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Who is the best Mermaid Princess and why is it Luchia?
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Chapter has been translated. Any guesses on how long this chapter is going to be. Do you think it might full a whole volume.
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Anon, help me. I can't get aroused without her anymore. What should I do?
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Who is this girl and why do I see her posted so often?
Be like Hideyoshi or Yuuko
She'll send goons after you, but you won't get aroused by her anymore
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She is my Goddess.

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>that pic
>nothing about poop
Lemme see what's need to be upgraded then.
Really setting the standard of quality there, OP.

What anime from the past 7 (2010's)years do you think people will remember, watch, and discuss, many years after it aired?
Shows like Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL

>Beautifully done soundtrack

>story and characters are top notch - ending is also somewhat confusing which guarantees a lot of discussion

>short and sweet - 12 episodes

>Art is not only beautiful, it's also unique

Honestly, I really can't imagine Katanagatari will just die out anytime soon.
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Madoka, Steins Gate, Mawaru Penguindrum, Shouwa Genroku, and maybe Shinsekai yori.

Toonamifag : The Thread!
Starring OP as the gigantic mongoloid

Rated : PG
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>Steins Gate

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>You will never be a cooking jew in another world broing it up with an impossibly powerful wolf companion

Such a sad fate.
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how is the LN version?
Based on past experience I'm gonna guess machine translated with sporadic updates.
What is this? All my search results are just spice and wolf.

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I ordered this just so I could get free one-day delivery with amazon

tell me Yen Press did a good job
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"Chalchuck the half-foot lockpick".
it's pretty okay. the names are the thing that freak me out the most. chilchuck, falin, laios. I don't even know these people.

wasn't it half-foot picklock?
Yeah, one of the two.

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So is RobinxLuffy happening yet?
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Crew worth: 1.570.000.100 Berries(Likely HUGE boost after this arc)

Beautiful Pirates Barto Club
Happo Navy
Tonta Army
Giant Pirates
Yonta Maria

Allied Pirate Crews:
Kuja Pirates
Sun Pirates
Heart Pirates
FT Pirates??(Perhaps at the end of WCI arc)

Allied Nation/ Villages:
Foosha Village
Syrup Village
Cocoyasi Village
Baratie Restaurant
Drum Kingdom
Water Seven
Arabasta Kingdom
Ryugu Kingdom
Amazon Lily

Its been 20 years my dudes. Time for our boy to finally hit the big leagues.
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He still has a long way to go. He has to escape BM and get to Wano. There he will team up to take down Kaido. In Elbaf is when he'll be truly Yonko level, he isn't anywhere close yet.

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Have you already forgotten me /a/.
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I freaking loved this series.
Nice. The last season wasn't as good as the first one, but I definitely enjoyed the puzzles.
The ops were also good.
I did not fucking expect this.

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Why is magma diver so disliked?
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Imagine Eva but with someone that isn't the main character and any cool fights & character moments
Magma Diver is one of my favorite episodes.
That and "Both of you dance like you want to win" (that was the title, right? Haven't watched since college in 2004ish)
How it is disliked? It showed an important side of the worldbuilding of the series, I always asked where the hell the angels came from and how they were born and I finally got that answer with this episode

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>his waifu is over 40kg
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the joy of being manhandled
explosions are overrated.
>his waifu is a shitty meme

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Angel's Egg.jpg
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How did you make sense of this movie?
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there's no reasons on Earth, even post-apocalyptical nothingness, to be so stupid to store all you like in one single place
someone will come and destroy it just to teach you to be less primitive
or because they are cute or handsome and simply able to
or maybe it was you all along

It was a pretty moving picture

Something something rape.

Junior Warrant Officer Schrödinger is for ____________
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