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Friday night is here, let us party the night away together! Post gif/webm of dancing anime girls!

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
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There's like, a website that does this, isn't there
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If I had to guess the actual theme of this thread...

Hey. Dumping one of two PictureBox books that I scanned.

>Sugiura Shigeru (1908-2000) is widely regarded as one of the masters of Japanese comics. His 1953 adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans sold over 60,000 copies, quickly establishing him as one of the most sought-after children's manga artists of the 50s. His popularity had faded by the mid-60s, but he made a comeback later in the decade with a number of highly surrealistic, collage-like works, and he chose to rework Mohicans in this new style in 1974. Considered a masterpiece of postwar manga, The Last of the Mohicans is as beautiful to look at as it is a delight to read. This PictureBox edition--the first book-length publication of Sugiera in English--is edited and translated by Ryan Holmberg, who also provides an introduction, and is the inaugural volume in PictureBox's Ten Cent Manga series, focusing on mass-produced genre works in Japanese postwar comics.
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Why did you reply without a picture?
Please post a picture of you

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>itt casual filter of each respective season

I'll start with current season, pic related.
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But that's 2 seasons.
I actually don't see many people talking about this show
I forgot about this show around episode 5, do they start making progress?

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I'm revisiting Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu after learning just recently that it got a 2nd season I never watched. This show is actually much funnier then I remember!

What are you rewatching, /a/?
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posting best girl
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I'm re-watching Deadman Wonderland mostly because of the ED.
I've got better shit to watch too. Fuck.

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Which one, /a/?
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Akira is the best and most perfect girl in the series.
both at the same time

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Was 3.0 really that bad?
Yes, it was. Still marginally better than 2.0
I'd watch an anime about Anno running a farm. It looks comfy as fuck

Moral of the story: If you use your natural talent to get ahead in life you're pure evil and need to be taken down.
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If you cant even understand the themes of mob pyscho you don't deserve to be on this board
More if you use your "superiority" to lord over and subjugate others then you're a weak ass bitch
Imagine being so dumb you can't read the themes of an anime.

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i found out wht NTR is bad just from this manga
Imagine getting cucked by your own daki
So fucking hot

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He's going to survive right?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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No anime will ever surpass Zeta Gundam. This is the undeniable truth.
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Literally not even the best Gundam by the same director.
>he thinks Turn A is good
Zeta has some of the most embarrassing nonsensical writing I've ever seen in an anime.

What would you do if you were in his situation, /a/?
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Fuck both, what else?
Push for harem.
Dump them and start a revolution against the totalitarian government

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Are grooming standards really this lax in the JSDF?
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what guy care about how their hair is in a non office job.
Just wet your hair and shape it to the style with your hands and your good to go
LTs can get away with looking a little shaggy in pretty much every military. It's only when the promotions get competitive that people start focusing on form.
Plus he's a ranger and special forces.

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What type of relationship did they have
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The best kind of relationship thats what. Lovers.
Gay. Hard gay.

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Pink=Silver>Blacks Shit>Orange
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>shit taste
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Brown>Black>>>>>shit>>>>technicolor genki girl bullshit haircolors
Green is objectively the worst hair color.

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