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Late to the party, but I'm just writing this in a whim to say that this was such a moving masterpiece, Makoto Shinkai really delivered this time.

Also Yotsuha is so cute.
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>this time
Exactly. Five Centimeters Per Second and Garden of Feet were terrible.
A cake is fine too.
5cm didn't really click on me because the characters felt lifeless and forgettable as fuck. Same as Garden of Old hag, that was pretty bad.

ITT characters who ruined their respective series. I'll start.
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Beat Moka's sister by just a little
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>not liking Chitose
Shit taste

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But this was decent with a great ending.
Machi is really really cute.

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This is satanichia satanichius a rare demon, very harmful and sly, cake maker, merely pretending bully, overlord of overlords and possesses the highest intellectual intelligence over the 2D world, never leave home alone and be careful about the no-pan smell
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she is my wife you dumb cunt
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Can't be yours since shes mine.
How do you feel about your wife being forced in front of 25k twitch users and forced to perform for Crunchyroll

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if you heard it you lose
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Honestly not sure what I am supposed to hear here.
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The best anime movie according to Anno.
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Anno is on a completely different level from most lowly human beings. You need to be able to think four dimensionally to understand CCA's greatness.
The nu Gundam is one of my favorite mecha designs ever.
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what the what.jpg
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>Unit 01 could have been like a mother to me!
What the fuck did he mean by this?

Which are your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! anime duels?
Judai vs Cronos in the 4th season of GX has a special place in my heart.
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You know the answer.

Judai vs Kaiser at the end of s1 was great.
That battle with Noah's final turn is fucking great

That filler cheating fuck losing 10000 LP in one turn is great. Also atem using blue eyes ultimate dragon is cool as shit

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Who would you cast for the live action series? Let's assume you could have big name actors.

Starting with the villains, who would probably be familiar faces to offset the cast of young unknowns.
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A live action series would be a massive flop no matter who you cast

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You're watching it for him, right? The girls aren't even worth it.
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Desu desu.
Why wasn't he the MC
She was best girl up to the point where they cut her hair

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Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you Spider again
But Hisoka softly creeping
Left his seed in me while I was sleeping
And the vision of butchered Spiders that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence
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I canĀ“t wait for chrollo kill hisoka
>Slaughters hundreds of people just to steal from them

>gets emo his friends die
Hisoka is practically immortal now. Also his Nen might start to gain sentience.

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>11 year old pure loli
>voiced by 40 year old semen demon
Why is this allowed?
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She's 36, you daft sod.
>what is rounding up
What is being incorrect?

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I just finished the Evangelion manga and I thought the ending was much better than EoE.
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Fuck you pleb
>Asuka wasn't even dead when the instrumentalization began, thus ruining the point of Shinji being all alone in the world at the moment
That's the biggest problem I have with it, but the entire manga is pretty mediocre compared to the anime, and that epilogue was shit
Can Instrumentality bring people back from the dead?

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So why didn't Aizen just steal his heart?
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Orihime stole it first.
Ichigo wasn't gay
no ofc not, the thing between him and chad was purely nohomo

School me on Sailor Moon?

What's the story?
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School me on why the mangaka didn't do shit after the thing had ended.
x being from x dimension comes to earth and tries to sap energy through some dumb method
Girls dressed up in sailor outfits stop them and also sometimes a guy in a tuxedo.
Repeat ad nauseum till you can't take it anymore
Power Rangers with girls in mini skirts

She's done other shit but she's pretty much a one hit wonder. She does some great character designs and comes up with some cool concepts but a lot of what made SM a huge hit comes from the anime adaptation

Look at her. She's perfect. She's more than perfect. She's a goddess. I want to be stabbed, tortured to death, and eaten by her. I want her to become me and stab other heroes to death. She's stronger than any pro hero in the setting (bar Endeavor) and, once she finally gets redeemed, she's gonna marry Bakugou and have several beautiful violent children. And there's nothing anyone can do about.
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Momo>The Burger in Pic related>Toga
my. dick.
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