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How would you go about adapting Dragon Ball?

Sagas adapted? Cast? Director?
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By not making it.
It was adapter perfectly already, the filler screaming only added to the intensity.
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To a movie, I'm assuming?

Trilogy of movies. King Piccolo Saga, Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga. Adding elements from other sagas to keep it consistent with the show.

Try to be as faithful to the anime as possible. Age Goku up to be a bit more relatable in the Piccolo Saga, but no highschool bullshit. Maybe make him 17 or 18.

Puppetry and effects from the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Think a more modern looking Dark Crystal in terms of visuals with brighter colors.

Really attempt to replicate the feeling of Dragon Ball in live action. Keep the setting and tone as close to the original as possible.

Title them:
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball: The Frieza Saga

Maybe tease the cell saga at the end of the third movie as some fan service, but never follow up on it. I think a trilogy ending with Frieza would work the best structurally

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Read the guide before asking any quiestions:


Wonfes Time is near
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>articulated and scale Ishtar
I need me my astral Archer. I do like Rin too.

Yes, Musashi!

Now this I could use. What better case to keep my phone safe than a shield?
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A Mana transfer threesome would be fun, considering how Nero erotically dominated Rin in Extra

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Stop it
give me smoked cheese
Only if you give me your smoked cheese.

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Could she have wished for Incubator to not exist?
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(you) should be able to solve this
why would she erase everybody she knows including herself while she could just semi-kill herself only and feel all cool and useful while at it
Do you seriously think they would have granted that wish?

As it is, I think she only got away with the wish she did make because QB didn't think about all the ramifications until it had already been set into motion.
She was able to become a god, right?

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lol dude blue LMAO
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
It begins with doggy, with Caulifla reverse-ramming Cabba who's holding on for dear life and on the edge.

Then Cabba powers up and slams her into missionary to take the lead, which leaves Caulifla blushing and squirming. Cabba instantly recovers his Ki and his boner enlarges as he thrusts with all his might.

Caulifla, who is on the verge of climax and finally letting out moans, will then grip Cabba into a leg-lock and flip him over, then twist into a reverse cowgirl position. She will then ride Cabba while berating him. "Your cock is puny, you're weak and pathetic, you call this skill? Kale is a thousand times better than you—" but she miscalculates, as Cabba is actually a massive masochist. His cock goes fully erect, as hard as it can go, and he powers up until a full SS2 form as electric sparks fly all around Caulifla. She screams from the static and climaxes at that moment, the sudden rush of pleasure sending her into SS2, which also triggers immense pleasure into Cabba as he, too, climaxes while both of them never stop thrusting and grinding.

Both of them revert to their normal states and a gasping, blushing Caulifla collapses on top of an exhausted and spent Cabba. "We should do this 'special training' more often..." Cabba nods nervously, then Caulifla notices that he's still hard. She smiles wickedly. "Up for another round?"

Next page will be a chibi drawing of a shaking bed with the words "DOUBLE KO" overhead.

The final page will show a yandere Kale watching from a crack in the bedroom. "TO BE CONTINUED..."
Reminder that Cell is best DBZ villain.

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>OP by fhána
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No replies in the DB for this post!


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Post characters that could survive a normal punch from Saitama
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They would probably be pretty fucked up though.
pic related survived the power of friendship

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I know the anime ended before the manga did, but where exactly did it end? Could I simply pick up at the beginning of part 2 of the manga after I watch the anime?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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How is your country represented in anime?
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Most of the time in a positive manner, I think. Japan loves us after all.
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>Most of the time in a positive manner, I think. Japan loves us after all.
Why though?
Even my Japanese lecturers seems to love Germany and they can speak German too.
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Comedic Relief.

new episode soon
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Can she even be topped?
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My Nina deck is ready.
subs out

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But I already like it

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Who's the cutest Berserk and why is it the mermaid?
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you dont even know her fucking name shitposter
>you dont even know her fucking name shitposter
I know all their names: the mermaid, the loli, the retard, the blonde.
Because sex hair.

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Is this supposed to be 10 minutes of pure concentrated wish fulfillment? To me, Tsurezure Children seems kind of pointless. No story. No themes. Just 10 minutes of kids either struggling to confess or confessing. Thats it.

What am I missing, /a/?
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A brain.
cute couples doing cute couple things

most romance manga are either shoujo soup operas, or outright NTR so cute romance series are quite novel.
I hate myself everytime I think about this show.

Hey /a/ lets play Shiritori but with only anime characters or series.

I'll start. Dejiko.
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no thanks

Kodo geasu

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