maybe it could at least give me closure.
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If they didn't offer you a position after you ended your internship, they're probably not interested in hiring you. At the very least, there probably aren't any positions going there - they can't give you a job if they don't have a job to give you. It can't hurt to contact HR, but don't hold your breath.

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Will I get fined if I post a video privately on pornhub that I bought on clips4sale?

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they'll chop ur head off

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Really liked this girl in high-school, maybe she liked me back, don't know. We graduated, went our separate ways, but stayed in touch for 1.5 years, made her a Photo-manipulation present for her birthday(worked on that for quite a bit) and then I thought that this is pointless, I like her, but she isn't here. So I cut all contact, was kinda able to forget about her, and then, all of a fucking sudden, 2 years after that, she writes me back and implies that she missed me. We finally met, talked for a bit about what's happened in our lives, but now I'm back to square one. I never stopped loving her, and we're still separate in different parts of the country. Why, why did she contact me? It's been a year since that dreaded message, and we've met one time after that, when our schedules aligned to be in our home town.
What the fuck am I supposed to do now?
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So basically every anon in a relationship must know what I'm taking about. How do you keep being sexually attracted to a person you get used to? I dumped a hot friend with benefits for a long distance relationship with a girl I love. It has been 5 months, we spent nearly the whole summer together, yet I'm already thinking that a long term relationship leads to an inevitable feeling of being bored by sex. The thought that my girlfriend could find someone else more sexually attractive because she got used to me is killing me.
Anons, share your relationship stats: how long have you had a serious relationship and what do you do about sex.
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Well it helps to a) not be insecure and think she's going to jump ship and b) genuinely like her. Sex in a relationship isn't about the physical act of sex, it's about the intimacy.

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How can I overcome crying when feeling under pressure? When I was a teen, I used to clam up completely which would make my parents upset with me. I couldn't talk or form the right words quickly. I always need a couple of minutes to regroup myself and speak. It isn't as bad now that I'm 26, but I still can't help but to start tearing up when I'm feeling immense pressure.
I've got an anxiety disorder that I've been working on for years, and crying is one big thing I'm trying to get under control.. When I talk to my boyfriend and he keeps asking "What's wrong?" "Are you okay??" "What's wrong!?" I feel super pressured and I can't help but to start tearing up. I hate it. It's making my boyfriend worry that I cry every time we have a serious talk, which in the end everything turns out okay, but he still thinks I'm miserable.
It feels like I'm in the spotlight, and I have to say something NOW when I'm under that kind of pressure. I'm 26 years old, and I feel pathetic that I can't get this under control.
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self bump

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