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look at the rest of its coat.
Looks like its already been shat on multiple times.

Is Hoqyuin screwed? How did Rak get in the hidden room?
Why does Yuri keep taking her shoes off?
Let's discuss.
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Hoaqin is a character made for the future, so no. It was already foreshadowed in the fight with Yuri and Karaka that if both of them let each other off, they'll both become stronger since they're still growing.

Rak's soul probably merged with his data since he died. It was foreshadowed Baam can take things out of the room, so he can take Rak out too.

Yuri takes off her shoes because she is someone who doesn't want to be a Princess and is looking for change in the Tower. Garam and Andorthy do the same thing by not wearing heels. It's not shoes in specific, it's heels, something all Princess wear. Even Anak doesn't wear heels.
I thought maybe author had a foot fetish.
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Bow down to your waifu
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The is only One Waifu~!~
the only good thing that can come out of the shitheap that is dragon ball super is more female:muscle porn

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New episode in 12 hours.
Everything will be Fine.
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I will post this every thread until they dock if you catch my drift.
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Tsubasa's gonna comfort Chris over her lost arm

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Was he justified?
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He was an idiot who did far more harm than good for his brother and the shinobi world.
Yes. His only mistake was not going far enough.

What's the deal with animals in military uniforms?
Did Momotaro start this shit? Did Dragon Ball make it popular?
Where can I find more?
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Pretty old thing all over the world really, in Jap animation, it might have started during the 40s, around the time of Attack on Demon island, a propaganda film featuring footage from the pearl harbour attack, iirc. Clothed animals have been drawn and painted for a long time.

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Post what you got!
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Go to an image dump board, /a/ is a discussion board.

best ED of the season?
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Did this just start this episode? I don't even remember the other episodes having an ED but I'm 3 episodes behind.
of course it has an ED
and this one started since ep13
We are the only 2 people on /a/ that watch this show.

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>reading multiple publishing manga
>last chapter was x week(s)/months ago
>forgot what happened in the last chapter when the new chapter gets released

How do you stop being a brainlet?
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She got good dabing skills, haters must be thoroughly dabbed.

reread the last chapter, it's not that hard.
animu girl think she slick but she dabbin
its everyday bro.

How far are in in that new kono suba light novel, /a/
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>reading or buying localized trash
No thanks, EOP.
Volume 11, Chapter 3.
my nigga I cain't even read

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Why don't you like it, anon?
It's not a masterpiece, but It has very good moments, specially the Pairo ones.
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because 2011 is shit
But this is a completely new semi-canon story and you can't compare it with hxh 99.
The only reason to watch the HxH movies is Kurapika. The whole Retz sideplot was pretty stupid, and the manga extra about Kurapika's past does a better job of going into his backstory. This movie kinda feels like they wanted to have Kurapika fighting alongside the Spiders but they couldn't figure out a reason for him to do so because it's non-canon so the satisfaction of Kurapika+Spiders is just... wasted. The Pairo moments were good moments but don't work with the overall canon of the manga, esp if Tse is keeping Pairo's decapitated head as some sort of morbid art display. Still, this movie isn't as bad as Last Mission.

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Ojamajo Doremi is the pinnacle of anime, at least emotionally-speaking.
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It's been reduced to an s4s meme.
Who knew [s4s] was capable of such god-like taste?

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I miss this anime/manga.
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friendly reminder that Eri won the Harimabowl
Pie won the bowl. no amount of retcon is going to remove that taste.
This is a reminder that nobody won the Harimabowl because School Rumble Z was a non-canon collection of parallel universe stories.

Galko-chan is for _______
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the BBC

Learning trivia

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>masamune-kun no revenge
>by the end of the anime ends up getting no revenge
Really butters my steak
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>He watched this piece of shit until the end
You're retarded for watching something that was never going to get a full adaption.
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>masamune kun's revenge
>he unwittingly gets revenge, but it's against best girl

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