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Remember that if a villain is cute they did nothing wrong
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Reminder that this form of logic is completely fucked. Cute or not, any atrocity caused by them will not be forgiven.
ok but what if they're not just cute but they have good fashion sense

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What other characters uses a handblade like this?
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Yell from Akikans.

Kanade Tachibana, from Angel Beats
Loud sharp cry from the show about tin cans fighting for their life

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So we all agree femdom is the thinking mans fetish
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Not exactly.

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Does your waifu have cute feet? Mine does
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Why does that Ram have blue hair?

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How long until most harems have a chubby/fat option?
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hopeful never
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After we get a Pochaco anime.

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How does this make you feel?
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Like Galko fucks niggers.
I want to sniff and lick Galko's butthole.
Like shit.

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I actually cried from reading this.
She didn't deserve that.
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>it's another "bait for the edgy underageb& of this board to come out of the woodwork and prove they were unaffected by the work by saying she deserved it etc" thread
Kill yourselves, >>>/v/ermin
what a fag
>being affected by a fucking black and white comic

Go see a doctor

This is your slave tonight.
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Can I get the lv99 werewolf instead please?

It would have been more realistic if she saw Naofumi as a father-figure, but wanted to fuck the Spear Dude instead. I mean, she's just joined to him at the hip otherwise.

The series was so much more interesting when it just the two of 'em.
>but wanted to fuck the Spear Dude instead
You should never write anything worth of note. Kill yourself, nigger.

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Anime webm thread
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why did they undress?
You know why
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mimi tampon.webm
2MB, 540x360px

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Does the foreign market matter at all?

Does the manga and anime industry even see money from overseas? People are so used to scansites, streams, and torrents that even though there are millions of readers and viewers making fan art, it doesn't seem like anyone cares.

Every once in a while you'll have a show that's a hit like Boku no Hero is big in the West, but overall... does anyone in Japan care about foreigners? If not foreigners themselves, how about foreign money?
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no newfag
No, and I think it's for the better.
Just look at the atrocious western comic industry: still milking the shit out of batman and superman after 70 years.
Before going into how Japan sees the foreign market, it can be more informative to see how the foreign market sees anime. If it really was so profitable companies should be waiting in line and paying huge sums to get licensing rights, but that's not exactly the case.

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I think Tamako has cute slender legs.
gr8 m8
Good conclusion to the series. Not the best thing Kyoani's ever done, but it is a very enjoyable movie nonetheless. The scene after Mochizou confesses is pretty great. Other than that not much of note.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But I already like it.
i hate it
i'm neutral towards it

>be the daughter of yakuza boss
>easily killed by some crazy dyke
Where the fuck are the henchmen?
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>talk shit
>can't back it up
>get hit
Life is fair sometimes
What kind of mother would Junko make?
>There is a DR2 universe where Hajime saved her and it's a love triangle comedy with Chiaki

It hurts

What kind of game was it?
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a lewd game
Reminder that Chisa is a nonvirgin slut
A fucking game.

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izuru kuzuryu.png
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>Izuru uses his power to resurrect Natsumi and do her

Doujins when
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>Doujins when
Never, enjoy getting more yaoi instead
Boxer x Izuru when.
Boxer did nothing wrong and is going to save Mirai-hen

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