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What shows are the best when it comes to subtle fanservice?
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Flying Witch. The greatest. It's never distracting, but you can tell the director is huge into butts.

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What went wrong?
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Yuasa is the Imagawa of this century
Bad source material

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I'm disappointed that no one remembered that today was our favorite psychopath Rena's birthday.

And if anyone tries to say it's because no one likes Rena, I'll just reply "USO DA!".
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No one likes Rena.
>higurashi was 40 years ago

What the hell is going on? I thought these were just mecha robots.

The monsters also tried to talk to Shinji or maybe he was just delusional. Ever since episode 13 this show has started to get a lot more sinister and weird. And they are showing more of Gendo and they are hiding stuf from Misato.

I'll watch the rest but the show is taking a turn. I can feel it and it seems very dark.
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Gendo throws a meteor on Earth and Shinji dies trying to stop it
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It only gets better from that episode.
ban evangelion discussion from the english language internet

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Not sure how to start this thread without making it seem like I am trolling but regardless.

I watched this last night and I can't make up my mind on it. I understand the story, I understand the message but as a movie it just feels flat. There's no points that really feel like a climax, even when Nishimiya is going to kill herself and while the musical score was fitting there were no really memorable themes, apart from My Generation but that felt out of place.

I still consider it a story worth seeing, but the chosen format seems all wrong. It's not something I would suggest playing on a movie night, it's not something I would see going to the cinemas for. It would have been better off a series of OVAs I think.
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It left out quite a bit from the manga. The movie was alright, but definitely not the definitive version of the story. It took out a lot of backstory and sub plots, plus it cut the ending short and that definitely took away some of the impact for me.
The manga was shit, so it figures that the movie would be too.
Do you think it was just pandering to people who had read the manga? Or was it more that they tried to adapt it but came up short?

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I want to be President's love slave. I want to serve her faithfully and take care of all her needs every day, and in return have her femdom me every night, maybe together with Ririka sometimes. I want her to whisper sweet nothings in my ear with her impossibly erotic voice as her warm, blueberry-scented breath tickles the side of my face. I want her to gently edge me with her fingers and mouth, leaving me in pleasure and agony for the whole night as she controls my orgasm with a lewd smile while Ririka sits on my face with an embarrassed expression and asks if I'm okay. I want them to switch ends and have the face-sitting turn vigorous and confident as President takes charge, and the blowjob become clumsy and awkward with hints of teeth as Ririka messes up once in a while. I want them to drown me in blue lipstick and have to reluctantly scrub off the smudged stains from various parts of my body every morning in the shower, only to miss some traces of blue on my neck on purpose and have students point at me and whisper in the corridor when they see it, so they all know I'm President's exclusive little bitch.
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i mean really if you look at it Hitler wasn't so bad, after him the government would probably become more liberal socially and evolve into a mixed economy like modern Europe but more stable
she get bored of you and leave to the cyclops bitch

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A bomb
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No, Savage.
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that bitch was ugly as hell and annoying and ruined that whole half of the show

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>Evangelion's staff updates their studio's Twitter and post this
What did they mean by this?
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Could you link the twitter

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Your name thread
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Your Name - A time travel story
Nijiiro Hotaru - A time travel story
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - A time travel story


Your Name rip-offs
Guys post some wallpapers, i wanna make a set but this all i got so far.
>you will never drink Mitsuha's bottled saliva

>/a/ already forgot about Myano

s2 when
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Well you're wrong.
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Myano a cute!
Who cares? More importantly, when is Ohta dying?

Batou deserves so much better.
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news flash..there is nothing better. And he aint getting any....EVER.
I hope one day I can be a bitchin' cyborg. I think I'd put my brain in a cute girl instead of hunky man body though.

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chihaya BTFO.jpg
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Did Chihaya deserve this fate for killing her brother?
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Chihaya a shit. Moon Girl is best girl.
She deserves my dick.
No one deserves such a punishment.

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anyone know where sensei gets his looping song from? also, tsugumomo discussion
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Who is Sunao's opponent?
>where sensei gets his looping song from?
he has a link to the song on his homepage
anymore uncensored volume links?

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Why was episode 8 so bad?
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The whole anime was bad. You watch it for the atmosphere, not the plot.
No super eurobeat
nothing happened

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