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it's been a week /a/. I miss them
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New chapter (finally)!
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Would you take this Jaguar (Tiger)'s offer to drink with you?
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Hello, I am one of the best SoL ever made.
Americans don't know me. Japs and Europeans do, though.
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Unironical masterpiece 10/10, used to watch the shit out of this as a kid.
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Comfy SoL? What are you trying to do, Traumatize poor anons for life?

I am still the scariest monster in anime history
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What trauma?

What will be his tragic backstory like ?

And who will inevitably end up killing him? In 20 years from now
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He fell into the spring of a guy fucking a deer.
He's the only apostle shown so far to not be an asshole. He's an autist but doesn't seem evil.
Serpico will kill him I suppose
He jerked it to furry porn too many times and his dick mutated into a dog with horns.

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Why are student councils in anime so absurdly powerful in said school? Whats the origin of this?
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>Whats the origin of this?
You are watching cartoons. Why bother making somebody a student council if it means nothing?
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Wakana Slut.png
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wakana ui is first council president slut?
Elite 10 in Shokugeki no Souma literally replaces headmaster of the school. its atrocious.

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Hammers don't have edges. They have a blunt surface on one side, and a point on the other.
If they had an edge, they would be called axes.

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So the God of destruction and the Kai from universe 10 was destroyed. How is this smirky fuck still moving around isn't he supposed to become inactive?
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He's still active, since God of destruction and the Kai weren't kill.

They were erase from existence.

Erase =/= death

Angeles only disactive, once the God of destruction and the God of Creation are kill but They weren't.
They were erase from existence.

Erase and being kill is two completely different things.
It's clear that that rule was removed, otherwise what would the point of only sparing the angels be?

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Will best couple finally get their screentime in today's Aposhit episode?
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1Mizunashi Akari referencee.jpg
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I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please!

To be more exact, I would like to request her as a minigirl wearing this outfit https://imgur.com/a/Fvh1u
It would be great if you could make her sit on my hand or shoulder too!

Though if you want to draw something else, please go ahead! But please nothing too lewd.

Please and thank you if you pick my request!
File: Mai Natsume Reference.jpg (3MB, 3000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
3MB, 3000x3000px
I would like to request Mai Natsume pole dancing with her spear; maybe similarly to one of these poses:

Another suggestion is Mai in her bikini pouring water on her head from a bottle to cool herself like in this image:

Or perhaps Mai lifting and examining her breasts with an embarassed expression, similar to this:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
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Reference Image #22.jpg
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Rias in either of these two Mystic Codes from Fate/Grand Order http://www.imgur.com/a/bbtaJ

Or just wearing a tanktop and a tight pair of jeans or shorts.

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Summer stuff especially, like watching fireworks or sitting under an umbrella at the beach. Thanks and have a nice day.

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Nobody is perfect Bitch Please.png
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Cell fags BTFO
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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He needs to come back with a power up.

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So it's been 3 episodes. What do you think about season so far?

Smartphone is shit, and not even the guilty pleasure kind of shit. Elite Classroom is way too edgy about high school to be believable. Centaur's life is mediocre I suppose. Yuri NTR is more stupid than hot. Captain Tylor is a crime against the original series.

Of course that might just be my shitty taste. What are you finding enjoyable?
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Everything is shit but some are enjoyable. Decent season.
I like this season.
You can quote me on this.
It took 4 episodes to sell me on it, but Vatican Miracle Examiner. 4th episode goes so off the fucking rails, you might have to pause it a couple times to let it all sink in.

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Leave anime adaptations to me.
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Leave your crossboarder memes out of /a/ or at least keep them confined in the DBS threads.
go home, netflix, you're drunk and embarrassing yourself.
Fuck off back to your shithole nigger lovers board.

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Are you ready for the best anime of all time?
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Its gonna be this show by based WIT.
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/a/ probably can't withstand all this perfection.
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What would sex with her be like?
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She has major daddy issues so probably really, really hot
Why did she stop performing magic tricks?
File: 1499141445533.jpg (2MB, 4084x5896px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah, that's a body totally not made for constant dicking.

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