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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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Koume and La Pucelle share the futon, they had a fun night and lovely wake up.
They become lover and La Pucelle get kinda surprise that Koume like be on top with cowngirl style and leg locking
Morning koume <3

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Final episode airs soon, for real this time.
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Give me Belphegor or give me death.
>no belial episode
Wasn't it supposed to be aired yesterday?

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Spoilers literally never
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>Because of shit last week we're told to expect releases around Tuesday
>People still fucking making threads on Wed/Thur/Fri

At least these keep the clownfags busy.
>being this new
>wanting TG re threads to be shitposting central
We will get spoilers on Tuesdays underage friend. Don't make more back-to-back threads
Kaneki telling Urie it's his fault sharkbro fucking died was the last good moment of this manga.

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Made in Abyss

Welcome to classroom of ability supremacy

Official of the future country
Action heroine chef fruit

Angel's 3P!

Different world cafeteria
Bet Kegeului
Princess Principal

Knights & Magic

Love and a lie
Yukai apartment's gloomy everyday life
Magic team Gurururu
Fate / Apocrypha
The other world is with a smartphone.
First time gal
Nanamaru Samba

Hirojiro ~ from Luck & Logic ~
Battle Girl High School

Tranquil Children
Fabricated trap

Nora and Princess and Stray Cat Heart
Ruler of time
Girl with marriage

Light of Clione
Irresponsible Galaxy Tyler
In the skirt was Kedamono.

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everything is shit
Watch (sorted best to worst so far)

Made in Abyss
Tsuredzure Children
Koi to Uso
Classroom of the Elite
Princess Principal
THE REFLECTION (shit first episode but I trust stan)
Dropped (Sorted worst to least trash)

Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun
Netsuzou TRap -NTR-
Konbini Kareshi
Nana San Maru Batsu

Who was in the wrong here?
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Nice eyebrows.
no, just raped.

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why are anime girls just so cuteee~
will there be real anime girls someday?
I want to marry one
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Good thread

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Take a screenshot of the anime you're watching right now.
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What if I'm emulating Pokemon and listening to Moon Man instead of watching anime?
I want to fuck Gabu in the ass.

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why is she so ugly?
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Short hair is wife hair.

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>go to bed
>wake up
>same exact threads

Remember when /a/ was as fast as /v/?
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Go back
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This is good. Medium boards are maximum comfy
Yes, back in the days of Code Geass and K-On

Things are better now

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You should be able to solve this
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27. am I right?

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I hope she gets some doujins
She looked better before she cut her hair. Why did they do this?
Also, is this show going to turn into a full cour of NTR bullshit?
No NTR. Just misunderstandings. Tons of them.

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elze is wife material. I want to hug her and kiss her starting from her neck and cuddle with her the whole time

also yes I am streaming and proud of it you download fags
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why are anime girls just so cuteeee~
Heyyy it's the shitty generic isekai light novel adaptation thread.

Quick! Post your Ahegao face /a/!
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Anna 54.jpg
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50 episodes into this piece of shit and still Awful
>slow and shitty children story
>Awful character designs (even tho i like clamp)
>shitty animation
>forgettable soundtracks
>there is no single likable character
>sakura is fucking ugly
jesus christ why am i still watching it ?
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>i like clamp
brain problems

Get a load of this faggot

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Why is doing drugs so rare in anime?
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Bcs japan not america
read more doujin friendo
Because in Japan, weed is treated like heroin.
Thank Christ, too, stoner culture is awful

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