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Ode to Kirihito.jpg
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Did Tezuka have some kind of animal fetish? Cause this shit was freaky as fuck.
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>Did Tezuka have some kind of animal fetish
This is common fucking knowledge, anon.
ask /co/ I believe these sick fucks even had a compilation pic of all the works with that
For real?

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The movie surely looks great, was a huge work in production and it's style is a great influence.

But come on, you gotta admit that breaking asphalt, things blowing up and dust going from A to B for 90 minutes (after the first 30), coupled with 50% of people making the "big eyes face" all the time. That's not great.
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Nice shitpost, fuckboy.
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>I can't believe what's happening now
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my gf back in 2004 told me to read the manga and I never did it.
Now I finally finished it and think
>of course, nobody can't say it's not good, because it's such a great effort and influence, but the admiration is probably mostly childhood nostalgia

Takasaki is a deceitful drama whore
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Do you hate Takasaki?

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Reg needs an adult
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Reg needs another shota to ride him
Well boys, I think we can safely say they aren't doing bonedaddy's arc (as I've said from the fucking start). All you extra chromosome fuckers forget we are gonna get scenes with him and the Idofront in Nanachi and Mitty's back story. That's why he's in the OP. He'll be in the show but his arc is either gonna be S2 or never if there is no S2. I seriously can't understand why so many of you don't see that.

As for the episode. I'm glad they showed the foraging/eating scene, that means we'll hopefully see the scene Nanchi eats good food for the first time in her life. I was hoping there'd be a bit more excitement (birds) than just Habo but at least they did that right. Not too impressed with the way the creatures are being animated, it's better than CGI but it's really jarring, and the bug scene was really botched compared to the urgency of the manga. Solid 6.5/10. Hoping we get birds and arrival at the seeker camp ending with Ozen smashing Reg into the ground next episode.
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Maruruk's a lucky bastard. He gets all the /ss/ he could.

I thought this show was supposed to be funny, but it's just been extremely depressing so far. Is something wrong with me?
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It gets so cringey it ends up being either sad or funny depending on whether you can relate to her or not.
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the anime is really depressing. read the manga, its much better
It's supposed to be that way

ITT gays characters
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you already posted the gayest of them all

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when will they learn?
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Learn what?
That OP is a faggot.
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Learn that they're the cutest?

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Is this chart correct?
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No, it was made by retards.
I don't care
100/100 is, at least.

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best grill.png
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My eyes can see the death of everything. I can cut the lines as long as I understand the death behind it. This means I can kill anything, even if that thing is God.
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But can she see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch(tm)?
But can Shiki kill Servants?
But can she kill Servants?

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Hey there. Dumping an anthology.


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What is this expression trying to convey?
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They should have just kicked him out of their order. I don't get why Darnic even allowed him to summon a servant in the first place.
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The want for more volumes of Strange Fake already. Narita said that he'd written a shitton of material already; it can't be that far-off.
Cuz he gave the Yggds the power supply for their Serfs.

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Why don't anime studios take 2 minutes to google things?
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You have to realize that you don't know something before you can search for it. It's called unknown unknowns.
What now?
You think something is correct until someone in fact points out it is wrong.

Say like you're genuinely convinced something is correct you don't double check it, that is how some mistakes happen.

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Only retards like nonlinear storytelling.
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Keep your shit quality google image shit off /a/.
along with this, flashbacks can go fuck off unless they start a story.
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Retards don't like it because they can't understand such a powerful storytelling device with their retard brains.

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at what point does the jojo anime get good?

i have watched the first 10 episodes of the 2008 one and its fucking horrible.
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watch it and find out you redditspacing retard
File: 1488937657537.jpg (100KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>the 2008 one
it's not hip to watch it anymore so don't force yourself. Nobody will like you for liking JoJo.

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Post manga that EOPs can't fully enjoy.
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hell shota.jpg
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