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Who's the number 1 Saiyan?
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Kale. Her power is maximum.
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Daily reminder that Son Goku is beautiful

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>Oshino, there's something I want to ask you

>What a coincidence, there's something I've wanted you to ask me

Why does this series always go for these try hard dialogues?
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Oshino always says the opposite of what he means.
lmao isn't it crazy how oshino is aragagagi from the future?
Oshino is being an obnoxious dick as usual

What's the problem

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>About 150 pages of illustrations containing stuff on which Gotou worked (or collaborated).
>Many of them will be colored.
>Rating of doujin is confirmed to be R18+
Who will buy it!
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Rough sketch of back cover.
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Rough sketch one of the illustration's from doujin containing Gotous most important heroines.
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what the heck is that thing?
A cute dragon loli, why?
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His friend is totally into it.
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Truly the role model that all /a/nons aspired to become
This really is a good series. I still want Botan to win, but given how Tokujira acted in this chapter I wouldn't be averse to her winning either.
Both winning is probably the best end
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***,376位/***,319位 (**1,424 pt) [*,**8予約] 2017/09/27 RWBY VOLUME 1-3 Blu-ray SET<初回仕様版>

>Japan loves RWBY now

Take that, /a/. Whatchu' gonna do?
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Switch my prior stance and now like all kinds of CG-show. I gotta stay up with the latest trends to fit in and be considered hip.
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The man who was cucked to death

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Time to get some ice crea-
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i want to suck on those ice cold toes. if you know what i mean.
Reminds me of when you kill a hooker and stuff her on your freezer

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>wake up and look in the mirror
>see this
What do you do?
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Masturbate on the magical girl in the mirror.
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Probably masturbate, then turn into a huge slut.
Guys I looked for the doujin to pull the page of just people saying masturbate over and over but I couldn't find it I'm sorry for failing you

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What does /a/ think of gender bender series?
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Too bad the blonde will behead the ponytail girl in the end.
Really gay

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questionable succ.jpg
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What kind of teasing is this?!
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the best kind
Why is the girl supporting the desk?
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EVERY SINGLE anime girl ever has a puss made specifically for taking in cock. Isn't that just mindblowing?
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Dubs and I banged your mom
same with real women but that doesn't make them any more appealing
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I believe that's how humans work in general.

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What do you do when you're waifu's seiyuu voices a slut?
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Start saving up money.
But Aoi my waifu.
Who is the slut?

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Its Yoshika!!!
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Send it back.
shame it doesn't have a penis
That's not how ZR works.

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>his favorite studio does fanservice
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>he makes shitty /v/ greentext threads

probable doesn't mean certain, right?
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Please no.
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The mom gonna finish the job soon.

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