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It's finally this time of the week, fellow Tamamobros!
What do you think about her newest outfit?
It's very cute, lovely and original. Much better that generic maid outfits.

Praise the fluffy tail and have a nice day everyone.
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I'm gonna buy her nendo!
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>I actually voted for her when GSC put out the poll for the next nendroid at the beginning of this year.
Feels awesome.
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Here's the actual game sprite.
These stockings are awesome.

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Why do so many plebs call Evangelion a "deconstruction" when they have never even seen/read: Ideon, Devilman, Gundam, Nausicaa, Yamato, Mazinger, and other works that influenced it?

NGE only broke the mold for starting cancerous waifufaggotry.
You know, that thing that was only an ironic joke here until all you reddit users arrived.
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NGE killed anime
Because all anime fans like to pretend they know more than they really do.
>You need to experience every single shitty thing that has influenced a piece of fiction to understand it!

Christ, tell me you're just kidding. What, did you also read the entire Bible just to prepare your mind for Evangelion?

"Hey Anon, could you please post in my thread?"
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Ok, best girl.

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I have a discussion with a friend... the question is, Who is the most powerful human in Dragon Ball Z? Not Demons, Not Saiyans, just human´s
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the strongest human.jpg
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beat me to it

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The new season is next season. Also why is japan a superpower in this world?
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Because they decided that if they're going to make a fantasy universe, they're going to go full fantasy and make themselves relevant.
Because it's fiction, OP.
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Also, all witches make my thing go-

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Get down, she's got a gun!
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i implore you to reconsider

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cutie pie.jpg
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Look at how adorable little Chinatsu is!!!
Please don't be mean to her anymore, she's a cutie.
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Chinatsu can lick my balls

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I start:

Slaine Troyard did nothing wrong.
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Yeah except tried to replace a more competent villain with himself.
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He never fucked up or anything.
His biggest mistake was failing to kill Inaho.

Whats her name?
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images (4).jpg
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Come here!!!

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You only hate him because you can see yourself reflected through him. And deep inside you, you know that you hate yourself.
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>deep inside
Wear that shit on my sleeve, you fagbag.
No, I just don't like idiots.

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Why is she so perfect, /a/?
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step aside shit taste
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>NTR slut

Fuck off

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Claire is cute.

Very cute!
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Too much tsun
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Yeah, she is. What about it?
Just enough

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blast it with piss.png
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Because the one thing missing from the world of ecchi harem manga was one themed around girls wetting themselves. And it's great.


In the first two chapters there has already been:
>Main girl pissing in the street
>MC masturbating in a public toilet to the sound of his childhood friend pissing
>Main girl pissing herself in class
>MC sniffing and attempting to steal and lick piss-soaked rags
>MC getting blasted in the face with piss
And most shocking of all
>MC being actually a pretty cool and likable guy

Does anyone know how to rip from Goraku? I'm tempted to translate it if anyone can get the raws together and someone wants to typeset.
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Well that was lewd
File: 1387066249729.png (128KB, 435x419px)Image search: [Google]
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Oh my god. I've experienced peeing in class before. But this takes it up a notch. Can the bladder really contain a gush?
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ss (2016-07-26 at 07.11.41).jpg
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good look with that OP.
sems good

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No Game No _________
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What is /a/ opinion on InuYasha?
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Seasons 1 and 2 were great. It went downhill after that and started to become stale.

Dragon Ball for girls.
I wanted to diddle Shippo.

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