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Slime girls are better
Explain why exactly how shes better please i just wanna know because that tail she has is very, um arousing so please explain how slime girls are better
>nervous hissing

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shirou is red man for real.jpg
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Also, Movie theme songs previewed:
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Every installment of the franchise is Shirou wank
What about the ones that don't have him like Grand Order and Strange Fake?

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Since yu Yu hakusho was most popular in America from 2002 to 2006, when does one have to be born to be considered the "yu yu hakusho generation"?
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For American fans? Born in the early 90s at least.
Pre 90s

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Do you snog the Keions before or after band practice? Are the Keions actually lesbians? Who is the best Keion?
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only that cunt mugi
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All the time.
Only Mugi

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Whats his keikaku?
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He doesn't have one.
Kill them all
Cucking Azazel

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>all with the brand go to hell
>all apostles go to hell
>all who associate with the apostles go to hell
>if guts and casca die they go to hell
>with the apostles
>the apostles include the likes of wyald who is a rapist and murderer
>a fair amount of the others are at least murderers and tortures
That's going to be a fun reunion
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Guts and Caska won't be sacrifices anymore if they manage to kill Griffith.
But if they die before that
This is not how Hell works in Berserk.

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>you can't make a song if there's no vocals
What the fuck kind of music teacher is this? she's a fucking pleb.
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A song, by definition, has vocals. Without vocals it's a musical piece.
It's more those lazy fuckers didn't put any thoughts into what they are gonna wanna do at the school festival.
>What the fuck kind of music teacher is this?

Technically, she isn't a music teacher. She just does standard academics.

>-- What do you think changed?

>Although I’m not really interested in defining people in rigid terms of two genders… I feel like girls are more likely to get the job these days. That’s really all there is to it. (laughs) There’s a lot of diligent women, and there’s a lot of men who drift around a little too much. Perhaps men have gotten used to an easygoing lifestyle -- but that’s just life.

>I think it’s just because they can continue doing what they love at work their whole lives. Women on the other hand; they get married, have kids --these are critical junctures that place a limit on what they can do throughout their lives, and they realize that they don’t have time to rest on their laurels as much. As soon as you realize that, it’s difficult to live that easygoing lifestyle. Before I originally began looking for a job, I knew an assistant stylist who was in her 50’s. She once told me that “idiocy is only forgiven until age 26.” And “If you only do as well as a man, you’ll never be recognized.” She probably lived quite a tough life to have said that. She originally started working in the 70’s, and I felt a really persuasive tone from her. It really got me thinking about a lot of things.

Is this the end for anime?
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Who said this?
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Who are you quoting?
No, seriously, some sort of director or mangaka?

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Let's continue here

Can't wait to play Hawawa in Boruto Ultimate Ninja Voltage
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Posting some tier powerlevels predictions:

Tier 1:
Boruto, Kawaki

Tier 2:

Tier 3:
Sarada,Sumire, Iwabe, Metal

Tier 4:
Chocho, Inojin, Shikadai

Tier 5:
Denki, Namida, Wasabi
where do the legacy characters fit into this? with that whole generation surpassing shit are the likes of nardo and sauce in a Tier 3.5 here

Naruto and Sasuke are probably tier 2. Only Boruto and Kawaki are probably surpassing them.

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Also, I'm currently on chapter 135, what the fuck was the last part of the dungeon arc? From the moment she reaches Manji it becomes hardcore schlock, it felt like someone else was writing it.
Does it get good again? Anotsu's arc is my definition of good.
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Keep reading, I still enjoyed it. Pity about the shitty looking live action movie, though.
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Can't say I remember feeling what you're describing, I enjoyed it although there were parts that were better than others.
It does.

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Konachan.com - 246974 sample.jpg
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I have a question that has been bugging me. A pointless question to be honest. Do catgirls have four ears or two ears? I'm talking about actual catgirls, not a character wearing cat ears. I mean the girls that have functioning cat ears.

Catgirls appear to be fully human except for their ears and tails, so I think that they have two cat ears and no human ears and the coccyx is the base of the cat tail.

Also, I understand that there are wolfgirls, foxgirls, etc, but I'm assuming that whatever information /a/ can provide applies to every creature that has a human body and animal ears and an animal tail.
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>Do catgirls have four ears or two ears?
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There aren't simply catgirls and human girls, OP. It's a continuum.
I don't see that many catgirls with four ears, though it does happen, I guess on those cases the artists just don't really think about it from an anatomical point of view, they just draw a pair of animal ears on the head and call it a day.

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After a long day of 4chan, you come home and your imouto asks you this. What do?
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Why did I leave the house to browse 4chan in the first place?
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brighto slappo.jpg
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slap the dumb kid
You work for Correct the Record and your job was to shitpost on /pol/. You can't do this from home because you get payed by the (You)s and they track how effectively you shitpost from an app that is only available at the CTR headquarters.

Now back to the subject at hand, your imouto.

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>Took incredibly ugly and boring manga
>Somehow managed to make one of the best shows of all time based on it
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>one of the best shows of all time
Not even remotely close.
it's the other way around
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>best shows of all time?
It's another SoL fapbait show with the worst of the worst latching onto it, how is this the best?

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What the fuck am I watching?
And why does everyone have weird hairstyles?
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I told myself I'd rewatch Shiki this August, I haven't seen it since it aired.
Same. I'm afraid that I will point out flaws of this show.
Were there any normal hair in this show

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What if Shinka was your imouto?
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I would convince her to let me play with her butthole.
I would have committed a crime.
What kind of crime?

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