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No one remembers Gravion so meh
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The best one around.

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Why aren't there more romance starring christmas cakes? It seems they even self insert to younger girls for their wish fulfillment, judging by the shitton of otome isekai out there.
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Because Christmas cakes are not romantic. They are just up for grabs.
It's like asking why so few people are getting rich on piracy. You don't need to pay to pirate.
not enough romances about OLD MEN
I love the cliche about christmas cakes having an online dating profile saying "my dream is to become a cute bride someday"

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Thoughts on the series?
Binged anime and caught up to LN translation and duuude the feels train doesnt stop, will we ever catch a break and have a lasting happy moment?
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>duuude the feels train doesnt stop
A sudden gush of disgust overwhelmed me when I read this part.
It had one of the best renditions of Scarborough Fair ever performed, which is quite a praise considering how many times the song has been done.


The show itself was barely above mediocre.
Wish the LN would describe the characters.... I still cant find out who lucie or half the other characters look like thats not in the anime...

>It's actualy good.
Man, what the fuck? what is this feeling of comfyness? is it because of the VAs, the colors or the characters?
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It's just cute girl doing cute things
I liked it a bit, I usually don't like slice of life anime but I guess that I saw the appeal in the overall cuteness of it
Except it isn't. You only like it because your dick does.
I'm a SOL enthusiast, and it was the first one I've ever dropped out of boredom.

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>watch more anime, faggot.
-- Anonymous, ca 2008
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ITT: we post the best OP/ED
I'll start
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witchy akitibity
kazehiku no~
kazehiku no~
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Is HxH popular enough to get another anime if the current arc gets finished before Togashi is kill?
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>Watching asspull x asspull
Posted in other thread too. Get out of here with your shitposting.
it's a good series.

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What's his end game?
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To send the pharaoh to the shadow realm
He loves humanity as a whole, but he has no love for individual humans. His plan for the Grail reflects this.
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>He loves humanity as a whole, but he has no love for individual humans
I think i've heard this one before

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>Inuyashiki Ending
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I was waiting for this to pick it up again.
The ending sucks. As if you couldn't tell from the OP. It's not 'it sucks' in an "I wanted it to go a different way!" sense, or a "wahh they ruined my ship" sense, or an "I don't get it" sense. It's *just* an outright poorly devised ending. I honestly don't know anyone who liked it nor have I heard of or seen even a single person defending its ending, anywhere.
its at least slightly better then fucking Gantz's was, holy mother of fuck that last arc was the shittiest shit.

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How can you even prefer a breastlet over this? I don't understand.
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I don't need to defend that which is clearly superior.
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t. jelly breastlet
>not liking breasts of all sizes
You're missing out, anon. Besides, there's a certain feeling when they fit snugly into your palms

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This is Grey Knight Bazuso.
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That's a shitty helmet.
Bazuso vs Donovan, who wins?
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This is Gay Knight Griffith.

How will Azazelfags ever recover
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charioce is best boy

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Best tsundere?
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>Abusive ( Lashes, explosions, kicks in the balls)
>Unbearable annoying bitch
>Miserable jealous cunt
>Useless slut
>Worst pinkhaired girl tsundere ever existed
>Worst body: shit flat chest, shit flat ass instead of be a doll she looks like a ugly skeleton
>Worst main heroine and girl ever existed
>Shit tier tsundere louise is a disgrace like her pink clones: Nana, Echo, Mine
>Cancerous fanbase
Fuck You and Die Louisefag
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Louise is the sexiest tsundere known to man. Would rape and marry her.

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What did they mean by this? Are you ready to see this amazing moment in the anime?
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new chapter when
5 minutes

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Spoilers cant come sooner.
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JM soon
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endgame right here brothers.
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