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>Boxer man punched animator kid
>Naegi almost shat his pants
>Boxer man tried to fuck with Hajime
>Hajme fought back, even punched Boxer man

Naegifags BTFO
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celes a best
Boxer did nothing wrong
>hajime is bleeding after one punch

>naegi not

naige is better

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Today's episode is proof that Izuru/Hajime>>>>>>>>Naegi.

Prove me wrong, you can't.


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FUCK the boxer
Literally ?

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Turns out the case of despair is actually autistic boxers

Who knew?
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When does the murder mystery start? Is the whole anime just world building that Kodaka didn't think of at the time?
> You will never destroy the world with your evil instagram
Why even live...

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Same Weedman OP here. Gonna change it up a bit since last thread was all about Memelord Izuru.

>Kills Kuzuryu
>AI Junko lies and blames it on a rando
>Get away with everything because manlet gives you sanctuary

damn it's good to be izuru
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Just wait for DR0 to be animated and watch the faces of all anime-only watchers when they see how broken this guy is. It's a good thing he's so fucking unmotivated because otherwise he would have solved the whole plot in half a game, top. Only one that can hold a candle to weedman.
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Would Ishimaru have been able to convince Hajime not to go through the Izuru project?
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Reminder that it's an Ichihime or nothing ending. It's probably nothing, but either way, get your straws ready for Ichiruki tears.
>this backpedaling

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Otto has done nothing wrong, he was scared.
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Subaru was a faggot.
He is just a bullied jew.
Nothing wrong with that
Pretty sure we can all agree that Otto did nothing wrong, yeah.

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We have confirmed spoilers. We also have confirmation that Bleach is ending in Issue 36/37 of Bleach.

We have this chapter and then next week's chapter and then we are done.

Despair with me, anons.
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Here are the spoilers that were confirmed by Yonkou.

Aizen deactivates Kyoka Suigetsu. Yhwach says he will change the future where he died and attacks Ichigo. Ishida shoots him with the silver arrowhead and Yhwach's abilities are totally shut for an instant.

Ichigo attacks him with Zangetsu, Yhwach gets his abilities back and blocks it with one hand, but Zangetsu's outer shell cracks and Zangetsu's shikai appears from inside it, slashing Yhwach in half.
>Rukia do jackshit
Top kek
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I love Orihime so so much. I'm also so happy Bleach's ending is so close.

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You see this little girl being harassed by this criminal delinquent. What do?
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Rape the maids
The thinking man's ship
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More importantly, this weird girl goes up to you and tells you that she will protect you. What do you do?

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How does /a/ feel about this girl?
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Emilia's cute, and I love her voice.
She's not my favorite, but I don't know why so many people hate her.
Good character but far from the best character in my opinion.

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Jesus... did this hit way too close to home for anyone else?

>won't pay bills
>can't answer the phone
>rarely leaves the house
>constant lying to friends and family
>desperate desire to die without actually killing yourself

I think I might have to drop this show. I hate the MC but only because he's essentially me.
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i'm as old as he was too
No not really, and I'm a 6+ year hikki neet .

>you'd rather not look into the mirror and stay in the same place forever

This is an opportunity, anon.

can we all agree that the 90s artstyle was better?
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'10 is better.
I'd like something inbetween, honestly.
What if I like both

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Continuing on from yesterday >>144767667

TL;DR: Updating a chart I meant to finish 3 years ago and first started 6 years ago in the efforts of showcasing particular shows which have excelled in certain (niche) aspects.

How this works:
>each category has room for 5 examples
>think up a good example
>you must provide visual evidence and put forward an argument for your example
>other anons can chime in on a person's choice to debate or support it
>if we reach 5 examples, don't despair - with a good enough argument you may be able to override a previous choice
>I will act as fairly as I possibly can and try my best to take everyone's thoughts into account

Some extra things to take into account:
>in the effort of getting a good spread of examples let's try not to let one director get too many spots
>you can use historical significance towards your argument and if you think something truly excelled for its time
>some underappreciated works, so long as they really did excel, would be nice
>if you see an existing example on the chart but know of something which did it even better, make sure you point that out

In the interest of being a bit fairer towards underappreciated works, I've taken out the ones which any anon's mother would know (GitS, Akira, Neon Genesis). Some of the ones remaining on there (Paprika, Madoka Rebellion, Metropolis, Ninja Scroll, Redline, FLCL, Honneamise are a little more debatable? - will need opinions on if they should be scrapped).

The mechanical category was added yesterday, but just to clarify - pick what had a lot of effort put into it in order to show off the mecha and anything which was done in a unique way. Mechanical isn't just confined to mecha either. So long as it's mechanical in nature. So keep that in mind.

Don't forget your evidence and arguments.
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Welcome back. I'm content with the chart so far.

Would something like the gun details from Gunsmith Cats fit in the mechanical category? I don't believe it the most detailed in all of anime but it has to be up there.
That's actually an interesting suggestion, anon. It's been so long since I've seen Gunsmith Cats, so will need some other people who've seen it more recently to chime in.
>GitS, Akira, Neon Genesis
I don't think this is a good idea, we have lists for unepreciated anime and hidden gems. It's not fair towards those works, which are masterpieces of their medium to be removed just because they are more popular.

The title says "Stuff that excels in...". You do have some less known titles like Yuurei Sen and Feathers Stare at the Dark or newer ones like Space Dandy or Kaguy and Tamako Love Story. I think it adds even more weight to those titles if you see them standing next to EoE, GITS, Akira or Utena. Otherwise you might subject the list to even not being treated as seriously. People will just take the previous list which has a great selection already.

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Is Go Nagai crazy or just an entertaining hack?
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storytime I suppose
File: SHIN_DEVILMAN_005.jpg (167KB, 750x1175px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not this shitu again.

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Chapter 72.
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